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August 10, 2009

Our latest Pieces & Parts Designer

Meet Katie Turner! I asked her to be my next Pieces & Parts Designer, then mailed her some very random supplies from leftovers I had. Lo and behold she managed to create several projects from those goodies and I made a new friend in the process. Check her out! Thanks for participating Katie!!!

***Note to self***
Never throw anything away when someone else can use it to create works of art

Katie Turner was born in Berlin, Germany in 1987 -- right in the heart of a very artsy district. She's been creating art since she could pick up a marker and currently lives and works in the midwest. She is largely self-taught in areas from web design to scrapbooking and doesn't believe in mistakes.
She's been scrapping the "modern" way since 2006, but has cut and paste various pictures into blank books since she was in elementary school, really getting into the scrapbook craze once she turned 13.
Some of her favorite things include, but are not limited to: Chicago, indie music, food, art of all kinds, the internet, graphic design, her zune & sidekick 3, book & record stores, shows, constantly learning & evolving.
Check out her creative blog at and her web-based portfolio at

Thanks again. I really had fun with this and it's an honor to be included with all the talented artists featured on your blog!

Sooooooooooo, I asked KAtie "What makes YOU a Groovy Chick?"

Here is her response that I can totally relate to, lol!

"What makes me a groovy chick? I'm totally free-spirited and would be a hippie if I weren't so addicted to the Internet, of course. ;)"

Wall Hanging Layout AND ATC's!


  1. Hi Katie! You did a great job using just pieces. I'm glad you joined IIG.

  2. What a great idea, she is so inspiring!

  3. Hi and welcome to the team! Your work is wonderful, and you will make a nice addition to If It's Groovy.

  4. Welcome, Welcome, To the team.. I just love your style. If you don't throw anything away.. you would LOVE my scrap shack.. it is full of EVERYTHING. lol

  5. Great job Katie. I would love to do this also. - Marla#3291

  6. Great Job Katie! I always love to see what can be created with odds and ends and assorted scraps.

  7. awesome work! thanks for the inspiration! jen t.

  8. I would love to give this a try fiskateer 6505

  9. Great job...your creations are fabulous!

  10. Love what Katie created! This is such a great idea! Often from scraps come the most beautiful pieces of art!

  11. Ooops...I meant Eva #4278...

  12. Welcome to If It's Groovy! Loving your bits and pieces projects! Wonderful...

  13. Very cool stuff! Lori, Fiskateer #5613

  14. Great job Katie! This is the kind of creations I do best and I would love to get a random mailing. Thanks Deborah. Sandy #1781

  15. Hey there, Congrats Katie. Hope you enjoy your new job as the new Pieces and Parts Designer. Great job with your LO's as well.
    Rosalee #5977

  16. Love what you did, Katie! Wonderful projects that you came up with.
    Deb--great idea and so inspiring with the pieces and parts.
    Lesa #5200

  17. Nice job, Katie! Love that photo of the cat with the glasses!

  18. Great stuff!! My fav is the LO with your kitty wearing shades!!! LOL!

    Charity #6271

  19. This sounds like a lot of fun, and Katie set a good example of using scraps. Love your style Katie. Now I am off to go check out Katie's blog.

  20. Fiskateers ID 3485
    Forgot this in my last post.

  21. everyone, thank you so much for your sweet comments! i love being part of if it's groovy. :)


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