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April 30, 2009

National Frog Month has arrived! Congrats to our winner, Jodi!

Well lookie here it is National Frog Month! Not exactly a holiday that I usually celebrate but I do love funky little frogs...just NOT the real ones which kinda creep me out! All the cute frog sayings are fun like the one about having to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince and it is true isn't it? Well then let's celebrate this month with some froggy goodness and turn this hoppin place green! Create your best and toadally neat layout then turn it in to me by April 30 at 11:59 Eastern Time by sending it to or show me your favorite gallery where you have it stashed. I will RAK one person at the end of the month with frog candy, oops I mean blog candy ;) which will NOT taste like chicken!!!

Slideshow disabled because it is making the blog slow down considerably. Please ask if you would like the link.

You'll Never Guess this Thursday!

Clever ladies last week! Let's see what you can do with this one...Take your guesses and I will show you next Thursday what it is if you don't guess sooner :)


April 29, 2009

Where'd Ya go?

Did you go anywhere this past week that you will share with us? I had the pleasure of going to the zoo somewhat close to my area with my daughter's preschool. We had a good day! Here are a few shots that I took while there:

April 28, 2009

Tags on TwoZday

Our Lead Tag Artist Marcie is buzy creating new tags to show all of us next month so hHere are two that I made and would love to share ...

Thoughts on TwoZday

Do you have your journal and pen in hand? It is time to write, afterall it is TwoZday!

Question 1:
If you had only a dollar and no means to support yourself, what would you do to make that dollar work for you?

Quesion 2:
If you could have five minutes to platform any subject infront of millions of people, what would be that one subject you would discuss?


It's Take Two TwoZday

I am all about going outside and taking pictures when it is a beautiful day like it is here in my hometown today. Wow, it is gorgeous! Compared to last week's tornado warning and UGLY weather to accompany it today is like a new world! So, that has me thinking. When a tornado and thunderstorms are headed we find ourselves looking up right???

For Take one this morning take your camera outside and look up. Show me what you see!Here's mine looking up:

Take Two this morning is to look down. We might as well cover the opposite like I explained my day compared to last week.Here is mine. Check out those shadows would ya! You can tell how sunny it is huh? The temperature is nice too. So, I'm outa here to take some more pics. If you take some shots and would like to share them, leave me a link here and I will show everyone a little peek into your world next week!

Have a great day!

April 25, 2009

Do You Repurpose in Your Scrapbooking?

If you are like most then you do not need a reason to head over to the local Starbuck's for a cup of Joe. I submit cards and layouts to one of my favorite scrappy blogs called Sisterhood of Scrap and here is a card I made to submit for their card sketch this weekend. I used the sleeve from around my cup of coffee to add as an embellie and gave that sleeve a brand new purpose. Head over to the local coffee house, grab a cup of your favorite caffeine and come on back to ceate! I would love to see how you too repurpose with your sleeve!


There Ya Have it! Odd News...

This happened a few days ago but I thought it worthy to add to odd news today...

Texting may allow church donations

HELSINKI (Reuters) – Text messages may allow worshippers in Finland to donate money to their church without having to attend services.

Under current laws, the church cannot raise funds by texts in Finland, the home of mobile phone giant Nokia. Dean Matti Pikkarainen of Oulu Cathedral said he aimed to raise the issue at a nationwide church meeting next month.

"I've spoken this morning with some people who are in leading positions in our church to see if we can change the law," Pikkarainen said.

"It depends more on parliament than the church ... I believe the church is ready for this kind of modernisation this year."

Pikkarainen said parishioners could use their phones to donate money after the end of church services, so as not to disturb other worshippers. Text messages would also give people more freedom to donate as they would not have to come to church.

"If you're listening to the service on the radio, TV or Internet, you can do it from home too. People nowadays are not always in church," he said.

At the end of 2008, about 80 percent of Finns were registered members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Oulu is in northern Finland.

(Reporting by Brett Young; editing by Robert Woodward)

Saturday Snicker

The Cute Princess

There once was a really cute princess who was walking through the woods. All of a sudden she heard a voice calling, "Hey Really Cute Princess!"

She looked around and didn't see anyone or anything but a frog sitting on a big rock. She started to carry on her way but the frog called again. "Hey Really Cute Princess, if you take me home and let me sleep on your pillow next to you, I will turn back into a Handsome Prince!"

It had been a very long and boring day so she decided to pick up the frog and give it a try though she really didn't believe the frog at all.

The Really Cute Princess took the frog home with her and let him sleep on her pillow beside her. When she woke up the next day what do you think she found? There on her pillow beside her sat a really Handsome Prince.

