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December 28, 2010

Let's Hop Girlfriends!

WELCOME to the Calendar Blog Hop! I am number 14 on the stops so if you just cruised by today be sure to look at the following list for #1 and start leaving comments at each blog for your chance at a Cricut Cartridge, Designer's Calendar! Every blogger will have completed a calendar page aiming to inspire you to create your own for 2011! Someone will receive the Cricut cartridge simply by becoming a follower on the blogs and leaving a comment for each. Easy right! Let us know how we have done :)

P.S. Karel at the Flamingo blog (stop #4) will be choosing the winner after collecting comments so please leave your email address kinda like this groovydebatyahoodotcom on your comments to make life easier for her when searching out the winner. This way we can keep robots from stealing our groovy data too!

p.p.s. There is still time to complete the Dictionary Challenge for this month here on IIG for a prize too! Complete a lo using a word of the day or just open a dictionary and use the word you point to. It's fun so we hope you have fun! We Luv Ya and appreciate you coming over to play in all of the challenges we participate in as well as our own on IIG!!!

Now Let me tell you a little about my calendar. We were asked to make two pagers, leaving room for photos. I decided to cut holes in my barn door and inset tags which will hold my pics. I Stickled every apple I found to add some glitz to the paper.

We were also asked to include holidays. Since I signed up for September there are a few that stick out in my mind: My friend and sorority sister's birthday one week before my own, 9/11 to honor the fallen here in America, and World Peace Day on September 21. I added each of those and carried the embellishment of Stickles to the calendar too by using some on the important dates, Stamp Pressed my acrylic peace sign after I let me numbers dry, then covered a few weekends in September with Fall stickers to remind me it is pumpkin time in my part of the SE so I will get pumpkins BEFORE October!!! No plans on those weekends now other than that!

I am showing the few steps it took to make mine. If you envision the bottom two side by side that's how I am actually keeping them in my album as you may see in the little pic clip below :)

Thanks for coming, enjoy the hop and don't forget to spread the luv and follow for your chance at the cartridge. If you don't have a Cricut I bet you know someone who does who would love that sweet gift next Christmas. Come on and play along!

1. January and April: Celeste at Touched by a Butterfly at

2. January and September: Jessica at Overjoyed Scrapper

3. February: Christel at Scrappin' Sista

4. February and March: Karelj at One By One The Flamingos Are Stealing My Sanity

5. March and July: Diane at Crafting This Moment

6. April: Bonnie at A Scrap Above

7. May: Michelle at Peanut Butter and Jelly Designs

8. May: Natalie (Groovy Chick!) at Timeless Legacy Designs

9. June: Lisa at Lisa's Paper Butterflies

10. June: Jamie at Glitter, Paper, Stamps, Oh My!

11. July: Summer and Jennifer at Cricut Diaries

12. August: Denise at Starlight Scrapper

13. August: Gina at Gina Thornton Stamping

14. September: If It's Groovy

15. October: Rebecca at Creations with Becka

16 . October: Lora at Notes From The Scrapbook

17. November: Belinda at Queen Bee's Musings

18. November and December : Col at Col's Creative Corner at

19. December: Deb at Tidbit's Place

December 27, 2010

Thanks for the Award Mary!

I love blog awards. When I receive one for IIG it makes me feel awesome. I share this award with each of the DT as we all together are and have been a team and work so well together :) Thanks MaryNSC
Now the rules are for me to tell you 8 blogs that are what I think of as stylish and 8 things about myself. OK...

1.I would Preside, if there were a Dr.Pepper-Anon, I am a recovering addict, No joke!
2.I am a Christian, imperfect and everything!
3.I am an Identical Triplet!
4.I will celebrate my 17th anniversary in 2011!
5.I still crush Bret Michaels even though he proposed to his g/f!
6.I still get tears in my eyes when I hear Faithfully by Journey!
7.I want to move!
8.I miss my 84 Camaro!

The 8 Blogs I choose:

1. Vanessa
2. Julie
3. Judy
4. Regena
5. Tracey
6. All the IIG Chicks :)
7. Mrs. Bishop
8. Shannon

December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day(s)

In the USA where I live, Boxing Day is not known to all so I just would like to send out a Happy Boxing Day! I have learned that Monday is the actual celebration day since it fell on Sunday and now this allows for church by having it moved.

Here is a cute pic I took on Christmas to share with my version of Boxing Day ")

December 25, 2010

Groovy Christmas Wishes!

