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May 12, 2009

It's Take Two TwoZday

Hey there PhotoBugZ!!! Whoo, I love Tuezdays!!!

Grab a pen, a favorite journal and your camera! Today is the day you are prompted to do everything in twoz.


Take One: Take a picture of something Yummy!!! Here is my example from my fruit bowl...

Take Two: Take a picture of something Yucky!!!
Now this was the same day and off of my sandwich from Chanello's...Like I said...YUCKY!!! Notice I said "off" my sandwich. I took that picture to the owner and he replaced both my dinner and Kevin's so all is good but hear ya go-go...

I can hear you all saying EEEEWWWWWW!!! Leave me a link or send me a pic at and I will show the world your yummy/yucky pics too :)

A few weeks ago I asked PhotoBugZ to go outside and look up and look down. Our Card Artist Niki took my challenge and here is what she came up with and what she had to say about her take one and take two:
"Ok looking up on this rainy two for Tuesday I see rain clouds and green trees. If you stand outside you hear nothing but the sounds of all the birds in these trees. Fun to listen and just watch the different types of birds out here. While taking this pic a saw a yellow and black finch. Was very cool to take a moment and just listen. So one guess what all this rain means.........It means I need a LAWN BOY!!!! Look at this yard...Man oh man I need to buy a lawn mower!!! I love all the green its great but wow.. that is some serious grass my poor dog lol or maybe a goat or a cow they eat grass right?"


  1. Okay, that tomato (is that what it is?) looks horribly disgusting! I'm SO glad you saw that before you bit into it! YUCK!
    (glad you got a free meal out of it, too)

  2. Hey!! I need to try this...Lets do it again!! I'm going to see what I can find!! I might get some cool pictures!!


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