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December 28, 2009

Welcome Karin Hall, Pieces and Parts Designer CONTEST CLOSED

Recently I sent some Pieces and Parts to a new friend Karin Hall.
She was the latest player who received goodies to come up with whatever she could with some of my scrapbooking leftovers ") I asked Karin what makes her a Groovy Chick and she had this to say about herself...

Hi, my name is Karin Hall. I'm a second generation native Floridian. I've been creating most of my life and my sister got me hooked on scrapbooking a few years ago. I feel very special for having Groovy Deb have picked me for this pieces parts challenge. I love color - as a matter of fact there's not 1 (ok maybe 1) white wall in my home. My mantra is create peace and harmony - which is probably what makes me a Groovy Chick. I'm the peace maker and lover of life. Just celebrated my "50th" birthday - and can't figure out how it got here so fast! I have a 21 year old very talented artist for my daughter Olivia who is also a Fiskateer her passion is really pottery and mixed media. Thanks for all inspiration you give us Deb ..


Here is what she had to start with...

And, Here is what she created! I guess living in Florida she will have beach pics for this layout soon. Thanks to Karin for playing!!! Go by and say hello to her here:

December 25, 2009

Special Messages from the IIG Chicks to You, Our Friends

When I started If It's Groovy I had no idea in one year where I would be with blogging. I did blog every now and then on a few other places, but not to this extent. I had no idea how much this would become a part of my almost daily if not daily routine all to bring about projects from other people and myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the interest you have shown and for checking in to say hello, to participate in the challenges and to be just as wonderful as you are. Have a beautiful, blessed, merry and groovier than groovy Christmas and a new year that is filled with abundant happiness! I luv you all!
Groovy Deb♥

Thank you all for continuing to follow us here at If It's Groovy. I'm so grateful for the inspriation you all, as followers, give us when you visit and participate in our challenges and games. I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone for a blessed Christmas, Hannukah or which ever holiday you celebrate this time of year. I hope for all of you much inspiration, abundant peace and prosperity and heartfuls of joy and love this holiday season and throughout the New Year.
Peace and blessings,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our WONDERFUL IIG bloggers. Thanks for coming by and checking out our work and sharing in our lives. Scrapbooking and paper crafting has some of the most amazing women (and men) in it. Hope to see even more of you and of your work in the coming months. And Happy Anniversary to IIG!!! One year…. Wooo hooo! May God richly bless you all!- Vanessa

Thanks for making IIG your destination for scrappy inspiration!
~JamiLynn, Sweethearts Artist

Merry Christmas to all you Groovy Chicks and thanks so much for joining us with our fun, inspiration challenges. Also, a HUGE thank you to our sponsors. We appreciate your support.Hope all of our Groovy followers have a Blessed Christmas and Scrappy New Year!!!!
We appreciate each and every one of you :)

Here’s a toast, to you, our fans; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! As a member of the If It’s Groovy Design Team, I sincerely appreciate your comments and encouragement. I would rather work for praise and the satisfaction that I inspired someone than money, but let’s face it, that’s not how the world works! From the bottom of my heart, my wish for all our followers and visitors this season, is to seek out, create, and preserve special holiday moments. Don’t get bogged down with details and making everything perfect. Enjoy the whole process of getting to the big event you are celebrating. Take pictures and write your thoughts and experiences down. Take charge of your happiness now, don’t wait until the beginning of the year. Bring your memories to life and share what you create with all of us. In this crazy world, we just have each other, our shared memories, our crafts and this wonderful place, If It’s Groovy, to uplift each other with our creations. Thanks so much for being so Groovy!!!
Blessings To You, Natalie McBroom

Thanks to all of you who are supporting us Groovy Chicks; you make our lives even groovier! Wishing you a very merry and blessed Christmas and holiday season and I hope to see you next year for all the fun we have in store!
Blessings, Marci

" Have a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year and don't forget to scrap the memories and hand-make the thank you cards!!
Jen T

Hello Groovy friends,
Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season! It has been such a fun year over here at If It's Groovy with all the exciting challenges we've had this year! We've created pages about so many aspects of our lives and found so much inspiration in each other. Thank you for following us here at If It's Groovy! We appreciate you for playing along and have great things in store for Twenty-Ten! Please stop in and play with us as we kick off the New Year with our Birthday Bash celebration! We can't wait to get started!
Theresa Amlong

I just want everyone to know what a great feeling it is to be a design team member for IIG and if it weren't for the followers I would have never had this chance! It's so great to be such an inspiration in so many lives! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! ~Kristi~

Thank you all so much for your support! WIthout all of you IIG would not be possible :) Please continue to join us for our challenges and our blog hops!
Jen M

To our fellow scrappers here on If It's Groovy, I'd like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Thank you for being part of the If It's Groovy Experience.