All of us here at If It's Groovy would like to take the time to send good tidings and wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

Today as we celebrate the birth of our beautiful dear Jesus, I am so thankful for the many blessings I have in life because of His birth. May we all continue to be blessed together in 2011! Sending much love, warm wishes, and a happy season with those you care about! We appreciate you!

I would like to wish all you GROOVY GIRLS a very Merry CHRISTmas. I am so happy to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I hope you will all join me and reflect on every single blessing you have in your life. It does not matter what is under that tree, be it a Kitchen Aid or a box of microwave popcorn. What matters is that a man was born to save the world and we all need to be aware of that every day we live! Do something to bring glory to him every day. May his love shine brightly on you this next year. There you have it, that is what really matters, sorry Santa, you are 2nd best!
Jeannie DeGruccio

Heather here! Just wanted to wish all you Groovy Chicks out there a Very Merry Christmas!! A big thank you for following us here at If It's Groovy, for all the wonderful comments, for participating in our challenges and for giving me inspiration as well!!! My prayer is that God blesses you this Christmas season, that Jesus' birth is celebrated and that we are able to spread the good news of who our God is!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!!! ~ Heather

i hope your christmas wishes come true and that you share your day with those you love and cherish. merry christmas all!!
jen t.

Happy Holidays to you! Hoping you have the best, most fabulous season and that it continues into your New Year! xoxoxo


This year is like no other for me in my celebration of Christmas. Inwardly I have transcended the way I used to think about life in a way that is benefiting my family and myself. I have stopped being a scrapbooker who just has to have every new Cricut this and that, acting the part of the paper addict, and ooh I've got to make my layouts look like so and so's. I am wiser when it comes to my paper art choices and I am making more time to include my faith in my scrapbooking.

I am looking to make a major breakthrough for myself in that my scrapbooking will bring God the Glory He deserves. I am going to be adding more about my Lord and faith in my layouts and passing this on to my family. This is the only way I can justify doing scrapbooking anymore as a leisurely and fun thing to do because I felt I was neglecting my worship of God. I felt like I was becoming a slave to materialism.

With that said, I've spent this Advent season teaching my daughter the strong connection between the child-loving Santa Claus and who he really was and weaving it into the magical character we all know him to be. I also link all of this back to the St. Nicholas who was a man of God and how he gave gifts and how Jesus is a gift, he was born for us! I explain to her why we give gifts and how all of the little traditions of Christmas tie into the rich history of the celebration of that little baby! We have baked and gone to Christmas programs and donated our stuff all year long to the poor. We have been trying to help her live the Christmas Spirit all year long.

It is my sincere wish that all of the followers of If It's Groovy sit down this Christmas with their families and reminisce about all the times past and how you've made it through countless times because an unseen hand was protecting you. Share stories, laugh, cry, eat too much, love, remember, and rededicate yourselves to something honorable! Much love and Merry Christmas, Natalie

December 24, 2010

Hang Your Stocking It's Time!

I consulted with a long time friend, Santa, about the likelihood of The Groovy Chicks receiving goodies tonight in our stockings. Since we all worked so hard on creating one-of-a-kind representations of ourselves then I thought Santa should at least have a say-so before he is "expected" to fill them! Here is what he said about us...

Dear Groovy Chicks,

Groovy Deb♥

Still very much on nice list, but must continue good behavior. Should eat more vegetables instead of junk food. Was very polite last Thursday! When doing chores, needs to do them as well as possible. Often exhibits good behavior.


Teetered back and forth but has made the finals on the "Nice" list. Naughty marks for skipping baths, hiding junk food in bedroom and staying up too late. Is sweet to parents and little kids, though. Really came through with plenty of "please" and "thank you's." Was especially well behaved the last week of last month. Has a good chance of clinching a "Nice."

jen t

"Nice!" Matter of fact, one of the nicest years ever! Really helped the family and friends when they needed it. Is always polite. Extremely honest. What's more, adds a good sense of humor to situations, which is always a "nice" touch. Don't go overboard on the sweets though. Think of your teeth! And remember, faithful brushing always scores points on my list!


Has been on best behavior most of the year! A real "Nice" surprise. Always plays by the rules. Is a good, polite listener, even when bored. Set a new record of only interrupting 75 times in 365 days! Always says "bless you" when somebody sneezes. Every now and then gets a little cranky. (Like last Thursday?) Let's try and keep the good attitude every day!


Nice, but has naughty lapses. High marks in the good deeds department. Better than average manners. Hopefully, thoughtfulness will continue to be as good as last month. Neatness needs improvement!


