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August 31, 2010

Got Bacon?

I hope you had plenty of inspiration this month to create a layout about your favorite sandwich for National Sandwich Month. If you have not done so send in a layout to share with us :)

Here is one last layout from our Inspiration Station with Heather.

I love Bacon! That's it. Period! I love Bacon!!!!!! My lo is just that . . . I don't care what kind of sandwich, wrap, salad you give me, if it has bacon on it, I am a happy woman!!!! One thing though . . . I do NOT like it crispy! My best friend says if it was a steak, I would want it raw. Then again, if it was steak, she would want hers well done! This picture is just perfect for how I like mine!!!! YUMMY!!!! Love the smell of it ~ Love to eat it!!!

August 30, 2010

Let's Check in with The Groovy Chicks: Natalie

When I asked The Groovy Chicks to talk to me about their layouts lining the right side of the blog here is what Natalie said...
The LO I chose for the blog icon is from one of the first few online challenges from a blog hop that I ever did. I had decided at that point that I wanted to be a designer because I thought I had a style all my own and wanted to share it!

The challenge for this LO was to make a page using a color that described me and I chose brown. I chose brown because it is calming, reminds me of chocolate, and digging in the dirt. It is the color of my hair as well as my eyes and it is warm and earthy like me!

I had never used the square bracket page design before and had to make my own template by using one I found on the internet and then tracing it on a thick piece of chipboard that was from the inside of a calendar. I always hold on to quality chipboard that comes in packaging to use it for templates!

I used all kinds of materials, wood fiber paper,leaves, die cuts, stickers, fibers, inks, and gel markers.


August 29, 2010

Yummy Goodness!

Do you have a Padow's in your area? We do, but they are only open for short hours and it never fails when I am in the mood for a really cheesy sandwich that they are closed! Since it is the end of the month and National Sandwich Month is coming to a close I really have it on my mind today, but of course it is Sunday and they are not open, lol!

Thankfully I have my layout to remind me of what I am missing out on today while I drool!

Enjoy your day!


Uh Oh Heather's Been Shoppin'!

We all think about shopping so much at the lss,but what about the poor left-out home centers? Check out Heather's project then head out the door and go shopping!

While at my cousin's house the other day, I saw a ceramic tile that someone had made her and her new hubby! It was super cute! I knew I had all the stuff to make it but have been very intimidated about using the vinyl on the cricut. I was just SURE that I was going to screw it up!!! LOL!
Well, this past weekend, while at Lowe's, I found a bunch of ceramic tiles on clearance. I bought some 12x12's for 28 cents, some 6x6's for 17 cents and some 3x3 (I think! They are coaster size!) for 7 cents each.

When I got home, I designed a few things on my Gypsy. After that, I loaded some vinyl onto my Cricut mat. Then I cut it!

I then took what I had cut and put it on the ceramic tile.

Love the results!
My stepmother is using the 12x12 tile as a wedding gift for a friend. Not sure what I am doing with the little one yet! Might give it as a gift or might keep for myself!!! LOL! After I had all the vinyl on, I had to bling them up a little bit! The large tile has glimmer misted flowers that were hot glued on and then some bling added. The 6x6 tile has some black rhinestones as the dot for the "i" and at the ends of the flourish!

Hope you enjoy these altered ceramic tiles. I enjoyed making them and trying out something new that I was scared to do!!! I can see making many more of these in my future!!!

God Bless, Heather

August 27, 2010

Holding on to Summer

As Summer here in the USA comes to a close thoughts of fresh juicy watermelon will just be a memory until next Summer arrives. Receiving a card this cute would certainly put a smile on my face...without the stickness of the real thing!

From Kelly:
Mouth watering watermelon...looks like someone couldn't resist taking a bite!
I folded a 5 1/4"x 8" piece of pink cardstock in half. I used a bowl to trace this slice shape, and then used my Sizzix texture plates and ran it through the Big Shot to add a fun texture. I inked over it with pink ink to make it "pop" a bit. I used the Fiskars Seal of Approval punch to take a "bite". Then, I cut lots of small squares in all different shades of green and glued them around the edge to look like the rind. Lastly, I used some embroidery floss to stitch in some seeds. Delicious!

August 26, 2010

It's Holiday Time!

