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March 25, 2009

Celebrating "Molly"

Back in Junior High school Tammy Jo and I met sitting on the football field and forever hit it off! I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. We were talking about the boy I liked (Joe) and her love interest Ronnie. That conversation began a lifelong friendship. We don't see each other today like we should ARE YOU LISTENING G/F but that does not mean we are not still the best of friends. She married only a few days after we graduated and I was in her wedding. I remember thinking that she was crazy for getting married already; however she is still married, doing well with grown twin daughters that she is completely devoted to and a business. Tammy will forever be "Molly" to me and I will be "Pink" to her since we loved Molly Hatchet and Pink Floyd and I am just hoping that one day when life is not so crazy that we can find the time to re-experience all the fun we had as kids. I celebrate you today Molly. Rock on!

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