Do you believe this story?

No! Neither did her mother!

April 24, 2009

Any plans this weekend?

I would like to invite all of you over to two of my favorite hang outs...Let's Scrap Divas and Sisterhood of Scrap! There is an online crop at both. Come on over!

Here arethe links:


April 23, 2009

You'll NEVER guess this Thursday!!!

Every Thursday you can take a gander at what exactly this picture is of. It will be something blown up and I will reveal it as soon as someone guesses or by next Thursday if it is unknown :)

GO JENNIFER! We have some smart chicks 'round here since I think these guesses were great. Jennifer you have it though! Here is the real thing for you all to see...

April 22, 2009

Where'd Ya Go?

Today is Wednesday, Earth Day, April 22, 2009 so that means it is is Where'd Ya Go Wednesday? Tell us about a place you visited in the past week. I love to travel and experience new things so nothing is too small!

April 21, 2009

It's Take Two TwoZday!

If you are experiencing a great weather day or not it is time for Take Two TwoZday! Grab a camera and take these two shots today. Be sure to share them with us here and share a little story about it!

1. close up shot of flower bush blooming

2. stand on your street and take a shot from your drive-way to the furthest thing away

Tags on TwoZday by Marcie

It's time to see a new creation by Tag Artist Marcie! It's very feminine and just lovely :)

Tags on TwoZday by Deborah

I am still hung up on frogs so here is one from me, Deborah...

Terrific TwoZday

It's a Terrific TwoZday! Let's spend the day getting to know you :)

Question #1

What's the best movie you have seen lately?

Question #2

Who is the best recording artist you have listened to lately?


April 20, 2009

Will You Vote ?

Kroger is hosting the Design a Reusable Shopping Bag Contest. Please view one of my favorite designs and vote for it before May 15. You also can create your own design and enter the contest. Show your support and vote for this design daily or your own!

April 17, 2009


6.33 minutes is all you need to watch this amazing little cartoon. It is such clean funny froggy humor...the way it was when I was a little girl. The kids today have certainly missed out on some cool cartoons. Remember Saturday morning was when we would see all cartoons until 12:00pm? There was no cartoons unless the showed up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or something!

Do you remember this cartoon?

Enjoy! Don't forget to turn up your volume!!! Also, you might want to make sure to watch this once you are done looking around here ebcause that cool song is playing and will mix with the cartoon. Just a little heads up for ya.

A mid-1950s construction worker involved in the demolition of an 1892 building finds a box inside a cornerstone. He opens it to reveal a singing, dancing frog, complete with top hat and cane. The box also contains a deed dated April 16th, 1892. The man tries exploiting the frog's talents for money, but as it turns out, it will not perform in front of anyone else. For the rest of the cartoon, the man frantically tries to demonstrate the frog's abilities to the outside world (first by trying to get an agent to accept him, then by renting out a theater), all to no avail. Eventually he is homeless (after spending all his money renting the theater) and living on a park bench, where the frog still performs for him. A policeman overhears this and approaches the man, but after seeing him accuse the frog of the singing, he has the man committed to an asylum. Following his release, the haggard man dejectedly hides the box in the Tregoweth Brown building that is under construction. The timeline then jumps to the year 2056 (100 years and at least 1 day after the cartoon's debut), where the building is demolished by futuristic ray guns, and the box with the frog is discovered yet again by a 21st century demolition man, starting the process all over.

Ironically, it is revealed in "Another Froggy Evening" that the frog's croaking noise is actually Martian for "Would you like to hear me sing?"

The legend of "One Froggy Evening" was enhanced when a vaudevillian alien was included in Mel Brooks' 1987 film "SpaceBalls". The alien, after jumping from inside a man's stomach, sings "Hello Ma Baby".

Meet Debbie Buckland Resident Faithbooking Artist

I am pleased to announce that Debbie Buckland from NZ has joined our team. She is very inspirational in using her faith while scrapbooking. I know you will enjoy seeing her work and meeting her!

Hi, I am Debbie from Christchurch, New Zealand. I am a mother of two: a boy - Ethan (2 yrs) and a Girl - Mishael (almost 5 yrs), and a wife of a loving hubby (Simon). I have been a Christian since I was 13 years old (I'm now 36) and have a bible college certificate in evangelism - while on that course I went to India for a short term mission trip for 4 weeks in 1993.

