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May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you, Is that really enough? Probably not, but let me thank ALL of you serving in whichever capacity you serve past and present!
Hope All have been safe today and always.
My deepest appreciation!
Deborah♥ and Family

May 27, 2010

Daddy's Special Day is Coming!!!

With Father's Day just around the corner make sure you keep Dear Dad in mind or a dad who is important in your life. To inspire your creative thought process let me show you the work of Peg and Kelly, both who are rather new to our card team with interesting takes on this theme of the month :)

May 24, 2010

Latest Vintage Lo from Jodi

This month I challenged Jodi to create a vintage lo with the theme of Feminine. She was free to create at will and she did not back down! Here is that beautiful creation that I know that you will love as much as I do!!! Awesome work Jodi, Thanks!

May 21, 2010

Don't Forget to Turn in Shadow Layout :)

Have you entered the Shadow Layout Challenge for this month? Send it to for your entry for this month's prize :)

Good luck!

May 16, 2010

Happy Belated International Nurses Day!

Ask most people who are being trained to be a nurse if they know the name Florence Nightingale and many would probably answer a yes right away. Apparently around the world on May 12 those in the medical field celebrate her birthday and I "happened upon" a celebration this past week in her honor. While taking my dad to a doctor visit we decided to check out if this particular hospital had a cafeteria. They did but it was closed. We were invited to participate in a celebration they were having in Florence Nightingale's honor, It was her birthday!

We were all invited to eat lunch on the house and all the food was catered in. Since I am a vegetarian it was a littl hard for me to eat much there, or my younger daughter since she too eats no meat. Just to be offered everything that was there was definately a huge random act of kindness! They served, mac and cheese, greens, watermelon slicks, NO watermelon HUNKS, BBQ, bread, and lots of chocolate goodies for after lunch. Quite a spread and FREE! My kind of talk...we were ven invited to come back and eat again later during early bird time. Nice is so, well NICE!

Thanks to all the nurses for what they do. My two girls are on the heels of my neice because they all 3 want to be nurses.

Happy Love a Tree Day!!!

Today is Love a Tree Day so let's talk Family Tree!

Ever hear "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? I am a huge Genealogy buff and would like to see if I can interest you in finding out more about the "apples" on your tree.

I challenge you to list as many last names on YOUR family tree (not hubbie's) and let's see if we find any connections between us. Since we are all interested in many of the same crafts could it be that we are related? Would that not be AWESOME????

Here are some names along my tree:


May 14, 2010

eBay Auctioning of the Doodles from Yesterday...

Remember yesterday I told you all about National Doodle Day? Here is the link to the eBay auction of those celebrity doodles! Hope you find something you like!!!

May 13, 2010

IT's FINALLY here!!! National DOODLE Day!!!

One of the happiest days of the year, for me, is finally here!!! It is National Doodle Day!!!

I have long loved the art of doodling and when I found a cause that also used this art form to help those who needed help with NF I thought this foundation deserved the Eu de Groovy Stamp of approval on this one ;)

Please go here to read up on how this project works and you may find where one of your favorite celebrities has entered a doodle into an auction starting TODAY with proceeds going to NF. Go here to read up:

In the meantime here is a favorite doodle of mine from a long time ago that originally was shown in Oh Scrap magazine:)

Hope you break out the pencils, pens, markers, charcoal...whatever your favorite medium is and doodle today too!

May 11, 2010

Pay it Forward RAK Winner!!!

I found this to be of a lot of interest, hope you do too!

Catherine of YOU are a winner!!! I used and you were chosen. Good for you helping to cook dinner with a friend on bedrest :)

Please respond to this post within 30 days at my email address so that I can send you your prize!!!

May 10, 2010

Stress Relief~Doodle Style!

Do you practice Zen? Zen for all sakes and purposes = meditation. When we focus on something that helps reduce our stress then we benefit. For me that come sin many forms: word searches, reading my bible, walking and doodling!

My family has recently had the misfortune of having my dad hospitalized. Although he is doing much better now he did spend 13 days in there and after many, many tests, cases upon cases of Saline, enormous amounts of blood taken and several blood transfusions they got to the bottom of his issues and I believe due to many prayers said on his behalf, he is now on the road to recovery and I could not be happier. I mean that's my dad!

While he had to have a surgery during his stay in the hospital I brought my pens, markers, pencils and paper and had the family doodling and working on Zentangles. This has been a favorite way to pass time of mine for years. Here is a Zentangle I did to help calm my nerves that morning of his surgery. I call it: Waiting

May 08, 2010

Mother's Day Groovy Style!!!

Mother's Day is here! How lucky we all are to have our beautiful children in our lives and so some of us here at If It's Groovy would like to share our children with you :)

I have been absolutely blessed to be a mother. It sometimes rattles my mind to think that I have my two beautiful children. I love them and consider them the biggest blessing that God has given me and entrusted me with. Today I celebrate that love and cannot wait to experience each and every moment with my girls. They have taught me patience and even more impatience at times ;), how to embrace everything little and big, to smile even when it is difficult, and to love like I never knew that I could.

