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October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Night!

Well almost! I will be heading out this evening to a park in my city where there will be a Halloween get together with the other city residents coming out with their kids. Let me show you what Halloween was like LAST Halloween when we went Truck-or-Treating at church. The preacher is dressed as Charlie Brown cute! My daughter was a China doll and my oldest daughter made quite a scare with her burned up looking grody face! We had fun, but it is onto something new this year since it is a school night.

Take your flashlights tonight!!!

Happy Halloween!

It is here! The biggest spookiest night of the year! If you have not made a card for your little goblin let Jen inspire you with one of hers :)She also is showing off an altered frame project that is sure to help decorate the home!!!

Have a wonderful time tonight!!!

From Jen:
Boo! Did I scare you?! Lol! I made this card to spread some Halloween happiness to a friend..To make this card, I just used up my Halloween papers scraps . Added a ghost brad and glitter stickers with a paper rosette and vintage button and wahla! A bootiful card in no time :)tfl! Happy Halloween!

More from Jen:
Happy Halloween!! Today I just wanted to share with you all a frame that I made. I used an old frame I no
longer used and then painted it tan and then used Tim. Holtz black distress paint as the final coat. Let it dry
and watch crackling happen! ( so fun!) Then I ripped a page of text from a antique design book I had and
used that as the matte of the pic frame. Then I added a owl silhouette ( I got a whole pack of silhouette
diecuts in the Halloween section of my dollar store) added some glitter glue over the top of it. Then let is dry
good. Adhere the diecut to the text paper and assemble frame. Happy spooky decorating!!

October 30, 2011

Halloween It's a Wrap!

If you are giving away few treats for Halloween don't forget to make a cute tag like Sheena has done for hers!

I recently bought this new Halloween stamp set called "Wicked" I just love it and couldn't wait to play. I created this Halloween tag using the witch and title from it. I used an ink blending tool to make the background and the flourishes were from a stamp set I have had for awhile. It is fun to mix and match stamp sets. I really enjoyed making the Autumn tag. I again used an ink blending tool to create the background with 4 colors of ink . With each leaf I used 5 colors in different spots on the stamp to create the autumn leaf look. I really like the effect. I hope you will pull out some tags, ink and stamps and play today!

Halloween Dinner is Served!

Ewwww if you have not thought about Halloween dinner yet this is a cool and very wicked way to serve up a ghoulicious meal!!! Just look at the decorated lamp too. Good idea!

I been waiting for a reason to make these cute witch legs for a sandwich platter. Well, the time as come! I am having "Family Dinner" this weekend at my house. "Family Dinner" it has been termed, since there are 7 families that participate in the rotation of having everyone over for dinner. Since it is a few days before Halloween I am running on the theme. Going to tempt my first time making Pea Soup (AKA Witch's Brew), Sand Witch's, Mummy Dogs and some cool Witch's Brew Cupcakes.

Happy Halloween Eve!

One more day and then it is lots of BOOOOOOO's! Let me show you what Tammy made!

I bought this frame at Salvation Army - I love to repurpose things! It originally had a seashell in each frame, and was matted. These frames are only about 3"x3". I took the stuff out, I also repainted the frames (same color, they needed touching up). I used some Pink Paislee paper for the background - I don't really keep a lot of "themed" paper, and don't have ANY Halloween paper LOL, but I thought this orange was perfect. The letters are black glitter, and are also Pink Paislee. I used Stickles to make a spider web on the top one, and added a spider sticker. The middle one I just glued a bunch of googley eyes and chalked the edges. And the bottom one I added a cute Jolee's scarecrow sticker. My plan is to change it out for each season, let's see if I can keep up on that ;)

October 29, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Are the idea running around in your head and still you cannot come up with anything? Try one of these from Sheena's children!

I was recently working with some older photos and was frustrated by the composition of the photos. I can't go back and retake the pictures but what I did do was scan in the photos and create a collage. This enabled me to adjust the photos so they had more of the girls in their costumes and less of the background, creating a more balanced layout.

Halloween Dress Up

Aren't babies just ADORABLE dressed up in their first costumes??? Here is Viji's CUTE son showing off his :)

Anurag is 3 months old in this picture. The dress was a little too big for him. He looked so cute! I used Pazzles Inpiration to cut the Circle and the scallop Circle, the title and the pumpkins. I used stickles to dress up my pumpkins! I am just learning how to use the machine. It has a learning curve, but I am loving it! I had a lot of trouble with the ribbon. I still haven't found a glue which will hold it in place. Suggestions are welcome! I totally love violet and orange together! What do you think?

