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October 20, 2018

5 Years

Dear IIG Readers,

A lot has changed since my last post here on the IIG Blog. I had lost my mom when I felt like I had to say goodbye to the blog world. Since then I lost my dad. then my older sister followed. Countless pets and then a stillborn daughter born to my daughter. Loss is hard for me.


 I need to change the trajectory of my life because my scrapbooking has been my outlet and even that was taken from me. My ability to be creative was just missing. I miss IIG and I miss one of my favorite scrappy websites that closed during this period of time too,  the Fiskars Fiskateer website where I had so many creative friends to share and participate with.

TODAY I am breaking through the dark cloud and playing again! If you are still here, HELLO! Say hi and share with me how you've been. You just can't know how much it means to me to have arty friends across the world who share in this passion!

See you soon!

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