They are always the biggest focus of my scrapbooking and today I would like to share a fun picture we took together that I plan to scrapbook for the challenge this month of using a shadow in your layout :)

Please don't forget to take a picture of yourself for your children! Have a wonderfully blessed and rich Mother's Day with your families!!!

Jami Lynn has some really cute pics of her Sweetheart and I thought it was so cute what she had to say about him. Happy Mother's Day Jami Lynn!

"One thing this little Sweetheart and I have in common is wanting to look good before we leave the house. Most mornings I end up fixing his hair for him, but he wanted to help this morning. ; ] We also coordinate on his outfits regularly. He's only six but he can match shirts & shorts & shoes better than his father can most days, lol!"

Let's see what she is talking about huh?

Look at this cool rendition of pics from Darlene and her little dollbaby! Happy Mother's Day Darlene!!!

My daughter is one of the best gifts that God could have ever blessed me with. I wonder why He chose me to be this angels mother? My daughter, Ally, is my entire world. She is sweetest person I've ever met, and I am amazed at how beautiful, smart, and funny she is at her young 3 years of age. How blessed am I to call this girl, that is capable of making all sadness disappear with just a kiss and a hug, my daughter? She brings sunshine into my life everyday. I love my dearest Ally, with all that I have and I always will.

Vanessa has a large family by the standards of today, let's take a look at what she would like to say about being a mom to her children:

Being a mom is the greatest treasure that God has ever blessed me with. I am especially blessed to be a mom of 3 boys and 4 girls. Every day is an adventure. It is sometimes overwhelming to be “mothering” so many different ages at once. My girls are 21, 16, 15, and 3. They cover 3 decades of my life. But… it is so wonderful to grow through these stages. I am “mommy” to my 3 year old… she is my joy and my youth. Every day her hugs and “I love you’s” gives me strength. She is also my reminder that daily, my faith in God must be lived out before my children. Her faith is so pure and innocent… If I tell her God said, or God does… there is no question! My teenage girls are filled with ups and downs. The happiness one day and the “life stinks” the next… reminds me to have grace and patience. It reminds me how my life was so unpredictable, but that God is faithful… and so forgiving… just how I must be with them. And my 21 year old… well a new joy has come with her. I’ve “mothered” her all these years, we have passed most of the “rocky roads”, and have moved into being friends and confidants. I can never express how much I love these girls. How thankful I am that God chose me to be their mom. My prayer every day is that He keeps us close, and that they continue to grow into the beautiful women God has planned for them to be.

Happy Mother's Day Vanessa!

Heather has some motherly wisdom to share with us and a great family photo:

My motherly advice is just to love and cuddle them as much as possible! Just because they are boys doesn’t mean that they can’t still be cuddly little boys! I love that my boys climb up on my lap every night to watch cartoons. They are very loving and affectionate boys – full of hugs and kisses! And yet, they play with each other like they are pro-wrestlers.

A special time for us is when I am tucking them into bed at night. Every night to each one of them, I say the following (and now they say it with me J ), “Sleep tight sweet child, while the stars shine above, I love you as much as a mother can love. Good night, (insert name), I love you.”

(It’s from a book but I don’t remember which one)

Happy Mother's Day Heather!!!

May 05, 2010

Know When to Fold 'Em!

This month the 2 page team have borrowed a sketch from "Sketch This" and have a technique that each has tried out for the month: paper folding! Looks like a great choice because each of their layouts turned out exciting! First up is Amy's and then following hers is Andrea's. Janeen's follows behind those. each are so awesome! If you click on their layouts you can take a closer look at their paper techniques!

May 03, 2010

A Color Combo from our Dollbabies!

Aren't brown and pinks together just a favorite for a lot of scrapbookers? I know that I love it! Do you? If you have not tried it out yet, give it a whirl! Here is a few layouts from our team showing their use of those two colors in their layouts!!!




May 02, 2010

John 15:5

This month we have a transition on our Faithbooking team as we move Vanessa over to lead our Dollbabies team, but we still have Marci and Anna to share two very unique and beautiful layouts based on the bible verse John 15:5 - I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. I think each layout is a fine representation of the meaning of this verse and how it is intended in our lives. Enjoy!



May 01, 2010


This month Lead Vintage Designer and her team mate Tammy have made really creative projects for us. I cannot wait to show you!

Natalie said she had an "H" a gift for her daughter that was there and in need of being redecorated :) Here it is:

Cute huh? Rush out to your craft store and do one, fun stuff!

From this...


Now check out what Tammy came up with to hold her pens. It is a really cool project!!! I want one now :)

Shadow Challenge for May

May Challenge: Due date May 31
Our design team members have made some very amazing layouts to share with you this month! I hope you will play along so that you can be entered in the challenge to win a set of K.I. Memories acrylic stamps. I know you will love them! I will add a few more goodies as more people enter. Please feel free to email me at with SHADOW CHALLENGE in the subject line with your shadow layout to enter :)

Email a link to your online gallery or a lo of your favorite lo you have created :) Easy right?

Happy mail will be sent to one random player who has a USA address :)

Good luck!!!

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