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October 11, 2013

7 Months

7 Months since I blogged. Wow! I cannot believe for 4 years of my life I practically made a post daily and now this much time has passed. I actually got excited to log back in. Maybe just to read where I was 7 months ago and see if anything has changed.

Well, I am over the tiredness of the hysterectomy, but that took about 4 months. Whew! Glad those days are behind me and really glad to not  have the "issues" that caused the surgery to begin with.

One daughter has gone to college to become a nurse.What a transition for both of us, but I admire her courage and strength, but freak at her stress.

One son and his love has had a baby. I'm a GRANDMA! What???

One daughter turned nine and continues to grow in her dance, friendships, and beauty.

One daughter is working in a medical office doing exactly what she should be doing since she is a caring young lady.

One husband, NO this is not SISTERWIVES! He still works his self silly, and loves every minute of it.

Then there is me again. The night owl who seriously cannot sleep at night, who has taken over the young daughter's GS troop, plays taxi to the 9 year old for GS, cheer, and dance. Watches after the four animals and the house. Yuk. Enough said on that.

When do I scrap? Not enough, but I would rather make memories than always have to scrap them. I am only a few months behind on my scrapping and that is pretty good right? Is anyone out there really reading this? No? That's ok I just need to write!

I did this 2 PAGER recently and find that I have made more room for the double page layouts lately much to my scrappy friend's Gay's surprise! She always creates doubles! Anyhooo, this is from my young'n's Mother Daughter Tea where some of the dad;s acted as our  butlers. That is my hubby front and center pouring for us.  Wish I had a butler in real life! See ya, hopefully before 7 months is here again!

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