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April 29, 2009

Where'd Ya go?

Did you go anywhere this past week that you will share with us? I had the pleasure of going to the zoo somewhat close to my area with my daughter's preschool. We had a good day! Here are a few shots that I took while there:


  1. Oh cool! We went to the zoo this weekend to here in Ky

  2. I went for a 2 hour walk with my daughter by the Ontario lake on Sunday. We came face to face with a red fox. It was so cool!!

  3. I Love the zoo. We yousto go to the Metro Zoo in Miami when we lived there. Fun day trip!!

  4. We had a big yard sale on Saturday and made lots of money!! Sunday I went to Church with dad and then went to dinner with friends!!

    My kids are too old to go to the zoo!! Or atleast that is what they say:( I would love to go again.

  5. On Friday 4/24 my daughter and I drove about an hour north to Mt. Vernon Washington to visit the tulip festival. We had the most wonderful day, beautiful weather, no schedule and lots to see. You can visit my blog to see some pics!

  6. we went to the butterfly house at the local university last friday, it was really fun. they allow you to put a bit of honey on your finger and then the butterflies will sit on your finger and eat the honey off. my daughter loved it!! i have photos up on my blog. :)


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