Happy Halloween! Have Fun!

Happy Halloween Treats!

"I don't like Candy Corn" has played in my head over and over for the last few years when Nickelodean comes on TV...but the thing about candy corn is that it does make a cute insert for a pop put card. Here is what mine looks like :)

Happy Halloween Eve Eve!

Some of us around IIG are gearing up for Halloween and would like to show you a few things we made. Are you ready for the festivities? Have fun and be safe as you take the little kiddies out :)

First up is Michelle with a card. Have you made yours?

October 28, 2011

Friday Night Card Sketch with Michelle

Michelle is back tonight to show us a beautiful card along with the sketch. Enjoy!

Photo Tray Decor

This was a gift for a girlfriend . . .

Her niece had recently taken some excellent pics of her kids. I loved the sepia pics and just knew they would go great with the Bo Bunny Timepiece collection I had purchased recently!

I used this collection for all the background papers and for most of the embellishments. The initial letters were some that I have had FOREVER and they were white. So I used some Distress Stain and Ink to change their color to match. I then used some alcohol inks to change the appearance of what was a silver dragonfly (on the E), the chipboard gear (on the T), the brad (by the N) to pull out the hearts and the key on the fence (top right). The metal letters were from an old stash. I used zipdry to adhere them. I cut the gear and the fence using Tim Holtz dies and then whitewashed and inked the fence. The quote on the bottom was from the collection. I used pop dots to add dimension. I then added some bling, buttons and ribbon to dress it up!

What a fun gift and at minimal expense. I had everything except the photo tray ($10 at Hobby Lobby . . . and wait for a 40% coupon hehe). FYI. . . She and her husband both loved it!

The queen of photo tray altering is Heather so she is back to show us one she made :)

October 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Groovy Deb♥

Hey Everyone! It is my turn to show off my hometown! Well, I grew up in Colonial Heights, located in VA. It is there that you will find the headquarters of Robert E. Lee also known as Violet Bank. It is a beautiful landscape that has been maintained for a great many years. In fact, once upon a time when Colonial Heights was not even on a map Violet Bank was our city library. Now it is just used as a museum. The kids heading to school dances can often be found posing on the steps and one of the most fascinating facts about this piece of land is that is is the home of the most enormous tree called the Cucumber Tree! Here are a few pics and my lo :) TFL!

October 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Tammy

I love where I live, the locals are nice, the tourists can be annoying, but it's all worth it! I live in Huntington Beach, California. We are the next beach north of Newport Beach...the beach city in the television series The O.C. My pictues show some of my favorite places: the middle two are the pier at sunset, and the Newland House...a historical home/museum...which is where I got married. Then, clockwise from the top: part of the boardwalk at the beach; the water tower house (yes, they made a house from an old water tower, it's right near where Sandra Bullock lived when she was still married to Jesse James); our famous naked surfer statue (people always try to dress him!); the harbor; the view under the pier; the wetlands (couldn't find pelicans this day, pelicans are my favorite); the main lifeguard tower on the pier; and a couple of lifeguard towers on the beach. When I took a picture of my layout, it looked flat, so I took another of it laying down to try and show the dimension. I had the idea to do it like those dimensional collage frames, have you seen those? I like the way they look :) I used Bella Blvd. paper (Sunny Happy Skies) TFL, Tammy

October 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Heather

It's funny that when I first received this challenge from Groovy Deb, I hadn't a clue why people would want to come to the town that I live in. Though it's much bigger then the town I grew up in (and much more shopping options), it just doesn't seem like there is much to do.

So I decided to change it up a bit and do a layout on my hometown . . . the town that I was born and raised in. The town that I visit often (only 20 minutes away). The town that I hold many dear memories of. That town is Fairmount, Indiana. Never heard of it? I am not surprised! However, I bet you have heard of the actor, James Dean. Yup, he was born and raised (just like me except several years difference) and buried in Fairmount, IN. Oh yes, and of course you know Garfield, everyone's favorite lasagna eating cat! Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, is also from Indiana. So, I took the 2 things that most people know Fairmount for and used that as my pic. This Garfield dressed as James Dean actually stands outside the Fairmount Historical Museum.

