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January 31, 2009


Where do you go for fun and excitement? No not to the football game during Superbowl! Let the boys watch the game while you come out to scrap! That's right! There is an online crop at one of my favorite places online YMBD. Check it out!

January 30, 2009

One More Day

Hope you have taken your pics of tea bags, tea cups, McDonald's tea, the tea bar, some tea stains or tea stainING on a layout :) Be sure to leave a link to your online gallery or you can email me at if you prefer. Drink up!

If you have a Panera in your area try their's yummy! While I'm at it try Starbuck's Passion Fruit tea which is also delish!!!

January 29, 2009

February Challenge

February is right around the corner so it is time to let you have a little teaser about the upcoming challenge for the month...

THINK "Bring a Friend!"

January 27, 2009

Groovy Deborah Scraps!

...a lot! Here is a sampling of what I do ;)

disabling the slideshow because the blog is getting too sloooooooooow! Ask for a link if you would like to see my slideshows :)


"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things." PLATO

Need I say more? This baby of mine is just so cute! I know, I know mother's are always going to say that. School bring out the best in this kid of mine. She loves to play amongst lovely things. Does yours?

January 25, 2009

Give it Away


What could be more cool than receiving a handmade card from a four year old? Well I had a good time helping mine to make something for her PawPaw. His birthday was today SHOUT OUT TO DADDY Happy 73rd!!! I wrote down exactly what she said to put inside the card as she just rattled off her sentiment that turned out like this complete with the tracing of her little hand and claws, um, fingernails :)

January 21, 2009

Say Cheese!

Is it not the grooviest that when we need a smile that we can just head right over to our freezers and find it there waiting for us? I had not bought these po-tato's until recently. I made them for my daughter today and HAD to smile. Now look at those cute little sunburned faces but they are still smiling. Looks like an ad for some good ole Solarcaine dontchathink???

Hope you are smiling with me today!

January 17, 2009

Let's see 'em!

If you have not started to work on your tea lo, no fret...but the month is ticking away so let's see 'em. You can leave the link here if you like and I will pick up your lo at whichever gallery you load it to :)
Happy weekend! Now scrap already!!!

January 07, 2009

What of it???

So it is not Valentine's Day yet but I still have a Kiss on my mind, well KISS that is! Check out this little Gene Simmons doll, lol! My husband brought this home the other day and I thought it was rawkin!

January 01, 2009

InTEAresting Stuff

I found it so interesting when I read about people and how they read tea leaves as well as the meaning of the leaves when left behind in a cup.
Now I cannot personally say that I have any belief in it...but it is really neat to see what the meanings are. I thought I would include them here as read on the Tea Association of America's website so you can have some fun with it too :) Apparently you need to drop in the tea leaves, do not remove them once the tea has steeped, drink up and look for any number of shapes and designs found inside your cup to reveal your "fortune". I really want to find a triangle but want at least one cup per day to show me an acorn. You tea? I mean you too?

ACORN—Continued health—improved health.
ANCHOR—Lucky symbol. Success in business or in love. If blurred or indistinct just the reverse.
HEART—A lover. If close to a ring, marriage to the present lover. If indistinct, the lover is fickle.
HEAVENLY BODIES—(Sun, Moon, Star)—Good luck—great happiness and success.
OWL—Indicates sickness or poverty. Warning against starting a new venture.
PALM TREE —Good omen. Success in any undertaking. Single people learn of marriage. MOON (crescent)—Prosperity, fame. If cloudy, difficulties will be solved.
ELEPHANT—Good Luck—good health—happiness.
TRIANGLES—Unexpected good fortune.
BIRDS—Good Luck. If flying, good news from the direction it comes. If at rest a fortunate journey.

Tea Time! We drink it hot, cold, flavored, green, white, black, orange and many other forms! I have to drink tea every day, usually cold with no flavorings. It is a part of me being me :)

Your challenge is to scrapbook about tea whether it be tea cups, your grannies tea set, a beautiful tea pot or your favorite tea at the local tea bar. Come back and leave me a link to your online gallery so that I can come and post the project that you complete. All who participate will have their names thrown into my favorite tea cup and a winner will be RAK'ed! Please expect to pm your mailing info to me and all must be uploaded by January 31, 2008 at 11:59 Eastern time.

Drink up!

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