Much more nice than naughty. Can be very thoughtful. Has improved cleanliness, which I like. Could take better care of toys. Says "thank you" often, but still not as much as I would like. Good mood often spreads to others. Hopefully, will keep up the good work!


Nice, but a few naughty marks. Good sense of humor helps others to laugh. Manners show improvement, though must keep working on being polite. "Please" and "thank you" go a long way!!

December 23, 2010

A Few More Christmas Projects

I hope you have enjoyed the many Christmas projects The Groovy Chicks were able to share with you this month. Here are a few more
from Natalie :)

Did you mail out Christmas Cards?

Yes? Good for you? No? How about putting one together now to add to one of your presents? Here is one from Natalie!

Here is a very special lo too!

Digi Christmas

By now time is escaping so many of us as w close in on Christmas. If you need some ime just for you consider a digi layout :) Here are 3 from Jeannie which she hopes inspires!


Have you opened the dictionary lately? Here is what Jen found when she opened hers :)


For this challenge I chose the word(s) princess girls are my princesses and so when I saw this paper and my favorite picture of my oldest daughter dressed as an princess I was so excited to do this page :) also, on some of my pages I like to add a little note around a pic or page so my daughters know just how much I love them and it adds your personal handwriting which is so neat for you kids to see now and in the future :)

December 22, 2010

Charlie Brown Strikes Again

I can so relate to this layout shared by Doreen, the infamous Charlie Brown tree...I have one of those up this year to keep the cats away from it! Sometimes downsizing can be a stress relief! I see myself scurrying down to a tree lot and picking up the leftover tree this year. I've secretly always wanted to do that, lol!!!

Here is the lo shared today, Deb♥

Washing the Crystal Yet?

It is almost time to set the table for Christmas dinners! Can you believe how close it is now? Natalie has a great idea for us especially if you are craving some craft time. Work it in to your day and onto your table and I bet you will be the rave of the party because of your food and your tablescape!

December 21, 2010

Christmas Layers

Doreen has done a great job with Christmas layers here. There is Christmas paper layers, word layers and my face is the tissue paper layers! Cute right?

Christmas Bags Made by Natalie

Of you are unfamiliar with Smilebox, it is a great service. Please click on the play button to see many Christmas bags Natalie has made. She would like to share them today.

Thanks, Deb♥

Click to play this Smilebox collage
Create your own collage - Powered by Smilebox
Customize your own photo collage

December 20, 2010

Christmas Inspiration from Natalie

Taking pics with Santa is such a special part of so many children's lives. My kids have always been so shy! I was too, so I cannot say a word. I will just enjoy the ones who aren't so much like Natalies little girl shown here in this fab layout!

Christmas Inspiration from Doreen :)

I am a big fan of anything with doodles and that includes this lo! Take a look at how Doreen doodles around the pics and papers of her Christmas Tree memory! Cool right?


It's My Turn to show my Dictionary word on a layout :) Since I no longer have a hard copy dictionary in the house, I logged into a word of the day site and the first word I saw was "Marvel". I knew right away the pics I wanted to use with that word. These were taken by my then 8 year old right after my youngest was born. I treasure these photos and memories. TFL! Come join in the challenge!

December 19, 2010


Oh WOW! That is how I felt when I saw Heather's latest layout for us to see! Her word: PLETHORA

When we were instructed to "open the dictionary" for a layout, I was pretty interested!!! Not something you normally think about doing, but, aha, that is why it is called a challenge!

I picked the word "Plethora". Now, I know I have heard this word over the years. I must admit that I had always taken it to mean "a lot", which is basically accurate. But the definition that I liked best for plethora was "overabundance". Yes, I think I like that! I think I will scrap it! I will even scrap a page about ME for my BOM (Book of Me)!

The journaling says: "I am filled with a Plethora of . . . Silliness, Peace, Fun Times, Happiness, Love, Crazy Moments, Compassion, Faith, Laughter"

My little man, Jackson, took these pics of me being silly this summer out at the campgrounds. (He loves to be behind the camera like his momma!) I tore a page out of an old (honesty here) thesaraus. Hey, it was all I had that was from an old book that was yellowed and tattered and that came close to a dictionary! Of course, I gave it a little extra distressing!! You would expect no less, right! I then added some lace and a gorgeous prima flower and some bling! Not things I get to use a whole lot of but I sure love how it turned out!

I encourage you all to make sure that you are not always behind the camera and to take the opportunity to scrap yourself! There are many generations to come that would like to also know about YOU!!!!

