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January 28, 2010

Kristi's Birthday Challenge

Ya know sometime tonight I decided that I decided I needed to make a card for myself. Weird right? I know but I don't feel so hot and really I would love to just be at the ocean celebrating someone's birthday, You're birthday today? Let's make it yours...just let me smell the salty air and be at that shore! Somewhere warm would be good too! So here is my card and please let me make it clear, hint hint that Kristi would love to have you come over and enter her challenge too!

Kristi's awesome card is right here and I just love her cupcake on there don't you?

January 27, 2010

Here is ANOTHER Challenge, Natalie's!

You can find Natalie's challenge on her blog and let me just add... Make the time to do this even if you don't have time to enter by the weekend. We hope you do, but just sayin'! Check out Natalie's first and then I resurfaced one of mine that needed a challenge to go with :) Here is the address too:

Wanna See Amy's Challenge? Go ...

Wait! First let me show you her lo and then mine:

Don't Forget Janeen's Challenge!!!

Janeen has a way cool birthday challenge this month too and it is located here:

Here is her lo that is SWEET too ;)

I entered with this one!

Check out Vanessa's Challenge today :)

Hey Groovy Girls and Guys here is a link to the challenge Vanessa is holding and with time ticking you have to get busy! Look around her site because she had another challenge too to leave a birthday comment :) Easy one huh?

This is the lo I used for her cupcake challenge, but you will have to go there and read up on her delicious challenge. Good luck!

I chose

...And oh, check out hers, pretty huh?

January 26, 2010

Have you entered Marci's Challenge???

Here is her blog address which describes how she would like to see some ribbons on layouts and her example too!

Here is mine that I entered:

January 25, 2010

Celina's Birthday Challenge~Banners!

Banners are so hot right now! Celina has a challenge for us and this is her blog spot to read further: Here is the lo she made for it too :)

This is my take on it:

Birthdays and Red Hats?

How is everyone doing with their challenges for our online crop? The month of January has just slipped right past us and now here it is almost February. Don't miss your chance to enter some of the Groovy Chick challenges because they have prizes to give away ;) Anna has a challenge for us to create a layout by showing pics with lots of people so as an example here is mine.

It's a 2 pager, I just cannot stitch it together :( but it is my youngest daughter's first birthday as we celebrated in Meadows of Dan, VA with lots of people...we just did not know any of them, lol! It was fun! The Red Hat Girls were there and a band...during the day! Those mountain folk know how to spend a word day and the pizza was yummy too! P.S. Today is my daddy's 74th birthday and he hails from Galax, right down the road from this place. Any other Blue Ridge friends out there?

Head on over to see Anna here and enter her challenge which ends January 30: and here is hers to inspire you :)

January 24, 2010

Last Night's Simon Says Game

What a blast that was! If you missed it be sure to be ready to jump in next time I personally had so much fun and was so amazed at how different the layouts each turned out after using my 12 step program to the players. Here is mine to give you an idea of what it was like to play without a plan:

and because I LOVE to send RAK's out to other scrappy chicks here is the layout and name of the winner from last night:


January 23, 2010


I am calling a Simon Says Game TONIGHT on NING. Wanna come play? Come sign up to be a member and take a chance and playing for a prize. The game begins at 9pm EST and 6PM PAC. Go join the NING and look for the Birthday Bash Group which is where the items are that are needed to play this way fun and extremely groovy crop game :)

We have a GROOVY BINGO Winner!

Congrats to Donna! You won! I tried to announce her win yesterday but the goofy internet would not le me on. Sorry you guys. Wanna play a new game with me?

Come to the NING site and let's play Simon Says!!!

January 21, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Bingo Word

Had a false alarm there and thought we had a winner but it was not quite there yet so here si your afternoon word. Any takers this time?


Check your list like Santa and let me know do YOU have GROOVY?
Good luck!

Thursday Morning BINGO WORD

is....STAMPING....check that list and add this one. Is it you that will maybe win today???

Someone has to have GROOVY!

Here is all of the words that have been called and the opportunities that have been given to you for calling "GROOVY"



























*If you made and sent to me a birthday card with the word "groovy" on it then you received one extra word from your list. Go enter it in one of the DT Chicks' Birthday Bash Challenge :) 1/7 If you joined NING here and are playing in this game you earned another word. * If you create a lo using one of the words from the already called list then you had an extra chance 1/16 *Create a lo using MJ, Farrah or Patrick as inspiration by 10pm EST Sunday for an extra word! 1/17

January 20, 2010

Bing oh???

