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September 30, 2010

Where Do You Develop Pictures?

Do you have a favorite place or do you send yours out to be mailed to you? Me? I never let anyone develop mine other than the Walgreens closest to my house. They use Fuji paper and I think the colors are much more brilliant than the others around town. If a freebie comes along, no big deal I will take it from wherever.

Speaking of FREEBIE...

Here is a deal at Walgreens so I am doubly happy!

Go to and set up a photo account with them. Once you are logged in, Click GIFTS then look on the left for COLLAGES. You will need to have uploaded some pics to go from here but once you have you can put together a collage going either in a portait or landscape position, 8x10, up to 20 pics and it will be FREE FREE FREE at checkout if yyou use code FBCOLL. I have done many collages with them throughout the last year or so and always love them :) Wanna see how I transfered them to a layout? OK,

September 29, 2010

Groovy Chicks and the Artists who Inspire Them

The Groovy Chicks have been working hard to bring some very special projects and this one we have been anxiously waiting to show you! We were inspired to take an artist well known, local, or otherwise and use his or her art work as inspiration. Read on to see the piece from our famous artist and how we created after looking at each artist...

I was searching the computer when I stumbled on this website: and was instantly drawn to the freeness of the watercolor work by this artist Elizabeth Moody Steele. Her work was called Womankind and so I decided to go with that as my inspiration and created a framed artwork that represents me and the women my girls are becoming and my love for them. Thanks for this artist and her work and to you for hearing my story. :)

My Artist: Elizabeth Moody Steele


Darlene Said:
When I first found Jackson Pollock's work recently I thought, how weird and interesting. I knew I needed to try this insane splatter technique on a scrapbook related project.

I gathered some acrylic paints, a paint palette, paintbrushes, and white cardstock for my supplies. I sat outside with my little girl on the grass throwing paint onto the cardstock. There was only one rule to my splatter- NO direct contact could be made onto the paper aside from the actual paint- the paintbrushes were merely a tool to distribute paint recklessly! It doesn't look like it really, but there are about 3 or 4 layers upon layers of paint in the final product. The background took me nearly an hour to paint completely to my liking, and I let it dry for 2-3 days on a flat surface. In real life you can see so much texture and detail in the dried background. :)

I printed out the Live, Laugh, Love title on a black and white family photo from my computer and matted the photo on a black sheet of cardstock. I then straight stitched through the outline of my matting to permanently adhere the mat to the bumpy texture behind the photo.

This was such a fun project and I am sure you can do a similar background effect to use in a card or other paper project that you dream up. Give this technique a try, I promise it's fun to fling paint carelessly! :)

Jeannie Said:
What an awesome challenge Deb! This was great fun. I chose to go a little un-traditional and chose an artist that might not fall under the same category as the MASTERS.

Ever since I was a child I have loved BABAR THE ELEPHANT. I can remember the stories even as I sit and write this. The paintings are always done in bright cheery colors. I think that must be why I like Laurent de Brunhoff, so much.

The BABAR paintings were originally done by Jean de Brunhoff. Laurent, his son, took over BABAR when his dad died of Tuberulosis at the age of 37.

This page is dedicated to my older son because 2 of his favorite things in the world are elephants and hot air balloons.

Kelly Said:

Starry, starry night...paint your palette blue and gray...look out on a summer's day. For this layout, I looked to the stars and got inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting and a song about the man (Vincent-my favorite version is Josh Groban's). All of the scraps of blue paper in my stash were used up as I cut wavy swirls. A little glitter glue for sparkly stars and some punched shapes... and I've "lifted" a masterpiece. My version may not get to hang in the Museum of Modern Art, but it's just as precious to me.

Natalie Said:
I have always wondered who was behind the unique artistic style, which used primary colors that I would see in various venues. The main colors were black, white, and primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. I finally found out they were created or inspired by a creative and innovative artist: Piet Mondrian. The style that I recreated of his is called "Neoplasticism". He and other artists have gone on to use other colors, mediums, and textures to create art that looks similar to or was inspired by his works using the primary colors. Here is my layout, inspired by Piet Mondrian and the star is my little girl!