Hope you enjoy! - Heather

December 18, 2010

Do You Know Guest Designer,Sandy?

I enjoyed a project created so much by Fiskateer friend Sandy, that I asked her to be our guest here at IIG today :) This is a good one just in time for the beautiful holidays ahead! Check out the very lofty goal she has set for 2011!!!

Let me introduce you now to Sandy with the questions I asked of her and the project I mentioned above. Be sure to visit her blog to say hello :)

Tell me all about the start of your art, How did your scrapbooking begin?
I began scrapbooking at a very young age. If you look in my scrapbooks from when I was 5 or 6, I was already writing in them about my party or gift. It's not a lot and rather hard to read, but Mom felt the stories in my scrapbooks should be mine, so I wrote some and she wrote some with me. The art side of my fun just came naturally when I started incorporating items of nature into my altered books, then came ink and the rest is history.

Do you have a stand-by element/paper line or tool that you must use when you scrap?

There isn't any one tool or element that I must use. I work very hard at stepping outside of my box and trying something different or from a different view. I do use a lot of chalk or ink because I love adding color to the edges. Sometimes it's distressing and sometimes it more of a cloudy look to just add color.

Do you have a favorite technique?

I actually have two favorites.

-I love using my stamps to create water color looking images. I don't use it a lot, but I do love the effect of coloring my stamp, spritzing with water, stamping, then spritzing again, stamping, and if I'm lucky, I'll get a third image from the stamp before I re-ink.

-I also love the effects of detailed masking. It's so cool to see a scene come alive just by using different stamps or stencils.

If you could not shop for one year...would your scrap space be emptied or would you still have product?

Funny you should ask. I don't plan to buy any consumable products during 2011. That includes paper. Not only will I still have product, but it's very possible I won't need to buy any adhesive during this next year, (or ink, or cardstock, or stamp cleaners, or paint, or, or, or...)

If you could make one outfit out of scrapbooking paper what line would it be from?

Hmmm. This is a tough question since my clothing style is not the same as my crafting style. I think Heidi Grace and Fancy Pants both capture some of the materials I might use to create blouses or vests, but my first choice (don't laugh) would probably be Bazzill. I love solid colors with accents and in the case of my current clothing the accents include ink and bleach spots, from a few, very fun, crafty sessions. My scarfs would be made from Anna Griffin, K & Company, or Wild Asparagus. My colors choices are black, red, gray, and white, but I seldom wear these the way I like because it is very warm here and layering, blazers, etc. just don't happen.

Can you tell something about yourself that others would be shocked to learn?

I love being alone. I do not like social gatherings and I would rather watch and not talk.

What makes you a Groovy Chick?

I say “Cool” and “Very Cool” a lot. Does that count?

Where can we visit you Groovy Chick?

This has been a teaching blog until now. I hope to start posting a little more often with tips, tricks, links, etc. Here is the address: Sandy :)


Snow Globe Cards


- Very sticky two sided adhesive. I like Thermoweb sheets, and spray adhesive works too.

White Cardstock

Cardstock for base card, cut 11” x 4 1/4”

Cardstock for creating sentiment (cut, punched, or using nestibilities or die cuts for shapes)

Crystal glitter, the largest flakes you can find.

Stamps to create scene

Stamp for sentiment

Pens to color the scene (or any bold coloring medium)

Tape runner for creating actual card


(I'm not used to creating a supply list. I usually just bring the supplies, so I hope this is complete)

1. Start with a circle the same as, or slightly less than, the width of your card. Because you will want a base on the snow globe, the card will always be a vertical card. Our circles for class today are 4” circles (with a 4 1/4” card), because it was convenient to use a die cut and that is what was available.

2. Cut both, a piece of white cardstock to stamp your globe scene on, and the sheet of adhesive, in same size circles. *See foot note.

3. Stamp scene on white cardstock circle and color with bold colors that will show through the glitter. Stamp your scene in a good detail black ink like Rangers Archival ink.

4. Peel one side of protective sheeting from your adhesive circle and adhere it to your stamped scene circle. Set aside.

5. Create your base for the snow globe. With the 4 inch circle we are using in class, a 2” x 4” piece works well. Add shape to your base by cutting angles on each side. Decorate your base with any stamped images or sentiments you prefer. Hold off on adhering anything with pop dots until after you've added the glitter.

6. Carefully peel back the bottom of the protective sheeting to expose just enough adhesive to attach your base. Lay the excess sheeting back down on any exposed adhesive and set aside.

