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December 28, 2008

Baby Kisses

You know what is really groovy?
Baby kisses...even when they are our big babies :) If they don't like to kiss you any longer MAKE 'Em!

December 23, 2008

Gracious! Have you seen this prize over at Life As Lou?!?! GROOVY!
Go to for the details :) and a big hip hip hooray for Cosmo Cricket and Lou!!!

Bring Back Mod Ken


How groovy was Mod Ken? He was beyond groovy! He was the hippest of all dolls with his removable facial hair, and the only toy I even remember asking for as a child. He was "the man"! Ironically I married a man who has always worn the same sort of facial hair. How's that for being eu de groovy? I guess as little girls we know what we are looking for!

I cannot even tell you what I would do to have Mod Ken back in my house. even though I have Hubby Dearest who has that similar fashionisto facial hair it is not the same ;)

In my email box this morning I found a message from Creative Imaginations showing bracelets made from buttons! I try to aim to be a scrapbooker who thinks outside of the box, but that is a little too out there for me, still I do think it is pretty darn cute enough to be considered groovy! I give it the stamp eu de groovyness for sure!

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