September 26, 2010

Scrappy Trend

I don't know what is around the corner as far as scrappy trend, but I can say that the "banner trend" is one that I continue to love and is smokin' hot!!! There are so many ways to make them using our punches. I would like to share one with you today that I created using two of my favorite Fiskars punches:)

Here are the punches:
Nice Tri

That's Amore

and here is the lo with the banner I told ya about.


September 20, 2010

Let's Check in with The Groovy Chicks: Kelly

Have you met Kelly? Here she is :)

All about me—
Can you guess what my favorite color is? I’ve loved purple ever since I was little and had my bedroom painted lavender with dark purple shag carpeting.

From that description, can you tell it was in the 1970’s? For this layout, I have a lot of purple going on. First, I stamped these purple squares all over white cardstock with these cute square stamps from Inkadinkado. Then, if you look closely, you can see that I took a silver metallic pen and doodled a frame all around the edge of the paper. Next, I cut a large square shape from a template for the mat behind my photo. I cut a silver paper rectangle and rounded the corners. I cut a smaller dark purple rectangle and ran it through the paper crimper before using my paper edgers (have you used yours recently?) to trim the lateral sides. I cut some large purple scalloped circles using a Spellbinders die. For embellishments, I swiped iridescent purple Perfect Pearls on a piece of lace and stretch folded while attaching it to the paper. At the top, is a really pretty pin from Maya Road and a small sequin butterfly. My new favorite punch from Martha Stewart is the die-cut butterfly. It is so intricate—3 of those and a purple flower finish off the design. I made the fun word puzzle on Go to the site, hit “create”, type in a bunch of words and hit “go”. It will create a wordle just for you, and you can play with the settings to change the shape, colors, and fonts. It is fun and a little addicting. Have you made a layout all about you? Think of it as a gift to yourself-you never know what you might learn!

September 19, 2010


I can't say that I am much into astrology or the zodiac stuff! Yes, on a clear night, I like to sit on the back deck with my hubby and maybe a glass of wine (haha) and enjoy the evening looking up at the stars! But when it comes to ASTROLOGY, I can barely find the big dipper! Let alone Orion's Belt! In fact, this just about summed up everything I know! LOL!

I don't follow my horoscope, though I admit that it is sometimes to read!! What I do know is that I am a Sagittarius and my husband is a Libra! Do I know if those are a good mix? Couldn't tell ya . . . but it works for us!

When Groovy Deb gave us this challenge, I thought that it might be a good layout for my Book of Me! I actually enjoyed doing it! Lots if distress ink and glimmer mist! Can't make me much happier then that! I used a punch for all the squares and then distressed the edges. The stars were cut on my Cricut in various sizes and then I glimmer misted them to match the lo! They are pop dotted with different thicknesses of pop dots for lots of dimension. The word "Sagittarius" was designed on my Gypsy so that it is all one word!!

September 18, 2010

Nothing is Cuter than a Pony or Two...

After seeing those cute little ponies all I can say is Be Still My ♥...

Again I am using the Berry Sweet paper and embellishments from K and Co. I cut out the title, "Little Thief" from a glittery paper from Die Cuts With a View matte stack.
My little girl had finally held still long enough for me to put a couple of piggy tails in her hair. Then she promptly grabbed the brush and comb and took off with them, even sporting a tongue sticking out to say, "Na na na na na, I got the comb!" I'm lucky now if I can get her to wear a pony tail or hair bobble for even an hour! She tells me she likes her hair in her eyes. And she's just 3, boy oh boy, am I in for it!

September 17, 2010

Mommy Can I Go to School?

What if your children said that instead of "I don't wanna get upppp". Wouldn't that be a lot better for the start of your morning? Well, Jeannie has created something to make her children's folders happy and who knows maybe something like this could work for you :)

From the artistic mommy herself...Jeannie...
Being the mom to 7 kids, when BACK TO SCHOOL comes around and the kids start bringing their SCHOOL SUPPLY lists home, it can be a little overwhelming. I am all for using last years stuff whenever I can talk the kiddos into it.

