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March 11, 2009

Celebrating The Mrs. Wilson

My niece, The Mrs. Wilson deserves to be in the limelight a little bit for the woman she has become. Last May she married her sweetheart who was home on leave from Iraq. With only two weeks together they celebrated their marriage by taking a trip back to see his parents in MI and then he brought her back home where they set up the remaining bits of their apartment she had already started while he was away.

Marriage is so incredibly hard and I speak from experience as my 15th wedding anniversary is in less than one month. Mrs. Wilson had to endure quite a bit in these last 10+ months. She began her first year of marriage with her husband sitting many miles away fighting for our country. I think that it is difficult in the first year and then add that type of stress and it must have been hard. She made it through, he is home safely, THANK GOD, and they have just started their life together as a married couple.

Kudos Mrs. Wilson , you did it and it could not have been easy, but you proved it can be done. May you have many, many blessed years together and may God keep you two safely together, happy in each other's arms where you should be :)

Auntie D

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