But of course I have many other reasons for loving this town, besides the Annual James Dean Run festival and car show that is held every year the last weekend of September - the same weekend that James Byron Dean died back in 1955. In fact, I decided to do my journaling on the reasons I visit Fairmount. A few of the reasons: the Madison-Grant Argylls (a scottish warrior); a town where you can still let your kids ride their bikes all over town without having to worry about them . . . as long as they are still in by dark or call from a friends house to check in; where your friends from elementary school are still your best friends 30 years later; where everybody knows your name . . . and everything about you whether you want them to or not! haha; but most importantly, because that is where a lot of my family still reside.

Bet you didn't know that when you opened up IIG today that you would also get a history lesson! haha!! Hope you enjoyed my short little walk back through time and why I will always call this my hometown, even if I don't currently live there!

October 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Viji

I had a lot of fun making this layout. Chennai is my home town back in India! It is a colorful place with lots of traditions, festivals, foods, beaches! This layout reminds me of home ! So many fond memories!! Chennai is gateway to the South, and its culture is distinctly different from that of any other city in India. Tamil tradition and culture is essentially the celebration of the beauty, which is exemplified through dance, clothing, and sculptures.

I started out with a white cardstock. Stuck the photo. Then I decided to use my water color pencils and used a good old toothbrush to spray the color on the paper. I covered my photo with a scrap piece of cardstock. You can see the close up picture to see the result. I like the soft colors of the water color pencils. It came out pretty cool. I made tabs of different colors for writing down what's special about my home town! The different colors signify my colorful hometown! Then just stamped on the layout for the title,accent and the border. All the stamps are by Fiskars. Love these ones! Very simple and quick layout. Hope you like it!

October 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Michelle

We were given the challenge to expose some details about our hometown. Well, my hometown is actually Jen's (IIG's Design Team Member) hometown too! Only thing is I only had some pictures from a winter walk in the woods behind the house I grew up in. But, since I moved recently out of the United States. I have been researching a bit about my new hometown in Canada. I have been researching since my first visit to Bay Bulls, Newfoundland. It is the hometown of my husband who was born in the US but raised in Bay Bulls since he was about 2 years old. I had a good sarcastic laugh one day when my husband and I were driving back in from "out the road." Bay Bulls is located about 30 minutes from the Capital of Newfoundland, which is St. John's. "Out The Road" is a saying in our area for explaining that your going into St. John's. Since there is one major road that goes "out the road" or in the other direction "Up the Shore."

I have to explain for you to get the sarcastic part of my little chuckle of that day. I have to first say there is a bunch of history here!
So, on our way back from out the road. We come to the welcome sign for Bay Bulls, since this challenge was fresh in my mind. I took more notice of another detail on the sign. The slogan or motto....our history runs deep! So, I turn to my husband and say, "Bay Bulls - our history runs deep....So deep it's buried!"
Please any locals take this with a grain of salt! I have visited Bay Bulls since 2004 and I am amazed at the history that is's just that you will find it if your willing to dig it up!
With that said...The history/story/life of Bay Bulls allowed me to create 3 pages and there is still more I wanted to include!
Here are the details that you will not be able to see from the pictures and my journaling.
Bay Bulls is one of the oldest communities in North America and the earliest know English place name in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Appearing on a map drawn by Thomas Hood in 1592.
Bay Bulls harbor was first used by European fisherman in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. By 1635 Englishmen were spending the winter in Bay Bulls.
In a 150 year span, Bay Bulls was the site of numerous conflicts between European nations. Raids, looting, pillaging, burning of structures and immediate rebuilding was the way in that time period.
After these battles some now historical landmarks were left. A British frigate, The HMS Sapphire, now can be seen in the harbor during low tide and in the logo of the town. Also, declared as the 1st Newfoundland and Labrador underwater marine historic site.
Roman Catholics and Protestants were the majority faiths. Both churches were burned in the 1700's. The Roman Catholic church was rebuilt immediately by 1820's a priest visited regularly but not until 1890 was a church built and still stands today. At the gates stands pieces of those historical landmarks left from battles. Cannons left over from battles with the French serve as pedestals for statues of the Saints, which gave way to the famed "Canonized Saints of Bay Bulls."
The harbor is a very busy place; between boat tours for whale watching and a ecological bird preserve, fishermen coming and going to the rich fishing grounds of the Grand Banks and fleets of ships coming in for servicing the oil rigs.
Bay Bulls is the beginning of a scenic drive called, The Irish Loop and part of a 540 km coastal hiking experience called the East Coast Trail. The trail links 32 communities together and leads to two more landmarks in Bay Bulls; the Bay Head Lighthouse and The Spout, a natural wave-driven geyser. Lastly, is a memorial that was erected for fishermen who were lost at sea during the same storm that was made in a movie, "The Perfect Storm." Bay Bulls was the departure point and return port for their boat.
Thanks for reading and look forward to my 1st trip out to The Spout hopefully coming this winter!