My 1st grader came home from his first day of school and said he needed "3 BINDERS." I told him, 1st graders don't need binders but I could not talk him out of it. The only way I was able to pacify him, because I would not buy him 3 binders, was to make these One-of-a-Kind folders for him.

These were made from ordinary pocket folders. I used my Cricut Expression and my Cricut CREATE A CRITTER cartridge for the critters. I embellished them with some Jelly Roll pens, some paper polka dots and some dots from my FAVORITE pens in the world, my DOTTA-RIFFIC pens. To adhere them permanently, I used my XYRON 9" Creative Station with the Permanent adhesive. That adhesive was a must to make this project usable for a 6 year old. I hope you like these, my 6 year old absolutely loved them!!

September 16, 2010


What is a Virgo? I am not so into astology other than to giggle at what is written in the newspaper when I do check it out. I admit it is fun to see if it compares with what my day was like :) I decided to do a little research to see if these days what is written about Virgo compares to my life and myself. It said this:

Keywords: analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious

They are at their best when they feel useful and needed. If somebody needs help, they are generally the first to jump up and take on the task.

There's an odd combination of the intellectual and the practical in Virgo that is sometimes mistaken for coolness. In fact, Virgos are often self-effacing and shy.

Really love this one:
Add plenty of worthwhile projects to keep them busy, and Virgos can be some of the sweetest, kindest people around.

THAT IS ME and so is this :)

So I checked my online fortune cookie too and it said this which seems pretty like me!!!

"You have more work than you can handle. Go take a rest; you deserve it."

That was fun! Thanks for exploring with me, Deb♥

September 13, 2010


I find it interesting that The Groovy Chicks have discovered so many of their qualities can be found in their "sign"! Kelly is a Pisces.

Here is Kelly,

I am a fish. Pisces is my sign. I decided to go with a wavy, underwater theme to coordinate with being a fish. I clear embossed the "PISCES" after stamping with a Versamark ink. I used ColorBox Cat Eye inks to stamp the fish shapes (can't take credit for that one, I saw it somewhere else, but don't remember where). I made my "aqua-photo" at It's suprisingly scary how accurate the description is. Despite being a Pisces...I'm a horrible swimmer.

September 12, 2010

What to do with 1 Set of Coordinating Papers?

I challenged myself to sit down with one set of papers all coming from the same collection and create. The only "rule" was that each would include the same line of papers and have one added color for interest. I came up with some unusual layouts that covered many different time frames from me as a teenager using pink

to a layout of my kitty Zorro using torquoise.

Many times I sit down while watching TV with no exact idea in mind of which picture will end up there. It works for me, what can I say?

I then thought I would use one of the papers but cut it out into a shape and use yellow as the color of choice. I had this picture sitting idly by for 3 years and now it has finally been put into my little dollbaby's album :)

Here is the same Dollbaby on her first Christmas as I used red with these papers

Now that you have seen what I did with an entire paper collection, I challenge you to do the same with the papers you have been hoarding :)



September 10, 2010

Here, Here For ORANGE!!!

Good morning! If you have stumbled on If It's Groovy, WELCOME! Today is September 10 and beginning today there is an orange blog hop taking place. Why orange? All of us are ambassadors of Fiskars products and YOU are invited to join the message board by clicking here. Now that this blog hop is in progress I hope you hop the train and take a looksie at the many blogs waiting and ready to Go Orange!
Shannon is the next stop so go by her train yard here:

My project for you is a layout that I created using some of my favorite Fiskars products! I used Texture Plates (the dots showing through the paper), Scallop Sentiment Border Punch, Batty For You Squeeze Punch, and a Circle Lever punch for the banner, but once I cut them I then cut them in half :)

Leave a comment on my birthday thread below for a chance to win 9 presents! That's right! My birthday you get the gifts...follow the story and there is a little game at the bottom!

