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March 02, 2009

Celebrating Grandmother Alverta

This is my great grandmother Alverta standing in the center of this photo. As we celebrate National Women' History Montth I choose to celebrate Grandma Vertie for the woman she was. She raised many children while surviving in the cold Virginia mountains. I have been told that she was as sweet as sugar and that she always managed to find a little bit of candy to share with her grandkids. Here is to you Grandma Vertie for the hard work, for surviving the odds, for being a wonderful mother and grandmother and for being You! I would love to have known you!
Sincerely and with much love, your Grandchild


  1. Wow!! I too will celebrate my grandmother this month!!

  2. Michelle McDonald #2068March 02, 2009

    What a wonderful picture! I have recently been getting some older pictures from my mother and i just love to scrap them!

  3. What a great old Pic. I love it. I have a pic of my grandmother I have been waiting for ages to do. I will mail it to you when i get it done. Groovy Challange. :0) Charlotte

  4. Hey Deb...

    Thanks SO MUCH for encouraging me to do this challenge about my sister. Here it is...

    I'm so glad I created it... it was definitely a story that needed to be told. :-)

    Hugs ♥

  5. This is very inspiring.. Thank you so much!! Here is my entry for the challenge


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