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May 31, 2011

And the Winner is...

On our What Color Challenge it was a lot of fun seeing everyone's take! After collecting entries from, Fiskateers and my inbox everyone was given a chance at the win. One winner has been chosen and her name is:
Sandra! Send me your address for some goodies :)

Here is her lo...she said that her color was Rainbow! I never knew the quiz had a rainbow, lol! Awesome!!!

May 29, 2011

Hand Written Journaling

To journal is really important to a layout, we know that...have you considered having someone else write it for you? I decided after I made this layout to have my daughter to write her take on what was going on that caused this photo. So many people say they don't like their own handwriting, but to me no matter what it looks like, flavor is added to the layout. My daughter not once said to me that she doesn't like hers, lol! Try having someone else do it for you!

May 27, 2011

Friday Night Sketch with Silvana

Hey Y'all! Are you scrapbooking tonight? Hee is sketch Silvana made to get you jumpstarted :) Enjoy!

May 26, 2011

Ribbitt, Thanks NanaBeth!

This is long overdue for me to show off but I still wanted to :) When we celebrated National Frog Month here at IIG, a friend who I met over on the Fiskateer board a few years ago was sweet enough to keep in mind that I like cute unreal frogs "). She sent me happy mail one day. When I opened it I found this beauty! I proudly display it in my living room for all to see who come in! Thanks Beth for the time it took you to work on this and for being so thoughtful!

May 25, 2011

My Baby Girl

Why do our little dollbabies grow up so fast? This one of mine will be 16 this summer and it is so hard to think that once upon a time she was this sweet little baby and that in just a few years she will be heading off to college. Wow, where does time go? Enjoy those precious baby moments. I am so glad I had another baby picture to scrapbook of Kristen!!!

May 24, 2011

Made with Soul :)

Brought to us by Heather:

I had this 8x10 piece of backed canvas in my scrappy room for awhile. Never was real sure what I was going to do with it! I thought about painting on it. No, maybe not. You see, besides scrapbooking, I don't feel like I am a very crafty person - especially when it comes to painting or drawing.

One day I seen an idea similar to this on a website. I knew right then what I was going to use that canvas for. I not only knew what I was going to use it for, but I also knew that I was going to use it as a birthday gift for a sweet friend of mine - who also happens to be our Praise Team leader at church. I knew it had to be something good because she IS crafty! In fact, she is an art teacher! What have I gotten myself into????

I picked papers that I knew would match her living room. I wanted to keep with a music theme so I included the music circles also. All the circles were punched out using a Creative Memories punch. I then lined up the circles and adhered them to the canvas, leaving room for my stamped saying. On top of some of the circles, I then added a few embellies for some dimension. I stamped the "Then Sings My Soul" with the hearts. I then took some Distress Stain around the edges of the canvas. (If you like distress ink, you will love the distress stains also!)

I had a frame all picked out for this. However, when I put the canvas in it, it wasn't right. I then remembered some old frames that I had that were beaten up. I had planned to alter them. But once I put the canvas art inside, I decided not to do anything with the frame. I like how it looked kinda rustic/distressed next to the canvas.

Don't be afraid to try new things! It's amazing what you might find in your house that you can use . . . and still using your scrapbooking supplies!!!

By the way, she LOVED it! Took it home and put it on top of her piano!!!

May 22, 2011

Travel with Jen to Ocean City!!!

Is it beach time yet? Has this not been a long Winter? I am in the SE and I know the amount of daily sunlight never seemed like enough. Bring on the pool and ocean! Let's go virtually with Jen T :)

My family and I love doing road trips around n.j. and one of our absolute favorite places to go is ocean city, nj. The reason I made a page about this pic and place is because ocean city is a place that also has special meaning to me and my family . My dh spent summers there as a kid with his grandma, my fil and family vacationed there, we have vacationed there and most importantly my husband and I got engaged there. Funny how a pic of your favorite place or spot can evoke so many memories huh?! Tfl.!

May 19, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

...that our very own Michelle has a challenge on her blog this month too. I hope you are working on you What Color Are You Challenge, but thought you would like to have a heads-up for Michelle's challenge as well :)

Here is link over to see her blog and directly to the lik describing her challenge can be found here.

Have fun!

May 17, 2011

Anniversary Memories

Last month Kevin and I celebrated our 17th anniversary! WOW, it seems like yesterday that we walked down the aisle! Here is a layout I made to add to our book that needs a lot more work, lol! All these years and not nearly enough pics to prove it made me think more about it when I created this one.

May 16, 2011

Purple Peace!