Enjoy the hop!
Should you get derailed here are all of the bloggers participating.

Fiskateer Blog
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Kelly Starsky 6446
Colleen Flathers 2970
Donna 6036

Genevieve Rodriguez 839

Gretchen 51
Tifany DeGough 5942
Peg Rounds 3675

Angela Daniels 009

Robin Stewart 6505

Sudie Alexander 97

September 09, 2010

September 9~Groovy Deb's Birthday!!! PRIZES 4 YOU!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE. I am having a celebration and you are invited! Read my story below and then answer the questions below. Someone will win birthday presents from me to you because it is just as much fun to give as it is to receive :)
Groovy Deb♥


AS I celebrate this birthday I am thanking God once again for letting me make it through another birthday. I was born a triplet and not expected to make it out of the hospital so this is always a reminder that He had other plans for me :) especially when one of my triplets was unable to come home with my parents :(. Sadly she lived only for one day but today I would like to still say...


LAST year was my birthday 9-9-9, pretty cool right? Well it was but something heavy was on my mind. I had lost a very dear cousin, Kirk, in the Spring of that year, who had been born on my birthday. It would have been his 40th birthday but just a few months earlier he passed away. Such a sad time so I wanted to celebrate our birthday instead of grieving all the way through it.
I went to the cemetery and exactly at 9:09 on both my phone and watch, on 9/9/9...

I released a white ballon in his honor after I wrote a little note to him.

I watched as it drifted towards the river. He always loved the water so it was very fitting :) and I watched until it was gone over the trees and floating towards Heaven.

It was such a small thing for rememberance of my favorite cousin, but I felt good inside for doing that then went on with the celebration of my day.
Rest in Peace Dear Cousin, we love and miss you.

Now let's celebrate again! Just like last year I am giving the presents! It is fun to receive and especially to give!

Answer these questions for me:

So today is my birthday and although presents are a lot of fun I decided to send 9 goodies to someone else :) Are you her? Sign up to be a follower of my blog if you have not sone so yet. Leave me a note telling me nine things about yourself and I will possibly be pulling your name to be the winner!!! Put on your thinking birthday cap!!!

Here is what I want to know...

1. name/blog address
2. your birthday and sign
3. a birthday gift you loved
4. a birthday party you remember
5. a favorite party theme
6. favorite birthday cake and ice cream flavor?
7. favorite thing to do on your birthday
8. if you had one wish...
9. do you share your birthday with a celebrity, family member of friend? If so who?

You can copy and paste this into your message to make it easy :)
***Prize Winner Picked Next Week!***

September 07, 2010

Going Old School!

When is the last time you worked on an 8½x11 album? Remember back "in the day" about ten years ago when many of us were using a binder method for lack of great 12x12 paper that wasn't enormous in cost? Those were the days. Here is Jen T bringing us back old school :)

With back to school stuff on sale it is a awesome time to snag some cool crafty supplies cheap. Here I took a school binder that I got for a dollar ,quilt square of material I got from walmart for a dollar on sale, stickers, scrap paper and decoupage glue and wal-la! A custom album for my 8 !/2 x 11 pages :)

September 06, 2010


Recently I was asked about using Versamark, so I created a project to give a little plan to do so. Hope it helps!

First I began with the following items. It is important when stamping with embossing powders that you are prepared to work rather quickly even though the Versamark ink is tacky and slower drying than other inks.

I attached my acrylic stamp:

turned the Versamark ink pad over onto the stamp to "ink it up"

stamped on my paper and quickly dipped it into UTEE

shook off the excess

heat embossed

restamped the same stamp with other inks and stamped over the clear images made by the Versamark

inked another stamp


UTEE again

reinked the same stamp in this YUMMY ink by Ranger

It looks like this open and smells good too!
Press stamp into the ink

apply to paper

Can you see the watermark created by Versamark?
it's a simple card that I added a sentiment stamp and doodles to as well.

I added the same bee stamp inside :)
That's it!

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