OK Girlies it looks like it is time for the next Bingo word. I seriously cannot believe there are that many words left on all of yours lists!!! Wowzer!Be sure to check the NING site where I have listed all called words or feel free to go back through each of the days previous to now. I want to make sure you did not miss any!!!

OK tonight's wonderful word is MINI.

Starting tomorrow I am calling one word in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. We will get us a winner unless this one helps someone tonight.

See at the email box, I hope :)

Wednesday Morning Bingo Word

OK faithful Bingo players it has GOT TO BE getting so close now!



Speaking of, join the NING group we have on If It's Groovy NING site because our House Repurp Guru has a f-u-n project headed our way in February. Can't wait!!!

Winnner yet???

January 19, 2010

Tuesday Night Take on Bingo...

Here is a new word for you!!! Try this one and see if you get Groovy B-i-n-g-o yet :)
CHALLENGE...which that has certainly been! LOL~Let's hear where you are in the game again ")

Tuesday Morning Word and an EXTRA Chance!

OK Groovy Friends, here is the deal. You have a new word TAG! If you make a cute tag with something froggylicious then you can cross off another one. Some over to our new NING site and look me up in the TAG GROUP and then show me that cute tag you've got going on and you will have two twoday<<<<<------get it??? LOL!

Here is my example:

January 18, 2010

Monday Evening Word

Here it is...BLOG!

Someone tell me you have GROOVY, lol! Anyone???
Good luck!!!

Monday Morning Word

Here it is...does this give someone a Bingo? Did you all choose the same word lol?!? Along with your word is a slideshow of the layouts created with OFFICE SUPPLIES as a promtp. Enjoy!

January 17, 2010

And your Nighty Night Word:

National Dental Month! Anyone yet???

Here is Your New Daytime Word

OK Groovy Bingo players...had to get to church this morning so this will be your afternoon word along with some recaps of layouts some DT members created after the passing of MJ,Farrah and Patrick in this order: Deb, Lissa, Celina Deb, Peg. Hope they can be used to inspire a layout that you create with those who are important to you that we may not know in our personal lives, but have had a bearing on our life just the same :)

You guessed it: MJ, Farrah, Patrick...

Create a lo using one of them and you can have an extra word but it has to be sent to me by tonight 10pm. Get choppin! Make it a double whammy and use the lo to enter one of the birthday challenges :)
Good luck and I will see you tonight!

January 16, 2010

Two More Chances Tonight!!!

Ready for the next word? ONE. Scratch it off :)

Wanna get ANOTHER one? By Sunday 1/17 at 12 pm EST show me a lo of yours with any one of the Groovy Bingo words on it :) It can be anwhere on the lo. Why not create a lo between now and then to enter into one of the birthday challenges? Good luck!

Word of the Morning...

OK, since we are getting closer and I cannot have but one winner I will call one word each morning, then one each night until we finish this. So this time I pulled the word FROG. Last year we celebrated National Frog Month and created layouts using that as our jump off point. Wanna see the slideshow again? Here it is with all the amazing works of art from the design teams and Groovy Friends :)

January 15, 2010

One Word Two Word

1980's and Women of History...go check your list ")

Don't forget if you sign up on our new NING site you get that extra word! Once you get there tell me you are playing by going to the BIRTHDAY BASH GROUP and looking for the Groovy Bingo game :) Need help? Let me know!

See ya there!

January 14, 2010

Need 2 More Words Today?

Sorry I could not get online to give words out yesterday, but my IE kept me from being online...Here are a few more and from this day until there is a winner I will call 2 more so get ready! There must be a winner soon!!!

Good Luck! Oh, and remember you have to EMAIL with the word GROOVY not BINGO! OK? Cool, have fun!

January 12, 2010

2 Words Still Checking Your List?

It is very INTEARESTING that not one person has called GROOVY yet!

Did you find your two words in that sentence???
Be back tomorrow with 2 more!

January 11, 2010

Re-Capping My Birthday Challenge For You

Happy Birthday If It's Groovy!!!

In case you missed it last week we are having an online crop that was extended through January 30. This is my challenge to you and a picture of the prize you may win. Ready? Scrap On!

My challenge for you:Let's celebrate growth as we do when we celebrate birthdays!
Create a layout using old pics with newer pics and a combo of b/w with color. Due date January 30. A winner will be selected by random draw using the sequence generator at

Here is the Prize!!!