Are you wearing purple today? Each year on May 16 there is a call to wear purple in hopes of reaching ALIENS and it can be any shade! So if you are going out today paint your toenails, fingernails and break out your best purple hat. We need ET to visit ;) and aid in helping the maintaining of peace between all of us!

Have fun today!


Doreen is here with a trick for our treat!

Overlapping is my Friend
-Halloween Age 6-

Hi All!

First of all, I know it's a bit strange that I scrapped Halloween pics when its Springtime but you gotta scrap what inspires you and, as you can see, these pics are from 2007 so they needed to be scrapped!
Since I scrap what inspires me and not chronologically, expect a lot of this from me!

Now to get to the meaning of my title 'overlapping is my friend'...
I was having such a hard time getting these pics to look right on my layout! Soooooooo hard! Because 2 were horizontal and 2 were vertical I could not get them to look asthetically pleasing when I laid the photos down straight and evenly spaced apart. I literally spent about 20 mins just trying to get the pics in a position that I liked! Seriously thats a lot of time when you don't have much to spare! So frustrated I just randomly piled the pics on top of each other, and well golly-gee-wilikers....I liked it! Sure I had to arrange them a bit to make sure I didn't cover too much of each pic and that they looked balanced but other than that there was no fuss. I then carried on the overlapping technique w/ my skull embellie, which I got off the internet, and my 'life rocks' word bubble embellie.
And although the title and borders do not technically overlap w/ each other, the closeness of them kinda gives them the same feeling.

All this overlapping also allowed lots of negative space w/out having to remove any of the pics or embellies and I love negative space!
So as I said, overlapping is my friend...perhaps I can even go so far as to say it is my BFF, LOL!

May 15, 2011

What Color Are You? Darlene

Have you been working on your Lucky Color Challenge to play alongside of The Groovy Chicks? Look on our blog over to the right where you can still find the Quibblo quiz for fun and then leave us a link showing where we can see yours!

We have another Groovy Chick, Darlene, today with hers that she calls Mellow Yellow. Come on and enter yours too! You may be the winner of a box filled with scrapbook paper that needs a home!

Our challenge this month for If It’s Groovy was to use our lucky color as inspiration for a monochromatic layout. My lucky color just so happened to be yellow—maybe because I am so optimistic and cheerful (hence the yellow? Haha).

I used orange-ish Glimmer Mist and a Crafters Workshop circle template for the scalloped background on the yellow paper. I also used scraps of single yellow flowers, brads, buttons, some plastic petals and stems, and butterfly for embellishments. I hadn’t made a monochromatic layout in so long so this was fun to put together.

I found that doing this monochromatic layout helped me make a bit of a dent in my yellow nicknacks, so perhaps I can make some more monochromatic layouts so that I can keep getting my stash used up finally!

Won’t you give this lucky color challenge a spin? :))

May 13, 2011

Friday Night Sketch with Silvana

Hey! It's Friday; Let's scrapbook!!!
Here is another sketch and example from Silvana :) Enjoy!

May 11, 2011

Works for Me!

Silvana has a question. I think after seeing her project you will know why "works for me" is my answer ") Looks great Silvana!

I was in the mood for making something colorful and since I love butterflies and they are so beautiful and colorful I decided to make a butterfly card, and this is what I come out with =)..... I decided to add black as a contrasting color and I think the color combo works good...what do you think?

May 10, 2011

A 2 Pager from Michelle!

Ah Yes, those were the days. Remember once upon a time when EVERYONE did 2 pagers? A great majority of people have gotten away from them and I am glad to see Michelle bring one to us today to show that they are still a great way to tell a story with the use of more than one photo!!!

May 09, 2011

Congrats to TeenaBugg38!

Here is the comment from TeenaBugg 38 who left this comment telling me "Where in the World" she would be scrapping on NSD and now Teena you are the winner! Please email me at with the mailing info so I can mail you some goodies for hopping along with the kats of LGP :)

HA! You sound like me!! Even on a bookmark i would probably clutter it up with all kinds of goodies!!! I think it turned out GROOVY!!!! (I am lovin your blog...the peace sign curser did freak be out at first tho.....I thought I had pushed something on my laptop Almost forgot....I am visiting you by way of Knoxville TN! I am originally from Louisville Ky....they ahve a teeny lil race going on today and I have been so homesick with Derby Fever all week so I am loving that NSD is providing me with a distraction......I have been doing nothing except chasing kids, printing off sketch challnges, playing a few NSD games on a few blogs and hip hopping all over blogland.....oh and I made some Jello Shooters.......LOL. Have a great day!

May 08, 2011

Online Blog Hop In Progress!