October 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Sheena

When I thought about what I would do for this challenge, the image came to mind of traveling from place to place collecting postcards. I used google to find pictures of the various places I wanted to feature and I printed them out. I used an old city map that I had to create the background. I tore the edges and used distress inks to age it a bit more. Doing this project reminded me of the fun things we have to do around our town. I think I need to plan some outings and take advantage of them. What fun things are there to do in your home town?

October 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Jen T

Lacey twp., NJ is the town I call home sweet home or a.k.a. my hometown. I love living here for all the reasons listed on my page and for many others too like the schools are great and our town events are so fun! Glad you got a glimpse of my town! Let’s see yours.

October 20, 2011

October Challenge Coming Tomorrow!

Hi Groovy Girls and Guys!

Tomorrow will start our October challenge. Are you ready? The Groovy Chicks and I will be showing you all about our homes and we would love to have you join in! Now this is not about your home as in your house, but instead it is all about your hometown. I am a fan of travel so it is always cool to see what makes your hometown a special place. History of your town is so important! Perhaps you will be inspired and start scrapbooking as the town historian. Ask your library about it...they may need you!!!

See you at 12am where we will begin this challenge. If you would like to enter. Send yours to to be enter for a prize donated by me!!!

October 17, 2011

Enjoy Life.

A really great idea for a title, short and sweet, to the point :) That is exactly what Heather has done with this awesome 2 pager :)

Can't believe how long it has been since I done a 2 page layout!! Not sure why either because that is all that I used to do!! When I came across these pics of my husband snowboarding this winter, I liked them all and knew it was time to do a 2 pages again so that I could include all the pics without cropping anything out of the pics!

I loved the picture on the left side. Though it looks as if it is off center, that is part of what made it my fave!! I decided to make that the focus by putting it on one page. Then I cut the other 4 pictures down to "fit" each other and adhered to white cardstock. You can also make a collage in your photo programs to print like this. I however did it manually.

I knew I wanted to keep the lo simple. My husband does not like it when I over embellish lo's about him!! Especially when I use flowers and feathers! lol! Most of what I used on this layout was a paper collection (Pebbles I think?). I cut the "Enjoy Life" from the cricut and cut the shadow. I used buttons instead of the dots for the j and i. I inked a chipboard snowflake white and then added some stickers in the collection to the points. The 4 circles down the left side were stickers in the collection that I pop dotted to give some more dimension to the page. The last thing I did was use my white gel marker to make dots around the edges of the ????? (don't know the name of that shape - haha).

Some times it is best to just use the KISS method when Scrapping!!! KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid . . . or as I prefer to call it . . . Keep it Simple Scrapper!

October 15, 2011

Deborah aka Dance Mom

I am a Dance Mom! Do you watch that on TV? I love watching and see what the moms will do next! I am so glad that at the studio my daughter dances for that thee is not the hoopla going on as we see in the show!

So in my role of dance mom I try my best to capture Katelyn dancing and posing for the camera as often as I can :) Here is a picture that I took but there were way too many people in the background so I faded the background and I love how it turned out...then there was fitting one more picture on the layout. It was not going to happen so I cut her out and put pop dots behind her and it looks like a paper doll of her :)


October 14, 2011

Friday Night Card Sketch with Michelle

Hey Card Makers and Scrapbooking Enthusiasts! Michelle is back with a great card sketch! Enjoy :)

October 11, 2011

Way Back Then

It is so hard to know that my nieces and nephew are all grown up! As much as they have each changed so has my scrapbooking!!! Back in the 90's scrapbooking was nothing like it is now. We worked with pre-made decorated papers in 8.5"x11" more times than not. We did not have the amazing chipboard and other embellishments that are so often found today to make us ooh and ahh either. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my 1990's pages of my nephew running off to Kindergarten and how my niece was so broken hearted because she could not go too. Don't laugh! OK, go ahead I am lol!!!

