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December 23, 2008

In my email box this morning I found a message from Creative Imaginations showing bracelets made from buttons! I try to aim to be a scrapbooker who thinks outside of the box, but that is a little too out there for me, still I do think it is pretty darn cute enough to be considered groovy! I give it the stamp eu de groovyness for sure!


  1. I've seen these made up at my LSS..they are cute, but wouldn't wear them! :)

  2. Your blog is fun and Ken does look mod LOL. Best of luck in this new adventure. Donna

  3. Cute. Love the flower one. Did they say how the buttons are attached to each other?

  4. Ahhhh.... but Deborah, would you have worn it in say, 1969 or 70? I would have. It's pretty cute.

  5. I'm lovin the song!..Groovydoodles


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