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November 17, 2009

What Can 10¢ Get Ya in Scrapbooking???

I LOVE books! Do you? Do you have a collection of very worn out, broken down books sitting on the shelf that have been read a thousand times since you were little or to your own children? It is time to repurpose and I am going to show you how! Read on...

I was at my local library when I found this really cute book for 10¢

I started thinking about how I could use this book without adding to my totes and totes of already loved books. I borrowed a friend's CM circle punch and added it to these items:

In case you don't have one of those purple punches it is a punch that well, punches two little holes to resemble those found inside a button.

I opened that well worn book and punched out some cute little pictures, see?

I then coated them several times in the Paper Glaze to make them a bit more stiff and punched them right in the middle to look like buttons. After they were completely dry I put embroidery floss through one of them and added it to my elf button to add to this layout. Easy right? One of a kind buttons too!

Here is another example of what I used my "buttons" for. I recently had a class with local kids and made a paper bag album using Snow White as my inspiration and then what I did was chose pics from the story of Snow White to add to my album here also turning the buttons over to expose some words from the story too. TFL and remember to every thing there is a season and when that season is finished find a new one :)


  1. Super cool! I'll have to try this!

  2. I love this idea. I also would be interested in being part of your bits and pieces challenge

  3. I love this idea too! I would also like to be part of the challenge posted on the fiskateers board, You have a really cool blog, I really enjoy it. Thanks, Mary #5509

  4. Okay. This is the most FUN and CLEVER idea I have seen in ages!! I fell in love with some buttons like this from a well-known designer and it never even occured to me to make my own! THANK YOU!

  5. Your LO looks great. I think the buttons are a great idea. They are so versatile and you really touched on a key technique when you added strength to them with paper glaze. There are so many "toppings" that will add neat effects to these buttons as well as allow us to be a little "rough" with them. The results are endless. I like using pieces of text from books and I am inspired to make these buttons. Thanks

  6. What an extremely creative idea!

  7. what a cool, innovative idea! will definitely be checking out what my library has to offer the next time I visit-thanks for the tip! ; ]

  8. Amazing embellies, Deb! I can not wait to steal this idea!


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