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July 06, 2009

Groovy Green Goddess Crowned!!!

After perusing many green layouts, pictures, and bios, our first annual Groovy Green Goddess has been selected. Meet Christina and learn about her adventure in "Going Green"and how she is making a difference in her community and every day life. And now without further adieu...

Meet Christina Ouellette

Groovy Green Goddess

My name’s Christina and I love scrapbooking! However, I have yet to figure out how to make a career out of it, so I work full time as a clinical pharmacist in the Hepatology department at MCV. My “green” journey started a little over a year ago. I have always been a huge recycler and convinced many others to do the same, but I decided to take it a few steps further... I first started looking into taking the bus to work when gas prices hit almost $4 a gallon. I discovered an express park-n-ride less than two miles away and was so excited to tell my husband about it. Imagine my shock, when he asked me to just “shut up”! He had much better news-our social worker had called and we had been matched with a beautiful baby boy in Korea. Our long adoption journey was about to come to an amazing end. With our new addition came added expenses, which were not improved when my husband’s company went under in February. We quickly needed to find ways to cut back. We realized with all of our recycling that we were accumulating very little trash. We cancelled our service and now split a service with our neighbors. Early spring we planted our first garden and can now enjoy fresh produce every day. To keep the garden looking rich, we started composting, which further cut down our trash. My next “green” venture will be to get my son out of Pull-ups and on to big boy underwear, making my trash almost non-existent. We also have a fall garden plan to keep the vegetables coming until winter. I just discovered today that I can purchase my bus passes pre-tax, making “go green, ride purple” even more affordable! I would love to hear the many ways everyone else is “going green” :)

Look for further info to come from Christina as she travels down the green path and shares that with all of us! Thanks to all of the ladies who tried for this position! It is so nice to know that so many are Earth-friendly!


  1. Wow, your story is so inspireing. I really enjoyed reading your story about your adventure. I love it. congrats on the baby too. I know it makes all of the sacrifice worth it. Loved the story!!! :0)

  2. very cool congrats green girl!!

  3. Congratulations to you! You are in inspiration to us all.

  4. Congrats Christina!! Way to go!!

  5. Christina it is so great to hear that you are doing your part in this big world we live in. If all took after you would could make these an even better place. I also recycle the three..paper , plastic and glass. I also alter items and give them as gifts to my friends and family. I am also a mother of three and with that comes clothes and lots of we "hand me down" and the boys love it. Keeps it out of the landfilled longer. I am going to make a promise to you as our green godess that I will adopt another "Green" Friendly habit. I will share it with the group soon. Again Congrats on being the Green Godess and Great LO!!!! XoXo Niki_Ray

  6. congrats to our groovy green goddess! thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Congrats to you!!!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing all the things you do to be green!! Congrats!! I cannot wait to grow our fall garden this year!

  9. Michelle #2068July 08, 2009


  10. Well Done Christina!! Great Queen!

  11. AnonymousJuly 09, 2009

    congrats to you our groovy green goddess!!!

  12. Congrats girl!!!! You should be proud...what a fun accomplishment!

  13. Thanks for "playing" and congratulations! You are an inspiration!

  14. What a great story! Congratulations on being crowned and thanks for sharing with us!


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