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June 30, 2010

A Dandy Doodling Kelly

This month Kelly is sharing a doodled layout. Doodling can be intimidating to so many just doing it on their scrapbook paper, but Kelly took it to another level by doodling ON her pictures. Read about the important cause and about her layouts below.

In the words of Kelly:

I dare you to doodle. I know that many of my photos are not works of art. In fact, many of them have been saved by a smidge from being deleted. But, being a scrapbooker, I think like a scrapbooker. Sometimes, there are events that I want to capture and remember and the photos are “OK”. This layout is one of those events.

There was an “Extreme Make-over Home Edition” type event in a nearby town. A house was renovated for a single mom with 3 children. Two of the children have cerebral palsy and use wheelchairs. The event became an episode of Dateline NBC that aired a couple of months ago. As part of the original event, there was a “thank-you” concert that my daughter was part of. These pictures fell into that “OK” category. I doodled the title of the page. I doodled around the page. I even doodled on the photo. Yes, ON the photo. That boring, beige wall isn’t so boring anymore. Go ahead…I dare you to doodle.

Be sure to give a visit to her blog if you have a chance to stop by . You can get there by a click of this link or look on the left margin of this blog for her picture on her purple layout where you can just click that to go see her site:)

June 27, 2010

Closer Look at Photobooths

This challenge this month has been so much fun! I hope that you find inspiration in the layouts that follow and create your own photobooth layout. I am showing three of my own I loved it so much, lol! If you would like to complete a layout for this challenge and be entered for a chance at the prize please send in your entries to or leave a link here by June 30. you have a few more days :)

Here they are close up:

Jami Lynn

June 24, 2010

Kitties are Everywhere! Want one or two???

Happy Adopt-A-Cat Month®!
Have you ever walked into the already crowded shelters in your area and seen the many kitty faces peeking out from the cages? I have and it is so hard to see. Design team member Heather portays that very well in her image.

I asked the other Groovy "Cat People" Chicks to participate in this celebration by hand doodling a kitty picture. Want to see what we came up with? Here is mine...
There were no restrictions so Kelly and then Darlene actually turned theirs into cards.

And how cute is Natalie's kitty playing in a bag? Mine do that and then wait for someone to come by to "play" with them!

Please visit your locality and see if you can provide a loving home to a furry little kitty or an older cat that could have so much life left to share with a special someone. Here is a link to the Humane Society website as well as the ASPCA who participate in the Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat program this month too.
For fun here are lyrics to The Aristocats by Maurice Chevalier,Richard M. Sherman, and Robert B. Sherman respectively because all felines would love to be treated as in this song. Meow!!!

Which pet's address
Is the finest in Paris?
Which pet possess
The longest pedigree?
Which pets get to sleep
On velvet mats?
Naturalment! The aristocats!

Which pets are blessed
With the fairest forms and faces?
Which pets know best
All the gentle social graces?
Which pets live
On cream and loving pats?
Naturalment! The aristocats!

They show aristocratic bearing
When they're seen
Upon an airing
And aristocratic flair
In what they do
And what they say!

Aristocats are never found
In alleyways or hanging around
The garbage cans where
Common kitties play, oh no

Which pets are known
To never show their claws?
Which pets are prone
To hardly any flaws?
To which pets do the others
Tip their hats?
Naturalment! The aristocats!

They show aristocratic bearing
When they're seen
Upon an airing
And aristocratic flair
In what they do
And what they say!

Aristocats are never found
In alleyways or hanging around
The garbage cans where
Common kitties play, oh no

Naturalment! Naturalment!
Oh, naturalment!
The aristocats!

June 21, 2010

Let's GO!

It is summer and I know what that means!!! THE BEACH!!! Here is a lo I created for my Delta Omega Tau sister's 8x8 circle journal where her theme was Favorite Vacation spot. Wilmington, NC a definate go to spot if you have not tried it there yet :)

June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day to ALL the Daddios

What a year it has been. Some very complicating things began on January 1st in my personal life with my dad. He let me know he was facing a severe health crisis and from that moment on I started falling apart. My dad, like so many other dads is the one I go to for serious advice and I know how blessed I have been to have him and my mother too :) After many months of struggle and hospital time, surgery, many doctor visits and an upcoming surgery again, my daddy is on the mend. I am so thankful for the MANY prayers that made it up to Heaven on behalf of my earthly father and grateful to be able to say Happy Father's Day Daddy, with Luv, your little girl ;) Deborah♥

p.s. these are a few pics from before the new year when Daddy was having ice cream with my little girl :) Can we say spoiled? A little? LOL!

June 18, 2010

Cacie's "Tomorrow"

Taking pictures of loved ones, especially children when they are not looking is especially fun for me. Children look so innocent even when they are not looking directly into the camera. We can capture all the "little" things about them as Cacie did here. Her layout is gorgeous!


I am in love with Garth Brooks and all of his wonderful songs... but one of his best songs in my eyes is "If Tomorrow Never Comes..." I took this picture of my daughter when we were playing in the wildflowers...

