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August 29, 2012

Faithbooking with Groovy Deb♥

I brought back a group over on the Fiskateer board called Fiskateers with Faith. Basically it is a group I put together a couple of years ago whereby I start each month with a scripture from the bible and we all make any kind of project using the verse.

This month I chose Matthew 5:8 and since I use the KJV here is that verse:

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Isn't it true that we can see God everywhere if we just look? I see itin her and the magnificent surroundings she sits in undert hat enormous tree.

I like it enough to write it directly on the photo of Groovy Kid Designer Katelyn while she was sitting under this beautiful tree gazing while we were at the state fair. Love the pics and did a little doodling around them too. Thanks for coming by to take a look.If you would like to join us by playing along each month we would love to have you, just let me know~Deb♥

August 28, 2012

Groovy Kid Designer Katelyn Checking In!

Katelyn's back! She has to show you her very special kitty today! Here is what she had to say:

This is Susannah with her little bib on and she is saying her ABC's. She messed it up a little bit, but it's alright she's just learning :)

August 25, 2012

My Project for The Scrapping Stamper

I am still busy catching up on Katelyn's dance pictures before we begin this new year in September so Shannon's latest sketch was the perfect fit for this one of Katelyn and Daddy!

Here is her sketch

and my interpretation

August 23, 2012

Visiting with Groovy Kid Designer Rosie!

Welcome back to Rosie!

Rosie says,
"My Nana had me pick a picture. I picked one of my baby sister, Liberty Grace wearing a Marshall cheerleader outfit. This was mine when I was a baby. I picked that picture to celebrate my Sister. I picked green and white cardstock to match the outfit she was wearing. Nana did not have any sporting paper so we looked at the Cricut cartridge books. We used "Just Because" Cards cartridge. We cut a 3 inch, then a 6 inch and a 9 inch apple. We picked the 9 inch. I think the Cricut is a very useful tool. I wanted the title to be "Apple of my eye" because my Sister is my best friend. We cut the saying out at 9 inches too. My picture is 4 X 6. I used a Fiskars paper trimmer to cut the mat at 5 X 7 inches. I put the mat and picture together with a Xyron tape runner. I used a Garden Green Stampin'Up marker to decorate the apple. I used Stampin'Up pop dots to pop up the title and the apple. I think it turned out very good and I had fun making it. I love being on the design team."

August 22, 2012

Groovy Kid Designer Brook is Back!

Hi Brook!

Time to see your latest creation!!!

Brook's grandma said this about her layout:
These have pictures of Brook scrapbooking at my crop and have twice a year and a group picture of the crop attendees that she is in. Then there is one of me and Alec (Grandmama and Grandpapa), a photo of her and her brother Cheston, one of my, her mom Debbie, Brook and Cheston when we went to Disney on Ice.
She has the jewels and buttons at the bottom, the jewels, zigzags and shiny markers are water, the fish, butterflies and other button items are in the water or drinking water. Then she added an assortment of buttons and a drawing of her.She said the pictures and the embellishments make her very happy and make her smile. That she really liked them and thought they made everything pretty.

August 21, 2012

A Must for Multi Pics

I am not a consultant for Close to My Heart and I am unsure if their Folio is still available, but if you can get some of these they are a must when you have many pics to scrapbook! They are like a manila folder by bigger and better!!!

I used this one to scrapbook the play my daughter was in this past Spring. They performed Once Upon a Mattress and she was the lead so loads of pictures were most important to me :) I showed a picture of her a few months ago and this is how it and the others have now been scrapbooked very simple!

Thanks for stopping by today!

August 18, 2012

Muddy Girl!

I cannot imagine moving to another country! Somehow this little girl made it look easy though!

