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April 11, 2009

Meet Jackie Torres Resident Digi Artist

Come and say hello to our awe-inspiring Jackie T and let's get to know her a little bit shall we?

Hi I'm Jackie Torres, originally from Puerto Rico and now transformed into a Jersey Girl!... In 2000 I married my very own prince charming Manuel and relocated to states (New Jersey) with no friends or relatives @ all! One winter about 3 years ago I was walking the ailes of one of those big Craft Stores and saw a little box full of scrapbooking materials! by that time the only thing I knew about scrapbooking was that scissors were made to cut paper!!:not much!! I know! But the moment I opened that box I was in Love with this fabulous hobby! Little by little I moved from traditional to Digi and everything in between!! Now I enjoy both worlds!! The best thing of this Scrapbooking journey is that I have been able connect and meet people that I would never ever meet in any other way! this hobby give me the best gift of all!Friendship!!and you can not buy that with a Master Card! On my professional life I'm an Industrial Eng and I work for the pharmaceutical business.... yes I develop new Drugs!! but is very boring!!I'm the proud Mom of two handsome boys Luis (16y) and Frankie (20Y) and My beautiful Yorkie (Gigi).In my scrapbooking world I enjoy creating LO about everyday life stuff, My family and Nature! My style is very Eclectic..I love the old and new...very trendy!so you will also see a mix of all that on my LO's, which I hope you will like!! It is a pleasure to be part of If it Groovy Dige Team and I'm sure we will have tons of fun tougher! Looking forward to see you all!
Jackie Torres




  1. Such a great lo. I love the bright colors in the girl. Fantastic

  2. Wow Jackie! This is one GROOVY layout you made girl. I LOVE your style!


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