It is so good to get the holidays scrapped isn't it? Let's take a look at what Jen t has to say about how she created this lovely Easter page...

"this lo I started with the purple pp then added the corner diecuts and topped them off with pink brads, then I took a piece of raw chipboard diecut(scallop) and rubbed clear glitter stickles onto it to make a frame then traced that shape onto the green paper to cut the same as the frame and then added it underneath added purple diecut frame on top and then added the pic of my dd. to the scallop I added dots to bring out the pink in her bow and continued the pink on the layered flower and the journaling card."

August 23, 2010

Paper Goodness Question

Do you have any paper right now that you savor every scrap or morsel of? One that no matter what, you cling to the last little tiny piece hoping that it will multiply? Which one is it?

I am hung up on a few that have actually been around for awhile, but this one, now this one STILL makes me smile, BIG TIME! This paper goodness is Three Bug's in a Rug's Tickled Pink.


Are you smiling too?

August 22, 2010

Philly Friends Beware!

I think East Coast scrappers can relate to this one!From Jen...

Being from jersey and so close to Philadelphia I guess it is only natural for me to love the cheese
steak sandwich a.k.a Philly cheese steak sandwich that I chose to do a layout of for national
sandwich month. The meat and cheese ...yum! And depending on my mood I love the different
toppings on it too, from peppers and onions to California style with mayo, lettuce and
tomato...but no matter the toppings -it is always delicious! So I hope my layout has you grabbing
a take-out menu and ordering one and have fun letting food inspire you.

August 20, 2010

Love Sandwiches???

Darlene is as creative as she can be. Sandwiches are not just for bread on! She has earned the eu de Groovy Award on this one!!!

When we were given the theme of sandwiches this month, I thought, "I don't even like sandwiches, how am I suppose to pull this off?" I was pretty stumped so I turned to Yahoo images to get some inspiration. What I found were two awesome pictures ( and (

They were so fun and perfect for a sandwich theme, and that really got me going creatively.

I picked out some fun pics of my daughter and I, then I sketched a rough draft of my intended finished sandwich, and finally I went to town on creating each sandwich layer in different patterned papers, textures, and layers. I made 2 of each sandwich layer topping (4 of the sandwich slices), and layered and layered away, until the finished sandwich was a whopping 12 inches tall... now that's a sandwich! I diamond stickled my "love sandwich" title and dotted on "oats" on the bread slices. I topped it off with a toothpick and paper pieced olive at the top and a handwritten "recipe" that reads:

"2 slices of patience
3 pinches of snuggles
1 teaspoon of gentleness
3 extra large hugs
2 scoops of joy
4 pounds of kisses
And this is how you create love."

I hope this inspires you to create your own awesome love sandwich of your own! :)

August 19, 2010

Sticky Note Cover-Up with Natalie

Pretty little sticky note cover for your purse, home, or office. Makes great gifts.

Find any shape of sticky note and make a matchbox cover for it! They make great gifts to your friends or yourself! I also think they'd be great to make for craft shows!
Get some quality cardstock, some matching sticky rhinestones, embellishments, some thin magnet sheets(I use the ones from old fridge grocery lists)a paper cutter, a scoring tool and double-sided adhesive tape.

Measure your sticky note and note the dimensions on a paper. I used 3.5 x 3.5 in. The depth of the paper pad must be measure, too! Mine was 3/16 in.
I cut my patterned cardstock the width of the sticky note and left it 12 in. long.
Then I moved down 3 in. and scored across the width of the cardstock. I moved it down 3/16 and scored the paper again. Then I moved down 3.5 in. and scored again and moved down 3/16 and scored again. I trimmed off the excess paper 1.5 in. past the last score mark. I adhered small strips of magnets to the inside to keep the cover from opening and then I decorated the outside.

August 18, 2010

Croissants are sandwiches too!

This picture is amazing and the croissant made my mouth water! Want to make a croissant today? Follow this link to a great sounding recipe after checking out Vanessa's sandwich layout, yum!


I can honestly say, I have never scrapped food before! :) So this challenge was a lot of fun. My favorite sandwich in the world is a ham and cheese croissant! Toasted of course! Have fun with this challenge.... show us your idea of a "sandwich" layout!