October 10, 2011

Sheena's Collage :)

I just love using photo collages. I really like having a lot of pictures on my pages and using a collage is a great way to achieve that. I have a program on my computer that I use to create my collages, then I can print at home or upload them to have them printed for me. Another way that I create collages is by using my punches to punch uniform pictures and arrange them in a grid. You can also trim your photos free hand and arrange to create your collage. However you do it, working with collages is an efficient way to use the many photos we all take.

October 09, 2011

Monochromatic Page

Jen is showing us a great monochromatic page today of her and her little girl! Have you taken a pic with your children lately? It is such a good plan to include in their albums!!!

I just love this pic of my daughter and me at a friend’s party so much. I just had to scrapbook it, Of course! :) When I grabbed this brown and tan paper it just went perfectly with the colors in our pic and so I just matted the pic on brown cardstock added a sticker tag and butterfly sticker as embellies and accented the butterflies with stickles and Prima gems for a quick but girly page. Tfl!

October 07, 2011

Friday Night Sketch with Heather and Tammy's Take

Happy Friday! Here is a sketch from Heather and how Tammy interpreted it :)

I loved this sketch! I had already done my son's "sports" book in 8x8, even bought an extra book so I could add more later...unfortunately, in high school the pictures are 8x10!!!! Oh well, it was one of my first books, so I don't mind re-doing this one ;) That being said, this is my now 15 year old when he was 5 and playing T-Ball--a league away from the Little League World Series champs LOL! We live in the same city, but there are at least 3 leagues here that I know of, we still rooted for them and are very proud that they are from Huntington Beach :) I used the colors of his team, with the blue cardstock and purple dot paper. The sports words paper is from Paper House Productions. I wanted to add a little something something, so I went through my scraps, and used my Fiskars triangle punch to make a little pennant banner. So, I work in "two pagers" when I scrap, sometimes I mirror pages, sometimes I just make them flow, and sometimes I duplicate. So I used this sketch a second time, except this time I scrapped an OBJECT :) This is my son's name, it was cut from the T-ball team banner, and each of the boys got their's at the end of season party. I added the team name, and again used my Fiskar's triangle punch to make a little banner, and done! Thanks for looking :) Tammy

October 06, 2011

Happy Birthday McQueen Style :)

Michelle is here today to show us what she has been experimenting with :)

So, my son turned 2 on September 18th and we planned his party around a gift. He got a Cars Battery Operated Power Wheels. His cake was a racetrack complete with Cars characters racing on the track.

Well, let me just say how excited I was when I found the Cars Cricut Cartridge on clearance at Wal-mart. I found it a week before my son's big day! I made his Birthday card using the cartridge, but boy it took some trial and error!

I ended up enlarging McQueen twice and cutting the same cut three times. I love the details but my machine's speed at it's lowest was still to fast! I used McQueen at 2 3/4" cut and cut a shadow in black but adhered it off to one side, just so all my cuts can be attached as I went along. Afterwards I just fussy cut around to make the shadow look even all around. I also cut out the details in white, but only ended up using some pieces. For example: I ditched the whitewall tires and just colored in the rims with a marker. Also, just colored in the eyes and popped them back into the spaces cut. I placed white behind the lights and teeth because the detail pieces I just didn't like the look!

For the checked flag side piece I used a Fiskers Texture Plate and a textured Black cardstock with white core and sanded away for Black and White Checks. Placed pieces of scraps I had to make the background had a grandstand look.
I can't wait to get picture back and play with his Birthday Party pages!

October 04, 2011

Firsts with Viji

Here is a special time to share with Viji and her precious sweetheart as well as a great designing tip!

I love doing the first layouts! They are so special. The first bath, solids, haircut, out in the stroller! So many stories to tell...
Today I am going to show you a double page layout I did for my son's 1st Haircut! I love double page can get so many pictures on them! I usually don't print pictures smaller than 4X6. I try to crop them to a 4X4 if possible. Although, I am thinking of printing them at home in the future. So I can get different sizes. My layout is based on a sketch by Allison Davis. I forgot all about the certificate he got after his haircut. So as an after thought, I just added that to the layout. I usually pull the colors of my pattern papers based on the colors in the photos. That way they go well together. So, If the picture has a lot of yellow. I won't be using too much yellow based pattern paper. Just a bit, but try to bring out the other colors from the picture and one or two bold colors. I like to focus on the photo and not the papers. To select pattern paper, I would put my photos on the pattern papers and see if I get distracted by the paper or not. I hope you like my layout! Have fun crafting:)

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