I have been scrapping for about 5 years since my daughter was born. I first thought scrapbooking was the cut out from mags and stick in a blank book type of thing from my childhood. But when it was explained to me about what it really was all about I leaped in to make my existing photo albums better.... and of course... that was all I was going to do! - Yeah Right!!!! I got most of my supplies from The Warehouse then (cheap all purpose shop - with then very bad paper and embellishment ranges available.) Now I'm scrapbooking nearly every day one way or another.

Soon afterwards I joined the Fiskateers.... I'm number #352. Maybe the first New Zealander to sign up! I then started winning tools, papers, embellishments. It was a great start to scrapbooking! My first trimmer was from Fiskars - the Portable Rotary Trimmer. Before that I used a steel ruler and a common craft knife from the DIY shop. I have hardly used them since I won the Trimmer. My very first Fiskars tool was the Mini Shape boss - Card sized dry embossing kit. Do I use it now? No... but it might make a small re-appearance soon.

I used to print my photos at home with an inkjet printer until it got really cheap to print in town. Its much better that way. They are more waterproof. ;) And better quality.

In May 2008 I was lucky enough to be asked to be an ambassador for Fiskars in New Zealand and Australia. So I am now sent materials and tools from them to do various projects. I post on their blog regularly. Their blog is:

I have my own blog especially for scrapbookers and crafters.... it is aimed to teach and inspire: I have plenty of videos, how to sheets and tutorials on there for all levels of crafters.

In my future I hope to design and sell my own stamps online. I am making my own out of hand carved lino and rubber. Its so much fun! As for now I am practicing my carving skills and sourceing materials at wholesale prices so that I can sell them at good prices for my future customers.

Thank you so much for letting me ramble.... lol
Have a great day!!

Debbie Buckland
Made in New Zealand


Debbie created this cute frog project to share with us today. In true faithbooking form she has included a bible verse to use alongside of this project. This would be a great project for Sunday School, Religious Education, or Vacation Bible School while teaching about the plagues.

Exodus 8:3
And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneadingtroughs.

You can make it too if you have these supplies:
Fiskars: L and XL Round Squeeze Punches
Fiskars: L Funky Love (heart) Squeeze Punch
Google eyes
Black pen

Step one: punch out 3 Funky Love hearts Make sure you turn the punch up the other way for one heart punch as it will go the opposite way for the feet

Step two: Punch out one of each circle

Step three: Assemble

Step Four: Now punch 2 more Funky Love hearts and trim with the scissors like this…

Step Five: Punch another L circle but only a moon shape Turn it over and use it as the mouth. It may need a trim.

Step Six: put on the google eyes, mouth and front legs. Mark as desired and you have your Froggy!

April 16, 2009

Try This, or This, or This!!!

We are so lucky to have Sketch Designer Lissa Ballard here with us at If It's Groovy. She will be sharing her original sketches with us each month so that we too can try the layouts that she and the Sketch Artists are working on. Here is a copy of the sketches Lissa has for us this month. Please share the scrappy luv if you use her sketch. We would love to also show your work! If you use the sketch send a copy of your layout to and your creation will be added to the blog!!! So many scrappers love to create using sketches so please credit her sketch wherever you post. It's the nice thing to do :)

Meet Lissa Ballard Resident Lead Sketch Artist

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Lissa! She is the one who created those way cool sketches you see above! Let's take a peek into her life now :)


HI! I'm Lissa Ballard, aka Lis, mom, mommy, B, honey, hey you and MOOO-OOOOM! I'm married to Kevin, going on 13 years (this August). We've got one son together, our 8 year old, Dalton. I had two sons from a previous marriage, Reaves and Taylor, who are about grown. One is in his 20's and one is in college approaching his 20th birthday. To say I'm old these days feels like an understatement! My family and I live in beautiful Williamsburg, VA where the history is rich, half the population is NOT (the other half) and the weather is generally agreeable! We don't have much in the way of scrapping stores so I'm an on-line junkie. Good thing too because the inspiration I get through the world wide web is just astounding! I started scrapbooking in the early 70's and kept going right on through my late 20's. I stopped when life got hectic as a working mom. It wasn't until my littlest guy was born in 2000 that I got the inspiration again. I've been hooked ever since! I'm now a nut for almost anything paper art related: altered art, mini albums, stamping, cards. I have recently given up my beloved 8.5 x 11 pages for 12 x 12 which has begun to take over my shelves to be sure. My favorite products are anything by Basic Grey, ribbons, brads and flowers that go on nearly every page despite the fact I have so many boys to scrap about. I swear by my Cricut, live by the power of my x-acto knife and wouldn't scrap without my stamps and inks close by. I'm so excited to have become a Groovy Chick again (definitely a lovely throw back to my youth) and look forward to being inspired by and working with all the other awesomely Groovy Chicks here at If It's Groovy! We've got a great team and a wonderful Head Groovy Chick In Charge!