August 14, 2010

Paint Blob Aliens

Do you ever reach the bottom of an acrylic paint bottle and just cannot throw it away because you are a scrapper or painter and that is a no-no? Well invite a kid over and here is a fun project to help use up all the paint that sits in the bottom of those bottles!

Here are the very simple instructions on what to do:

1.Turn the paintlook.

2. Set another piece of paper on top that paper with the paint blobs and smooth it out. Practice touching it lightly or harder in some areas to give it a different look.

3. Gently peel the top piece off.

4. Set each paper aside to dry.

5. When dry, doodle around the outside with a darker color than you used and decorate as you wish.

The "Twins" in the pic with my daughter show how they are the top and bottom pieces of paper after peeling.
Te Liftateer is made by me and it is part of the BINGO game I am hostessing on Fiskateers :).

Are you a Fiskateer? Come Crop Today!

Last August I started a group on that is called The Liftateers. Each week we scraplift based on a layout that inspired us in the gallery. This weekend we are celebrating our one year anniversary. There are many games and 15 challenges. All the challenges are for great prizes! Tonight at 10pm EST I will be in the chatroom with LEad Fiskateer Angela. Please come join and help support our crop!

We hope to see you there. The crop ends Sunday night.

Haven't joined Fiskateers? No problem! Go to and look for one of the leads or click how to join! Tell them Groovy Deb sent you!

Leave me a note here that you joined and I will RAK one person!!!

Welcome Back Groovy Chick Mandi!

Mandi previously worked here on the IIG DT as a Digi Artist. After maternity leave she rejoins us now and I would love to welcome her back by showing all of you her layout about herself as well as what she had to say about it :)

"This layout was done using pink paislee cupid line. It is featuring a picture of me, with all the goals I have accomplished, and would like to accomplish in 2010!"

August 11, 2010

Going OverBORDER

I have long been a fan of borders of all kinds. One thing I do when cutting my 12x12 paper down to any other size is add the leftovers to my box of borders.I make my own adding the use of border punches or leave them as is. I also buy them, love them all. Here is a pic to show you what I mean. I don't just collect borders...I do also use them, lol!
Here is what I did this time with lots, and I mean LOTS of those borders. Did I go overBORD?

August 09, 2010

Let's Check in with The Groovy Chicks: Jen T

I asked The Groovy Chicks to talk with me about their layouts that line down the page here at If It's Groovy. Here is what Jen has to say :)

This lo of me I loved the already dashes border but didn’t like the design on the bottom left corner so I matted my PIC on pp and put that on top of the old design. Then I laid out my flowers to the heart design and then glued them in place. I then topped them with a red gem. The "me" title I added dimension by layering two colors of the same font slightly off each other. then I stamped red swirls onto both sides of the heart and added a diecut corner with another red gem. lastly I just carried black dashes around my PIC and outlined the photo and mat in red to give it a little pop

August 08, 2010

Grab a Lunch Bag and Let's Scrap!

This month's challenge to scrapbook your favorite sandwich for National Sandwich Month is being served today from a sack! A lunch Sack repurposed~perfect! Here are Kelly's words on her really cute lo :)

An "authentic" paper lunch bag becomes the background for this title: "Luke's Lunch Wisdom". My son left this note in my daughter's lunch: "Katie, have a wonderful lunch. Remember there is never too much Nutella on a sandwich. Luke" Definitely scrap-worthy.

Definately Kelly!!! What a sweet child Luke must be :)

August 07, 2010

Killer Cookie

I have three words to introduce you to the project Darlene is sharing this month: LOL!!! Read on in her words...

My cat Cookie is super fierce with strangers!!! She has never been abused or neglected or anything like that, yet she shows aggression around anyone who doesn't live here! I had a lot of fun with the yellow LilyBee background paper (which I splattered MUCH paint all over) and then I splattered all over 3 sheets of scrap paper to make the rest of the layout. I just stitched right through most of the layers and hardly used any adhesive. It was very calming to do this layout although it shows the angry side of my sweet kitty. :)

Here is the journaling I included at the bottom of the layout:

Cookie is the sweetest and most gentle house cat around her own family (Chris, Alyy, and me) but she gets so protective and angry when we have company over, usually shes more aggressive around females, of any age. She will instantly assume her defensive stance, puff her tail up, perk her ears up, hiss, scratch, and attack people as soon as they enter the house. Cookie is fierce!! She is our guard cat! Watch out for this killer Cookie! You've been warned.