B.I.N.Geeeeeeeee... little helper pooped out before we could pull words so I pulled a few and let her hold them still. Aww don't tell!

Good luck!
Zero Angles
30 Minutes

Did you sign up on the new NING site to get your freebie word the other night? For those of you who made cards to get a freebie I did receive them but my email program is in time out for misbehaving and will not allow me to do some things. I guess I will shut down and do computer updates.

January 09, 2010

What is that? You want More Words? OK!!!

OK Groovy Girls here comes the next three words. Ready? Two words you can see pics of and figure out what they are! I LOVE a puzzle and the third word can be chosen by you if you come and sign up on the new If It's Groovy NING site!!! I am so excited about this as the DT and I have been working hard to get this site up and running and we invite you all to be there with us. The online crop is taking place there too!!!

Word One:

Word Two:

Word Three: Your Choice if you sign up here:

January 07, 2010

Latest BINGO Word~Groovystyle!!!

Did you miss me yesterday to call out more words? Sorry, sometimes the regular things in life keep me from having all this fun. Eh whatcanyado?

Make up for it today and come back out to play!!!

Here are two more words for you and a way to get a freebie scratched off if you can handle this challenge...
If you email me anytime today/tonight in an email dated January 7 you can scratch off an extra word IF you send me a handmade birthday card made today with the word GROOVY written somewhere on it. You have until 11:59 EST time tonight!!! Go, chop, chop!!! groovy card in the subject!!!

January 05, 2010

New Bingo, Um,, "Groovy" Words ;

Groovy Bingo players, ya ready? Here are a few more for tonight. My helper has graciously agreed to wiggle her cute little finger into the jar and pull two tonight. Scratch them off if they are on your list and let's hear how you're progressing!

Don't forget to visit the links to your right and participate in the birthday challenges. These girls have prizes that need homes :)


Pinked Out

January 04, 2010

Time for BINGO!!!

Or should we call it GROOVY?

I will be calling three words tonight and we will call until we have a winner. The FIRST person to write to me at with the word GROOVY, not bingo, and has all of their words called wins. Easy right? We will then compare and see if they match. If the emails come in and there is more than one winner and the emails came in at the exact time we will have a tie breaker game. Let's start!!!

My little Helper has chosen the words from a jar with all the words folded up so we have:
Contests, Salad, Year! Let me know if you were able to scratch off any :) See ya tomorrow with the next ones!!!

Happy Birthday If It's Groovy!!!

Let's start this shindig and get started on some serious scrappin'!!! Ready?

My challenge for you:

Let's celebrate growth as we do when we celebrate birthdays!
Create a layout using old pics with newer pics and a combo of b/w with color. Due date January 30. A winner will be selected by random draw using the sequence generator at
Good Luck! Your Prize?

You will find many more challenges at each of these blogs, all being hostessed by members of the If It's Groovy DT with PRIZES~~~whoohoo! Please sign up to follow along on their blogs and participate in as many challenges as you can. You have until January 10 to enter each. You can email a pic to each hostess and they will explain the rest...

If you have ANY trouble email me at I will be back to my computer this afternoon!













Jen T





Jen M


January 03, 2010


Pick 20 words from this list email me with your choices at
PLEASE Put BIRTHDAY BINGO in your subject line :) Last chance to enter your words is Sunday January 3 at 11pm EST!!!
Good Luck!!!
(p.s.picture coming soon to show what you're playing for)

Funny Face
Zero Angles
National RAK Month
Office Supplies
30 Minutes
National Dental Month
Women of History
Pinked Out
MJ, Farrah and Patrick
2 Page Layouts

January 02, 2010

Contest, Yep, Another One! CLOSED

Would you like to be a Groovy Girl? I think everyone has a little groovy inside so here is the contest this time. Add this little button (which is not clickable)to your website or blog and leave me a link here, then you will be entered into a contest to win a Fiskars Corner Rounder and more goodies!!! It punches clean every time and is lots of fun to play with!!!

Celebrate, Celebrate with our Card Team

As we start getting ready for our Birthday Bash on January 4th we think birthday cards. The Card team chose "bling" as a theme to design their cards. Let's see what they have come up with. Interesting how Jen T and Niki_Ray both chose "celebrate" as their title word and that Peg and Nicole both chose the same colors for their cards!

I also would like to welcome back to our card team, Niki_Ray Bass! Welcome Home!

Jen T




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