Merry Christmas. I appreciate your interest in the groovy blog and all the fabulous work. May God bless and keep you. ~Amy

Merry Christmas to all the If It's Groovy followers. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

I wanted to take a minute from the rush of baking cookies and finishing those last minute crafted gifts to thank all of our followers, whether you've been here for a while or are just finding us here at If It's Groovy, for all of the support and friendships that each one of you give Deb and the design team throughout the year. A new year is fast approaching and there will be a lot more fun and great things to see here on the blog so be sure to continue to come by and leave a comment and join in on the challenges. Happy Holidays to everyone and may the new year bring you and your family joy, health and goodness all year through!


Just wishing all you groovy followers a happy holiday and groovy new year!

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! Thank you for being a part of our Groovy Family and hope you continue with us in 2010!

"Wishing each of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas. May this season be filled with joy and happiness for you and your families. Also, I appreciate each of you being a part of our Groovy community. You are what makes this blog special. :) "

Thanks for visiting all of us over at If It's Groovey!!!! It's been a wonderful, scraptacular year and I can't wait to see what everyone makes in the new year. Merry Christmas!!!! ~Alisa

Merry Christmas to You ...
Merry Christmas to You.....
Merry Chistmas our faithful bloggers!!
Merry Christmas to You!

December 24, 2009

Two Pagers Head into Winter!

The two page team of IIG has created LOVELY two pagers to show us this month with a theme of Winter Holiday. As you head into your holidays over these next two days think as the two page team did...lots of pics and a way to use them :) They created their masterpieces using a sketch by PencilLines nd I think every one of them turned out gorgeous. Here they are in this order: Amy, Andrea, Jeanette, and Janeen.

December 22, 2009

Go and visit Karen Lee-Blog Award Recipient :)

I recently received a blog award which I love! I was instructed by Natalie, the designer to do this as I passed the torch:

Inspiration Award.

When you get the award, copy this message into your blog post when you pass on the award to someone else: I am going to look for blogs that inspire me no matter how much bling, posts, links, etc they have on them. If I see something that actually invokes a change in they way I look at the world or how I think about papercrafts or if the person says or creates something that brings about novel ideas in me then they get the award.

I will post their first name and a link to their blog. I will leave them a message on their blog letting them know what I thought was so inspiring. Then, on my blog, I will write five or more sentences describing what kinds of things inspire me, what do I do with the inspiration and how can I pay it forward to others.

Karen Lee of has continued to inspire me for some time on her blog. There is always a selection of great photos from her family that is inspirational in that it shows her love of these in her life. She also keepc color all over the board as well as fun gifs which I think shares a piece of herself because you have to search for those to share. She also sews! Need I say more? I am so attracted to the sewing machine which I cannot use! Her cards are incredible and should be sold in stores and the fifth thing I can say about her blog that I love is that she mentions she never would have thought of herself as a blogger, but she is blogging and what a gift it becomes to those who peruse it! Thanks Karen Lee for taking the step to be a blogger and inspiring all who read about you here:

Sketch Team Challenge on Challenge...

With a challenge on a challenge to create a holiday layout with non traditional colors and use the sketch Lissa has created for the month, I think our Sketch DT has come up with some really beautiful and creative pages. See what they did!





December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!!! Crop Coming!!!

Did you hear the BIG NEWS??? After the holidays If It's Groovy is having an online crop!!! When you get a new calendar for Christmas make sure the first thing you datebook for Christmas make sure you scribble in those first pages to be here on January 4th. On January 4-10th we celebrate the one year birthday of If IT's Groovy, by posting crop challenges and games and offering lots and lots of totally rad prizes! Hope to see you all :)

Also celebrating birthdays recently were a few DT members, Janeen 2 Pagers Artist and Jen T Lead Card Artist, respectively. I asked them to share with us how they celebrated their special days. Janeen created a layout to show us her 27th out to eat and Jen's hubby and daughter made her a cake and they stayed home. She said this about that cake " My dh got carried away with adding the sugar letters and started put words on there about me to be silly, so I had a yummy and funny cake!" Happy Birthday to IIG and Both of these talented Chicks :)

December 18, 2009

Awww, Christmas Sweeties!