Lissa used the 6x12 version of this month's sketch. Give it a try and you too can have your layout shown here on If It's Groovy. Send to when you have it completed :)

Meet Lynnette Davis Resident Sketch Artist

Lynnette is up next. Is her smile not a great way? Here is more about her...

"The nice thing about my husband being in the military is that we get to travel A LOT! My name is Lynnette Davis and I live wherever the Army moves us. We're currently stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia. I'm originally from Hawaii, born and raised. And the ALOHA spirit is still true in me! I am a 20 something year old proud mother to 4 beautiful children and a wife to my very own Prince Charming. Ever since I can remember, I have been addicted to taking pictures and making collages. Then, shortly after my first child was born I was introduced to scrapbooking. I then learned the safe way of working with my precious photos and here I am 9 years later, still enjoying the craft."


Meet Nikki Love-Salinas Resident Sketch Artist

We should call Nik the Energizer Bunny because she is a very busy girl and I am glad she added our blog to her to do list.

I'm Nik from South Cackalack (South Carolina, USA). I am married to the most wonderful man, Victor, and we have six terrific children ages 19, 17, 15, 8, 5 and 4. I work third shift as a Detention Officer at a large city jail and I am the owner of Touched By Love Florist and La Pasadita
Seafood Restaurant. I have been scrapping for 19 years but devotely for almost 10 years. My style is linear with a touch of freestyle. My favorite products/techniques are paint, stitching and ribbon. I believe there is no right or wrong way to scrap as long as the story of your life is being told.
I look forward to contributing and being inspired here at If It's Groovy and can't wait to get to know y'all better :)

Using her team's theme "wet' this is what Nikki came up with...

Meet Guylaine Resident Sketch Artist

We are very lucky to have joining this DT the lovely Guylaine. She does great work. See for yourself!

Bonjour! My name is Guylaine (pronounced "Guy" like in Gideon and "laine" like in Helen). I am a French Canadian living in the fantastic city of Toronto in CANADA. I am the blessed mother of two teenagers, Gabrielle (18) and Jeremy (16). We also have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Joy.

By day I am a software designer for a major corporation and by night I am a scrapbooker. I discovered scrapbooking a few years ago through a coworker. Since my kids are all grown up now; I have a lot of catching up to do. My style is clean and simple with a touch of doodling. I like bright colours and patterned papers. My aim is to make sure that the picture is always the centre of the attention.

This is the first time I am part of a Design Team and I am very honoured that Deborah considered me for the position of Sketch Artist. I am also very happy to have the opportunity to work with a very talented bunch of ladies.



April 15, 2009

Meet Amy Allred Resident Lead 2 Page Sketch Artist

Let me introduce you to Amy Allred. She will be leading the team who is here to share their 2 page creations. The 2 pagers seem to take a back seat these days when it comes to scrapbooking. Amy and the team will show us that they are still worthy of keeping in our books. This month they have borrowed a 12x12 PageMaps from March 2009. Meet Amy!

I am: 33, Christian, wife to Russ (since Sept97), mom to William (Feb04) and Logan (Mar07), scrapbooker, Phi Sigma Sigma Active Alumnae, Mommy-group member, Stay-at-home Mom (retired in 2008 from High Tech Marketing), Californian, little sister, daughter, dog-lover, eBay addict, organization freak, shopper, dreamer, architecture/home lover, girl, hiker, volunteer, TV watcher, pedicure lover, old-soul, friend.I love scrapbooking and have over 30 completed albums. I've been scrapping on and off since 1993. Old school, baby! I like my pages to all look different. I love bold colors and playful layouts. New techniques bring me joy. I love to crop with friends so I host a crop at my church once a month and at my home once a month and have even flewn across country to meet fellow scrappers.



Here is the PageMaps sketch:

Here is what Amy was inspired to create after using that as her starting point:

Meet Marci Negranza Resident 2 Page Artist

Have you met Marci? What a great person she is! In the time I have known Marci I have discovered that she is a motivated person, she has to on...

Hi all! So glad you are joining us here on this adventure at If It's Groovy! I've been scrapping since 2000 and I think I get more obsessed every year. I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 1987 and we have five wonderful blessings, aged 4-18...great scrapping material! If I have a scrapping "style" I still haven't discovered it...only constant is that I like to change things up! Blessings, Marci

Since Marci is part of the 2 page sketch team she is also using the Pagemap sketch and created the lo below it:

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