Happy National Scrapbooking Day:)

Here it is Scrappers and Crafters, OUR day! Isn't it the coolest? I am SO happy that you took a moment of this special holiday to check in with If It's Groovy. To celebrate today I am participating in a blog hop with the Kats of Let's Get Peachy so if you just stopped by click the link back to LGP to start the hop!It is the first hop for LGP and I am sure you will be inspired! Just in case you get lost along the way I have all of the hostesses at the bottom of this post :)

Here is a little bookmark I made to show off today, but it is not an ordinary bookmark it is Deborahfied, lol! It's true I love "stuff" on a page, stuff on a card, and stuff on a bookmark! Why not right?

I have some blog candy for ya! Want this? Just leave me a message and tell me where in the world that you live and are celebrating your NSD today!!!

Here is a list of participants in this fun holiday hop, Be sure to check everyone out and leave luv on their blogs too!

1. Let's Get Peachy- Peachy Laura

2. Crafty Scraps of Stuff- Peachy Kat Daphne

3. Create Something Everyday- Peachy Kat Kimmy

4. From Me 2 U Papercrafting-Peachy Kat Tammy G.

5. Greets n Treats- Peachy Kat Becky

6. If It's Groovy- Peachy Kat Groovy Deb

7. Kristin's Craft Corner- Kristin

8. Polkadotrentz- Peachy Kat Sarah

9. Queen of the Crop- Liese

10. Rather B Scrappin-Peachy Kat Lisa

11. Scrappy Doodads-Peachy Kat Tammy K.

12. The Crafty Fruglaista- Peachy Kat Cindy

13. The Scrappy Cottage-Peachy Kat Cherrie

14. Back To LGP

May 06, 2011

What Color Are You? Michelle

So I took the Facebook Quiz "What Color Are You?" So, you will never guess what color it came up....FIRE RED...How did you know? OK, now to use all red in a Layout. Some stuff about red first: personally it is now my go to color. Also, my mom did tell me I look good in red. If I remember right it was back when you never listened to what your mom said.

But I did do some researching here is what I found:
Physically red - increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate, encourages action and confidence (OK the power tie, I know!)and provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety.

Red is the color for the base or root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and allows us to be grounded and connect to the universal energies. First chakra, base of the spine. Groundedness, trust, belonging, lessens feelings of mistrust.

Interesting information about red
* Red is the highest arc of the rainbow.

* Red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight.

* The longest wavelength of light is red.

* Feng shui recommends painting the front door of a home red to invite prosperity to the residents.

* Bees can't see the color red, but they can see all other bright colors. Red flowers are usually pollinated by birds, butterflies, bats, and wind, rather than bees.
(These interesting tidbits came from:

So, to do the layout I figured I should be wearing RED. Since it is not often you will find me in red. I colorized myself RED. My Background Paper was the reverse side of a patterned paper called "play scooter" from American Crafts. Using scraps from mostly red papers I cut strips in various widths and lengths. I used 5 long strips going vertically and weaved in the rest horizontally. Used a RED ink for some of the cardstock to add texture with background stamps. Cut our two hearts for around the picture. Finally inked up the ivory on the "Alpha Stax" Damask letters I had from Colorbok.

May 05, 2011

What Color Are You? Silvana

When you begin creating a scrapbook page do you start by choosing the photo? Most people do and then try to get colors that are similar to the colors found in the photos. Are you scared of creating a lo with no color as the main start to your project? Have you taken the quiz to playlong with us this month? We hope so and are waiting on your creationg! If you did and ended up with the color white let us know if it was a difficult task or just the opposite??

I think Silvana did a fantastic job when she took on this challenge! Her layout is so elegant and one I am sure Mia Isabella will absolutely cherish one day in the future!!!

I'm so thankful for this challenge, me? a white layout? never in a million years!!!!! just love fun and bright colors too much =).

For this month's challenge I took the quiz What color are you? and I got white ... I don't know if the answer was accurate for the most part ...but I'll take it as long as it says something nice about me LOL that was the fun part ....making a white layout was another thing ...I even thought of taking the quiz again to see if a get another color =) but I decide to stick with it and went to my desk to look for a picture and I choose this one of Mia Isabella at her first birthday just because she was wearing this white dress and it gave me a starting point then I took everything white that I have (paper, embellishments, flowers, etc) and what do you know ideas start pouring in. I was sure that a white page would be really hard for me to do, but I was completely wrong it was so easy and it even didn't tale me that long. I wanted to use a white emboss paper as a base but didn't have any =) so I used a border punch and make a couple of strips just to add some texture, also for texture and so my white flowers pop up a little I use paint in a butter-cream white color to make a circle and then add all the vines and flowers (cut with my Cricut)for a little bit of color. To match her dress I used baby pink and the final touch the white pearls =)......I LOVE this page, thanks again for this challenge Deb.
And What color are you? Go find out and show us what you can do =) maybe you be surprised like me and ended up making one of your favorites layouts.