Are all of your little guys getting ready for Santa? I know they are all impatiently waiting for the big night and filled with Christmas spirirt ;) Here are some projects being shared by our Sweetheart team and showing their sweethearts during the holidays...




December 16, 2009

Santa Stop Here!

If you are busy in the rush of the holidays and are still looking for Santa's help, look no further! Kristin has designed some altered gifts for us this month that look like great last minute gifts with the handmade touch! Check them out:

December 15, 2009

Commenting Contest Winner!!!

Congrats to Hobbyaholic! You win some goodies from me for taking the time to comment :) Please email me privately with your snail mail address so I can help you stalk the mailman :)

Have a Groovy Christmas!

December 11, 2009

Another Christmas Contest! Yeah! CLOSED

Everyone is welcome to play!

As If It's Groovy heads into year two I really want to hear from You what you are looking for in blogging land :) Leave a comment and check back in because you will find yourself possibly being the next winner this month :)

Two chances to win this time!!!
If I pull your name and your friend is also following If It's Groovy she will win too! Fun right?

December 10, 2009

Congrats Scrapbookmom79 You are a winner!

For participating in the commenting of the Slice and Dice Post and the Fingertip Knife, You are a winner! Please email me at with your mailing info within thirty days of this post to receive your prize. I have a nice little happy mail coming your way ")Thanks to everyone who participated. Look tomorrow for ANOTHER giveaway!!!

December 08, 2009

Have You Made Holidays Cards?

No? Well you are probably just as busy as everyone and making cards sounds fun but who can find the time? Get inspired by three very different cards and maybe while watching 'Twas the Night Before Christmas you can get yours made and only need to address them and get ready for mail call tomorrow morning! Here are those cards and remember to check out the Family channel because tonight that show is coming on and it's an oldie but a goodie!

*P.S. If It's Groovy Welcomes Jen T as our new Lead Card Designer this month!

Jen T



December 07, 2009

Make a Gift Card Special

You know every holiday we are going to give a gift card right? That certain someone who just is so hard to buy for still should have a little personal touch with their gift. Try one of these that Ange created as a mini project for us this month. It is sure to put a merry little smile on the face of the receiver :)

December 06, 2009

Faithbooking at the Best Time of the Year

I am just amazed at the beautiful Faithbooking projects we have for this month. I love Christmas and I am willing to guess that the Faithbooking team must love scrapbooking these pages with such a wonderul bible verse on them. This is such a wonderful time of year! Here is the verse and here are the layouts starting with Marci then Vanessa and then Anna. Gorgeous work!!!

Luke 1:14 - And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.

December 05, 2009

Awww, Christmas Girls

Little girls at Christmas are so sweet. I automatically think about how they ask for every baby doll, Barbie doll, dollhouse, kitchen "stuff", and those little dressup shoes every year. Little glamourous mommies in the making huh? Take a look at our Dollbabies Artists while they show us Christmas with their little dolls :)




December 01, 2009

And the Slice or Dice Winner is...And a Contest!!! CLOSED

Kaye!!!Not only is this a beautiful "slicing" but I found it amazing that she was using Polaroid! Remember those? I am going to go buy some Polaroid film To-Day, seriously!

Now, because it is the season I have also decided to pull a winner from amongst the design teams here on If It's Groovy...That winner is Theresa. Check out this mosaic in a closer look. Stunning isn't it? Makes me want to visit this place she calls Paradise!

Did you know you can buy paper that is already sliced and diced for you into mosaics such as Theresa's? They were put out a few years ago so see if you cannot still find some or use one of my favorite Fiskars tools and start slicing carefully. Have you ever tried the Fingertip Craft Knife? Leave a comment here, sign up to be a follwer and then start telling me why you love it or why you have not tried it yet and you may be a winner too. Tis the Season, so Be Merry!

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