With a toddler it seems I have more "odd" pictures then good ones... She is either looking off somewhere or turns right when I "click" so I decided I was going to find a way to use these pictures in a positive way in my scrapbook... This picture shows the sunset in front of her and the wildflowers at her feet... the journaling is the lyrics from Garth's song... mixed with some scrap that I had and a few stitches. This made for a wonderful layout!

I think a great challenge for everyone would be to take that "odd" photo and make a wonderful layout out of it!

June 17, 2010

Grab Some Paint!

Paint comes in many forms and it is one of the must underused mediums in scrapbooking. Let me show you some really great layouts made by Sweetheart Designers Jami Lynn, Alison and Heather. If it is a rainy day break yours out! Come by and leave a link showing us what You do with your paint :) We'd love to see it!

June 16, 2010

Save Your Package Inserts!

Some companies have been so kind in our efforts to be a better "green" scrapping society by creating packaging that can be reused. Have you noticed that lately? I hope so because we as scrappers really have the potential to create a lot of waste. Be sure to check your new products to see if you can add anything to your projects.

In this layout I did exactly as I mentioned and used the insert. All I needed was my favorite Pinking Sheers from Fiskars and also my heart shaped Hand Punch, also a Fiskars product. and PRESTO! an embellie :)


June 15, 2010

Let Your Girl Shine!

Darlene has made a wonderful layout based on a sketch by Julie Bonner (Thanks Julie for always sharing your sketch talent)for us to see this month with her little dollbaby. So pretty! So shiny! I think most little girls love anything that has glitz involved :) Read on to hear what Darlene has to tell us about the making of her layout...

A challenge set by fellow IIG gal, Vanessa, a few weeks was to use the colors aqua/teal blue, lime green, black, and white, to use 2-3 flowers on the layout, use some kind of glitter/sparkle, and lastly to use the title of a song from the 50's or 60's as the title of my own layout. Sounds like a challenge right!? It was so fun putting together all of these elements on a single layout.

I enjoyed these colors together so much! The brightness and sprinkles in the background paper made me feel happy while I was making it. :) I handstitched the sewed border around the big circle with a mix of white and blue thread.I thought the thickness and varying colors of the thread showed really well on this. I have not yet decided if I will fill in the strips of journaling just yet- I might need to search for the perfect poem first. :) I used a wonderful sketch by Julie Bonner to create the overall design for this layout.

June 09, 2010

Faithbooking Phillipians 4:13

Have you heard a beautiful verse from the bible today? Here is one that is always a source of inspiration Phillippians 4:13 KJV: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Maybe you too can use it as Marci, Anna and Vanessa did on their layouts...

June 08, 2010

Etsy Visit with Zuk

One of our Groovy Chicks would like to invite us over to her new Etsy...Read on...

My name is Andrea Slee (aka Zuk) and I've been a 2 page designer for If It's Groovy for over 6 months. I love scrapbooking and have been into arts and crafts my whole life. I even managed a year of college in fashion design. I love trying new techniques and making my own embellishments for my pages, so I decided to open up my own etsy shop.

Everything I sell I make with my own two hands and I'm happy to do any custom orders you might have.Right now I have alot of different flowers in many sizes and colors and a few summer embellishments. I draw on inspiration from everywhere and anywhere but especially from nature. So if you're looking for some unique embellishments come check out my store. Be sure to check back often as there's still lots of products I have in the making.


Here is the address:

Wishing Andrea the best of luck with her Etsy shoppe!

June 06, 2010

Junk it Up!

Do you ever have leftovers in the scrap room and just do not know what to do with them? I say Junk it Up! That's what I did with this layout. I randomly grabbed things from my containers and punched moi-self out with a Fiskars Lever Punch, added some doodles, then Presto a junky page that was F-U-N! Give it a try~there is a lot of freedom when creating like this!!!


June 01, 2010

June Photobooth Challenge

This month we celebrate and create using filmstrips. Some of us found photobooths to pop in and out of, did some digging and found old photobooth pics that needed a scrapbook page home, and others created their own. Whichever works for you, give it a try and please come back here with a link or email so you can be entered into a drawing where one winner will receive a box-o-goodies from me :) Enter by June 30 11pm EST.

The winner will be announced on July 1 and she will have 30 days to respond with a USA mailbox address. Thanks and enjoy!

May's Groovy Challenge Winner

Congrats to Amy! She was the winner of last month's Shadow Challenge and this is her very cool layout :) Please contact me within 30 days to claim your prize :) Thanks to all who were able to play!

Come play the June Photobooth Challenge located here:

How I Spent the Memorial Holiday

How I spent Memorial Day 2010:
1.Bathe Dog/Comb her and the kitties
2.Bathe Me
3.Gas Station $2.49 per gallon
4.Tuesday Morning
5.Khols to return broken sunglasses :(
6.Panera for fresh Asiago Demi to bring home
7.T.G.I.Fridays for lunch with Hubby and our Girls
8.Walmart YUK!
9.Ben Franklin for some GLUE DOTS!
10.Parents came over
11.Bake Homemade Pizzas: Spinach Alfredo for me!
12.Wash dishes~eww!
13.Zentangle with Katelyn
14.Play Slingo with Katelyn
15.Blog, Facebook and work on slideshows
16. Say good night, Good Night! Love You!

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