7. To create the easel fold card. Cut cardstock 4 1/4” by 11”. Score at 5 1/2” and 2 3/4”. Fold both in the same direction. Set aside.

8. To create the base of the card that will hold your easel in place, you can use anything with dimension. In class, my samples have a sentiment stamped on card stock and trimmed with a reverse corner punch. I then layered this onto matting cardstock that is also punched with a reverse corner punch. The original cardstock (matting) is approximately 3” x 2”. You can work with almost any size you want, as long as it's not too tall and will hold the easel fold in place. I used pop dots under my sentiments to ensure a good hold but I have seen cards where they used items as small as brads to stand the easel up. When deciding how big to make your easel support piece, consider propping your easel at approximately the half way point.

9. From here, you can add the **glitter to the remaining exposed adhesive, or secure the scene to your card and then add the glitter. To secure the scene to your card, place the scene on the bottom 2 3/4” fold of your card and mark the back of your scene where the cardstock ends. Apply tape or glue to the back of your scene to your marked line and attach.

*Another option is to prepare your scene (keeping in mind the actual size of your circle), on a piece of cardstock larger than your intended circle. Cut only the adhesive circle. When your scene is ready, peel one side of the adhesive circle and carefully lay it over your scene, then cut around it. This ensures a perfect match up of edges, but it's a little harder to make sure your scene is centered since you are looking through the protective sheeting.

**It is important to use a large cut glitter for this card. If it is too fine, you will not see the scene through the glitter. I found this at Michael s in the children's craft section. Be sure it is crystal (the color) and not iridescent.

December 17, 2010

Friday Night Sketch from Natalie

Tonight we have another great sketch from Natalie! Come in from work, relax for a minute, and then get creative! It's a wonderful way to start out your weekend dontchathink?

Natalie will be back after the new year with great new sketches :)

Would you like to take on the challenge of using her sketch? Feel free and then be sure to email me at and I will show it right here for all to see!

December 15, 2010

Christmas Fun

I oftentimes start a Baker's Dozen challenge on my favorite board, Fiskateers and so I turned this home dec project out by using these 13 items and then some :)

1. Christmas Song as a Title
2. Colors Purple/Black
3. Christmas Stamping
4. Distress Ink
5. Emotion/Feeling
6. Glitter
7. Brads
8. Circles/Ornament
9. Gingerbread Cookies/Gingerbread House/Christmas Candy
10. Star/Snowflakes
11. Greenery/Poinsetta
12. Birds/Pears
13. Ribbon/Trim

This took the ordinary out of scrapping a 12x12 and became a home dec project for my wall :)

December 14, 2010

Take a Stand

I shake my head when I think of all of the freedoms our children have today. This is a great idea! Listen as Jeannie describes how she created a safe and honorable approach on this subject with her family...

Friday September 10 and 11th, I was able to attend a women's conference called Time Out for Women. It was and incredible experience. One of the speakers, Jill Manning, tackled a very difficult topic. One that we all want to pretend will just go away on it's own. Her presentation was titled, "The Uncensored Truth About Pornography" Why this topic? Jill says, "Because women are impacted by pornography in unique and profound ways, we play an indispensable role in the fight against it. Although the statistics are daunting, we know that pornography cannot win, in light of Who and what is on our side."

At the end of her presentation, I have to say, I was moved and I did feel empowered, thinking that if all the women took a stand against this, we could really make a difference. We were all given a printed card that was a card to take home, go over with our families and children and take an oath to make good choices, while online, while watching TV, etc.

Most of you know, I have a lot of kids, 7 to be exact. I took one look at that 5 x 7card and thought there is not enough room for all us to sign. So, I have made my own version and have used the exact same wording that was on the CLEAN & SAFE MEDIA PLEDGE, that was given to all 2,400 of us that were there.

My design in based on the free tote bag that, again, all of us attendees were given. I took one look at that bag and knew, that was a layout waiting to happen. Being that I was so inspired to do something about this pledge, I combined my inspirations for this project. If anyone has any questions about the pledge, just let me know! When IIG reveals this layout, I will have a whole blog post dedicated to my experience and things learned at this wonderful weekend I was blessed to attend! Hope you all like what I have done.

The PLEDGE is done on a transparency sheet. I was able to find an awesome frame at Michael's, for $3.00, WOW!! All the bluebirds, are done with a FISKARS punch I won from entering a FISKATEER contest. On each bird, you will find everyone of our signatures that we agree to take the MEDIA PLEDGE! There are 9 birds...9 of us agree to "keep our home a happy and healthy place to be." (Wording taken from the PLEDGE)

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