This was a fun photo shoot with my daughter. We just moved to Newfoundland and she got to explore a different environment than our old grass back yard. She would ride around on her quad! I used Sassafras Lass "Paper Crush" Papers. Love the die-cut borders they have on the opposite side of the Company/Collection Name Strip. Used "Heartsick Cure" for my strip down the middle. On the other side of that paper it had the goldenrod lined paper that I stamped my title with. I fussy cut them out and popped them up with foam tape. Using "Head Over Heels" I trimmed about 4" x 11" piece to fit inside the "Pitter Patter" Framed background paper. Using those die-cut borders I added them to the edge of each of my pictures in replace of using a full mat on each photo. Added my Journaling Card and hand wrote my journaling. "You got new terrain to explore with your quad! In and Out for half the day. Mud Puddles all the way! By the end of the day you started doing tricks!"

August 14, 2012

Introductions Please

I enjoy the card images Heather come sup with, always so cute. Today is no exception and it was something new to me so that is even more cool!  Click here to go and check them out too :)

I love Ian from TGF (The Greeting Farm) stamps!  He's just a cool young guy . . . perfect for a young teen boy!  I colored Ian using Copic markers to make this birthday card for my pre-teen nephew!  A little jute and some patterned papers and was good to go!

August 13, 2012

Happy Turkey Day?

LOL! Thanksgiving seems so far away, but in reality it isn't too far down the road so why not do like Penny has done and create a card ahead of time? No sense being pressed at the last minute :)

For this simple little card, I used a Fiskar's border punch, but instead of using the punch on the card's edge, I used it instead on the inner mat, then I added the K & Co. gold border strips. There is a reason the inner part of this card is white, it's because the small sticker had a white border around it and I didn't want to try and fussy cut it off. (I know that's cheating, but it gives the card a much better look when you are done.  The inside of the card has a matching sticker that say's "Happy Thanksgiving". The sticker sheet these came from is REALLY old, so it felt good to finally find it a home.
K & Co border strips
Fiskar's Lace Border Punch
Orange, brown, and white cardstock
Really old Hallmark sticker sheet

August 10, 2012

Junk Drawer: Penny

Hi Ladies, since this month's challenge is "Junk Drawer Finds", and it's "Back to School" week here where I live I thought I would combine these two subjects! I have always been into recycling, and this challenge was the perfect time to apply this into my scrapbooking projects!

I started with a simple can of peas. I have a can opener that open's cans without leaving a sharp edge (love it!) so after having the peas for dinner, (yum!) I removed the outer label from the can, and washed out it out.

Next I measured around the can with a scrap piece of green cardstock, making sure to overlap the side edges by at least an 1 1/2 inches, and cutting the paper so that it fit in between the top, and bottom rims of the can, and glued it in place.

Then I chose some white cardstock and using my Cricut I cut out the phrase "I Love Golf" from the Cricut cartridge "Sports Mania" - 29-0980. During this process I torn the border above the "F" on the word "Golf", but since this project was for my brother I knew he would not mind, and my cricut mat was not sticky enough to let me re-cut another phrase, so I had to make-do with it.

Next I used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes in the top of the can's rim and down the sides where the paper met. After punching the holes I inserted large brads, both for decoration, and to help hold the paper in place. You could also place ribbon in the top holes for a more "girly" can. Then I glued the "golf" phase section in place.

I think if I did this craft again, I would chose to use my Xyron to glue the "phase" section in place as I think it would hold the letter's down better, since they have to circle so much around the can. Overall however my brother loves his new pencil holder and I am going to make a few of these as Christmas stocking stuffers, perhaps filling them with cookies, or other edible goodies! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

Side bradsview of ballGolf CanGolf Can

August 09, 2012

So Smart!

GREAT idea!!!

I saw something like this online and thought it would be a cute gift for the Open House we were invited to. I printed out my sentiment on a piece of vellum and added the gift. I cut that and a piece of graduation scrapbook paper to fit my frame. Put it together and you are done. You could alter the frame more if you wanted to. Just a quick gift that gives the grad something to open besides a card.

