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July 11, 2009

Saying goodbye to MJ

Jackie, Lissa, Celina, Charlotte and I have all used one of Michael Jackson's songs as inspiration to create these layouts and a card. Jackie,Lissa and Celina are each loving Rock with You and I chose P.Y.T. and Charlotte chose Smile, MJ's favorite song :) We show our support to the many fans of MJ and send our condolences to his family as they go through this time.

Michael Jackson has been such an icon and for most of my life I have known his music. I remember that on the fourth floor of our house I would play the "Off the Wall" album over and over again, dancing all over the place careful not to skip the record :) So sad to see his star fade.

Rest in Peace Michael.

P.Y.T. was such a popular song around the time I was leaving high school and I thought it would be the perfect little title for my little baby layout who is a pretty young thing :)

Lissa: Lead Sketch Artist "Rest in Peace and be at peace!"

Jackie: Digi Artist
I made this LO using a photo of a Toby Mac concert...but I thought it goes so well with the "meaning" of what Michael legacy represent for me. His music was something out of this world, it trespassed generations and impact the entire music industry. I grew-up listing and dancing his music and why not..also dancing Triller!! and who doesn't right? But more that all that he raised awareness for social causes around the globe. He helped many children around the world and his legacy will never be forgotten.
Some important facts about Michael and his legacy
1. Michael started his music career at age 5
2. Owns the world’s best selling album, “Thriller”. Thevolume of 104 million copies created the Guinness’s record in 2006.
3. first singer from America and Europe to perform in Asia
4. Michael Jackson’s unique dance, Moon Walk, became a classic model

Celina: Lead Sweethearts Artist
I loved to dance to his music when I was young. The first scrapbook I ever made was of all the MJ stuff I could get my hands on. I think it started my love for scrapping. He made a great impact on this world and helped many children.

He will be missed.

Charlotte:Lead Alter Artist


  1. Wonderful Layouts Ladies!!

    R.I.P MJ!

  2. Great LO's!! I too danced to his music all the time. I have an old scrapbook full of MJ stuff. I need to dig it out and put it in a better book. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on. I may not have agreed with everything he did, but he did help many children in this world!

  3. Great LOs everyone. I forgot to make send in my thing about why I did this card. MJ made a song called the way you make me feel so.... I made a you make me feel Happy card. :0)

  4. beautiful MJ work ladies!!!!

  5. Great job ladies. I truly hope Michael has found the peace he so desperately sought here on Earth.


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