May 04, 2011

What Color Are You? Jen T

Who doesn't love blue? I bet if we took a poll a huge majority of people may say they love blue since we think of ocean and beautiful blue skies. I think we should add this lo to that list of things we think of because the depth in Jen's blue is amazing. See for yourself :)

This color challenge was so fun! I took the quiz and my color came out to be blue....which is ironic because one of my favorite colors is blue. For this challenge I realized that I have blue all over my house- on the walls, couch ETC....but not so much in my scrappy and crafting supplies. So, with a little stash digging I came up with all the goodies that went into this page of my daughter and I at her first concert. T.F.l.!

May 03, 2011

What Color Are You? Challenge Groovy Deb♥

When I took the color quiz to come up wioth my color for this challenge I came up with orange and the next time I took it was red. SO I don't know how acurate these quizzes are but they are a lot of fun I think. So, having said that I did two layouts, one in orange and one in red :)

Here is my orange lo which shows me doing two of my fave things, taking pics (look closely to see my refelction) and the other wearing flip flops. I really wish I lived in a climate where the season for flip flops was every day!

Here is the red one which includes Zorry our black and white cat. Everytime I scrap a picture of him I think b/w! Such a classic color combo isn't it?
Thanks for coming by and don't forget to take our challenge and send to me at :)
Thanks, Deb♥

Shout out to my step daughter Kellie!!!
Happy Birthday!!! Love, ESM♥

May 02, 2011

What Color Are You? Challenge Doreen

I love the the way Doreen has used her negative space this month! Wow what a great lo. Let's see what she has to sayt about making it...

The challenge this month was to take a quiz to determine what our "Lucky Color" is and then create a layout using as much of that color as possible.
According to the quiz my lucky color is white. I have to admit I was not happy w/ the result. For me the color white is really hard for me to scrap with. And I knew I wouldn't be able to make the entire layout white. I choose to use white as my BG color and then go from there. Luckily I just came back from Vegas and took pics at the Sugar Factory that I was really excited to scrap! Double lucky that the pics are colorful so I could scrap them w/out too much added color. Besides the white BG I used white letters and punched flowers out of white paper. To allow the flowers to stand out I simply outlined them w/ my black zig pen. A few splashes of color and some journaling completed my always seems to be the way with these challenges...I love the end result! Of course it could just be because I have a pic of Kim, my fav celebrity, on my layout! LOL!

May 01, 2011

What Color Are You? Heather

Heather wears green well! I like how she manages to get an awesome color that she is not accustomed to working with to bring out her beautiful eyes!

"Green?" Really? This is not going to be easy!!! So the quiz tells me I have green blood, but what exactly does that mean? Well, I will tell you . . .

Green Bloods have a tranquil nature and their emotions are balanced, but when they do tip, watch out. Green Bloods try to be optimistic ones, so they don't have to spend time feeling uncomfortable in worry. Green Bloods usually have acute senses that are sharp, eyes for finding the needle in the haystack, ears to listen to wispy whispers, and a nose to be rejuvenated by the pine needle scent in the forest, scented candles, and flowers erupting from the ground. They enjoy socializing with others greatly.

I must admit, this is a pretty good description of me! My hubby agrees, especially with the "watch out" part and the acute senses, which he deems is because of my OCD! LOL! He just might be right!

And though this might be an accurate description of me, I still wasn't sure how I was going to do a monochromatic layout about it. I first decided though that since the quiz describes none other then me, that I would do a layout of . . . you got it . . . ME! And ever since I heard the song "Free To Be Me" by Christian artist Francesca Battistelli, I knew I wanted to do a layout of myself with that title and some of the song lyrics. Still, green?

Thank heavens for Basic Gray! lol! I pulled out these patterned papers from the Boxer Collection. I then found some cardstock to match and went to town! I really hate ripping paper but I always love how it turns out!! The bling and flower are by Prima, the butterfly from Petaloo, the title was done using AC Thickers, and the date/flower stem stickers are also by Basic Gray (Marjolaine collection).

So, even though I wasn't sure about using green, I was thrilled with how it turned out! The journaling/lyrics say "Cause I got a couple dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my jeans, try to put the pieces together but perfection is my enemy (OCD C: ). On my own I'm so clumsy, but on Your shoulders I can see, I'm free to be me and You're free to be You. . . But You look at my heart and You tell me that I've got all You seek." Isn't that the truth? No matter what I have been through, God sees what's in my heart and it is in Him that I am "Free to be Me"! He loves me regardless!

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