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March 05, 2009

Celebrating Grandmother Cornelia

As an avid Genealogist I was so excited the day I was able to get my hands and scrap supplies onto a picture of my great grandmother, affectionately known as "Neillie". If I had a dollar for each time I heard my mother say "Grandma had a feather bed that I loved sleeping in" then I would be rich! She always has followed that part of the story with another about her having hot irons that she tucked into the bedsheets to keep their feet warm. I am sure that she would love the many inventions that have happened since her days that are much more efficient in keeping warm. I also have to mention that Momma loved her grandma's fried potatoes. The things kids remember!

I celebrate Grandmother Cornelia today. She raised her children, but unfortunately left too early for me to ever have a chance to know her. She passed away when my mom was only 11 years old, but her memory remained in the hearts of those who knew and adored her. To you Neillie!


  1. How awesome! Genealogy is great. I've been tracing my mom's side for many years. Don't have alot of resources to go by since I'm fairly a newbie with it. But I love old photos and love being able to scrapbook them!

  2. love the texture and gorgeous, rich colors! beautiful heritage page ;)

  3. This is one stunning LO girlfriend!


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