August 06, 2010

Psalm 121 on the Wall

I love that we have the blessing of talented Christian women on the design team here at If It's Groovy. Let me share with you a layout from Vanessa today and what she has to say about her awesome project!

I have always loved scripture. My family life, my youth, my young adult hood, and now my own family is lead and directed by the Word of God. Even in my "wild and woolie" days... in times of trouble or distress scriptures I learned as a child would be of comfort.

I am also a quote person.... I love to look up quotes on different subjects. And when I read books I write a lot of things down. I have journal upon journal filled with quotes and saying and then my thoughts on them.

In this LO, I am using what many people call a "life verse". You may have a "life quote". Basically it is words that upon any and every situation in your life... it brings your comfort, gives you meaning, and assures you that it will be ok. It sums up who you are and what you are about.

For me it is the 121st Psalm. There is also a recording by the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir of this scripture.. find it on YouTube... it's amazing!

I challenge you, to think about what your Life Verse/Quote would be and to create a LO for it. You can use a photo or not. I chose not to use a photo, but just to focus on the verse. I think I may frame this one and keep in in my view in my home! Join me, won't you?

August 05, 2010

15 Years in the Making

It is SO hard to believe how fast time passes. When I woke up this morning I immediately was taken back to 15 years ago, because today is the birthday of my first-born. I hardly can believe she is this much closer to being an adult so, like a few days ago when I shared her baby sister's birthday here...two days apart...what?!?! I would also like to share a moment from that special time back in 1995 :) This was the day we brought her home and our kitty, Allie Boo Boo, (we miss you Girl) had the chance to meet Kristen.

Happy Birthday Kristen, Momma Loves YOU!

August 04, 2010

Stamping Owls

Here is a cool card from Heather today!

What fun I had making this card!!! I am using it for a Fathers Day card for my hubby but could be used for many different occasions!

To make the tag, I swiped Scattered Straw and Dried Marigold distress ink next to each other on a craft sheet. I spritzed it with water using a mini mister. I then placed my tag on the ink. I would push it down and pick up and move it and push down again. I then used a heat tool to dry the tag. After dry, I stamped the owl onto the label using Brushed Corduroy distress ink. I then stamped the limb using Forest Moss and Crushed Olive distress inks. I then again spritzed a small amount of water on the image and then dried again. I then used Glue Dots to attach the googly eyes. I used a blending tool to add a few other colors of distress inks to the sides of the tag. Then I tied some jute through the ribbon hole.

On the inside of the card, I cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside. I ran some Brushed Corduroy distress ink around the edges and stamped a small owl in the corner. I used some Cosmo Cricket letter stickers to put the sentiment on the inside "owl always have eyes for you".

The actual card, I used a white core cardstock. I took a file around the edges to pull out the white core and then again distressed with Brushed Corduroy.

Ta-da! I love the way it turned out!!! And I got to play with a new technique of using my distress inks!! Hope you enjoy!

August 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Groovy Bluebird!

My youngest daughter turns 6 today so this is a shout out to her, my little bluebird...Love you Katelyn!


Here she is on her "birth"day :)
TFL and supporting If It's Groovy.

August 02, 2010

Sammies by Natalie

Very interesting take on this challenge coming from Natalie. Don't you just adore her use of her own handwriting? Her precious new baby will certainly appreciate reading this one day about how her mommy was taking care of her in utero :)

I did "Sammies" as my LO for the National Sandwich Month LO.
We forget that "mundane" things today will be the memories we cherish in 20 years. This LO idea really brought out some of my best raw scrapbooking abilites and it felt so good to do this page. I get emotional, almost, talking about it. It shows that "I" was part of this page, how can it not with my own handwriting and my own typos! It shows some of the things I do as a woman that I should be proud of, like putting love into a silly sandwich for my wonderful husband or how I am trying my heart out to eat healthy so my baby has a chance of starting life out healthy. You can tell I like coffee and fun textures as well as warm colors that feel comforting to anyone who would be in my kitchen. You can tell that I have some balance between structure and creativity, hence the patterned paper and cork board that contrasts with the not so neat handwriting and the coffee stains. What a blessing this assignment was for me.

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