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October 28, 2009

Come to the Haunted BIRD House???

Kristin really went all out decorating. She mentioned to me that her hubby loves Halloween well now I bet the birds in her neighborhood are having a smashing time too! Check it out...


  1. Cool bird house!
    My feeds have gone all up the wazoo so checking them all. It hasn't updated for MONTHS!!! so re bookmarked and Atom fed it this time. Hopefully it says... Love seeing all the work here. Vanessa! Hi so great to see a Faithbooking artist still on here. Love it

  2. What an adorable bird house!

  3. Too cool! I can just see some black swallow coming out of it!

  4. I love this idea. My grandmother hangs birdhouses out for every season. I am sure she would love a Halloween birdhouse. I might just make her one. Thanks for the idea!!! Yours is beautiful, in a scary way! lol!

  5. awesome job w/the spooky birdhouse! LUV it! : ]


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