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March 23, 2009

Celebrating Susie AND Lila

Becuase my mom's aunts were much older than me I did not have the priveledge of getting to know them well, but for the small amount of time that I did get that chance I was graced. These women came up during times when women were married very young and raised big families. One sister did and one sister did not. Susie was not able to have children but Lila had many and I know based on the small amount of time I was around Susie that she had to have been an excellent aunt to her nieces and nephews. Such kind women the both of them were. This picture is of them when they were much older in age and sitting together. The other photo is Susie as a young vibrant and beautiful woman and I think the picture is just lovely(left) and her big sister Lila who is on the right.I celebrate these kind hearted sisters today!

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