August 08, 2012

Junk Drawer: Michelle

Once thing I am happy about our current smaller kitchen is...
I have no Junk Drawer! I have only 4 drawers in the kitchen here, which are all in one unit! CRAZY, right! That's what I thought when I started unpacking...I like have a minimal amount of things on the counter. How am I got to keep the sharp utensils out of reach? And my appliances tucked away? Especially since my old kitchen had 18 cabinets total with 6 drawers.
I do have a Message Basket if you want to call it that! Take Junk sneaks into. It holds pens, notepads, stapler, tape, paperclips and random things. This is where I tuck my bread tags into until I move them for crafting. I was saving the onion mesh/garlic mesh bags for my daughter who loves making bird suet to put out. So, why not add an Avocado mesh bag to the mix.

I was hosting "Family Dinner" which is the immediate family of my husband's side and their families. So, it can vary from 14 people to 22 people if they include an Aunt and her crew. I love Mexican Fare and it is easy to do for a number that my vary. Guacamole is a fave for a good number of us! I have gotten great raves about making it. Really it is all about getting ripe Avocados and a mix, nothing to it!

Page was simple layout cutting the pattern paper to 9 1/2 square attached centered to base cardstock. Trimmed my pictures and placed them collage style.
I placed my Avocado mesh by using my tape runner applied to the back of my base page and then applying another swipe of tape to a scrap piece of cardstock to secure and keep in place. Repeat process on opposite corner to create the oversized photo corner.
For the Bread Tag Title I applied the tape to the base paper stuck down the piece of mesh and using Glue Dots attached the Bread Tags.

Making Guacamole

August 07, 2012

Junk Drawer: Jean

Every year I participate in the Survivor Lap of Relay for Life. I have had breast cancer twice and was very thankful for the resources of the American Cancer Society. At our Relay, they make a hand print flag every year. I always getting a photo making my print. For this layout, I rummaged around my junk drawer and found several colored paper clips. I used those to attach the pennant to the rick rack.

August 06, 2012

Junk Drawer: Heather

My junk drawer is just down right scary!!!! You just never know what you might find! But finding something that I could actually put on a layout . . . that was a little more of a challenge. So, what did I come up with you ask? I think it is hard to tell by looking at my layout, which makes it even more to tell somebody that I pulled things out of the junk drawer to make it. First off I started with the yellow post-it note. Yup, that is what I wrote the journaling on. The second thing I used was some old stencils to make the title of the page. Put on paper, trace around in pencil slightly overlapping the letters, pull it up and go back over in white pen. Pretty simple . . . just how I wanted to keep this page!

Sleepy baby

August 04, 2012

Junk Drawer: Groovy Deb♥

This month our challenge is to complete layouts where we add something that has been in our junk drawer. I have seriously had these chips from Home Depot for-ev-er! I cracked it in half and used it as an embellishment. This layout is all about my daughter dressed in one of her many characters for Drama, Sweeny Todd. Eerie!


August 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Groovy Katelyn ")

It is so hard to believe with each passing birthday how fast our children grow. We watch them go through each moment that gets captured if we are lucky, and then recorded in the baby book. I am sharing this layout I made of Katelyn when we celebrated her 1st birthday. It has a pocket behind the row of pics so I could store more of them from that special day. Continue scrapbooking! It is the best baby book we could ever give our children :) :) :)

August 01, 2012

If It's Groovy, On a Small Break

I would like to thank the wonderful friends who come here to visit IIG each day and explain why no new projects have been up for a few days now. Sadly my mother became very ill and she was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with lung cancer that metastasized to her spine. It took some time to get the pain under control but the doctors managed to. Unfortunately, my mother passed away on this past Sunday night. She has gone to see God and her family and friends in Heaven so for that I am happy for her, but she is surely missed here. I will be back soon with projects but for now just need a few more days to prepare and try to heal.

Thank you, Deb♥

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