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May 13, 2009

Where'd Ya Go Wednesday

Hi! Did you have a fun week? Where'd ya go? I had to go with my husband to see a neuro doc and see them give him an electrical shock treatment. It was weird!!! He is having some serious issues in his elbow and arm and this was a nerve test. We are waiting for results.

So did you go somewhere fun or uh nerve-racking(no pun intended, lol)?


  1. Hey Ya'll! I had a wonderful weekend!! It an I posted all my Pics on my photo blog check it out at :

    XoXo Niki_Ray

  2. I got to go fun places because it was my son's b-day! Went to the park to take pictures and then out to dinner at our fave Chinese buffet where they know us. :D

    I think I had the test like your husband did once, they were testing to see if a herniated disk in my neck was causing some finger numbness. Put electrodes all over me and gave me little shocks!

  3. Well, we went to see the new Star Trek movie Friday night. Then Saturday we went to 2 dance recitals and my son had prom. Sunday was Mother's day and I enjoyed the day.

  4. I didn't go many places! I did take my Mom out for dinner on Mother's Day...we had a wonderful dinner and a cannoli for dessert! YUM!!!

  5. Hummm! My week hasen't been too excited!! But my hopes are up....I know soon it will better!! as next week is memorial day..and I'm already planning dome fun things to with my Hubby and Kids


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