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April 22, 2009

Where'd Ya Go?

Today is Wednesday, Earth Day, April 22, 2009 so that means it is is Where'd Ya Go Wednesday? Tell us about a place you visited in the past week. I love to travel and experience new things so nothing is too small!


  1. I had the pleasure of experiencing an interfaith ceremony last night, although it was for a serious and sad moment. This interfaith service took place in a Jewish synogogue where my daughter and her drama class were there to perform dressed as children from the ghetto of the Holocaust. Each of the songs they sang were in Yiddish nd there was a speaker there who is said to be the youngest living survivor in our area who was a child during the Holocaust. It was a moving experience to hear him tell the story of his childhood. It was also a moving exprience to hear the names of many children who died during this horrific time and read by our children. I liked the message it sent which was to not allow prejudice and hate in our lives and it made me much more aware of so much.

  2. This weekend we suprised our families by driving 10 hours for a birthday party in Kansas City Missouri. It was great and the expressions on thier face was priceless. XoXo Niki_Ray

    More about my story on my photo blog :) I talk alot :P

  3. On Saturday we went to Cairo, Ga to a motorcross event. It was in memory of the owners son who was killed 5 years earlier. It made me remember to kiss my kids everyday. It was an amazing celebration. But so hard to think of how their lives have changed since the day their son died. Enjoy life everyday!! We never know how many days we have left!!

  4. The only place I went was to the airport to pick up my husband. I know. Not very exotic but it's the truth.

  5. I had to take my kids to a birthday party... they had a blast. I think I kind of liked it too. lol Have a great day!!!

  6. least you went somewhere! this week my only exotic outings were from home to work and backwards! Its has been a crazy week at much time for fun this week ! but I 'm looking forward to the weekend weather as in Jersey we expect 80 degrees on Saturday! Finally!! some warm weather

  7. I walked to the park with the kiddos today and then came home and made belgim cookies and bran muffins.

  8. Oh I should also say that my church celebrated its Tenth anniversary. Cool aye.


  9. I went to a local wonder called Shoshone Falls its a 212 ft. drop of the Snake River here in Idaho! They release water from the dam every spring and it was a sight! I got some lovely photos!


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