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January 17, 2010

Here is Your New Daytime Word

OK Groovy Bingo players...had to get to church this morning so this will be your afternoon word along with some recaps of layouts some DT members created after the passing of MJ,Farrah and Patrick in this order: Deb, Lissa, Celina Deb, Peg. Hope they can be used to inspire a layout that you create with those who are important to you that we may not know in our personal lives, but have had a bearing on our life just the same :)

You guessed it: MJ, Farrah, Patrick...

Create a lo using one of them and you can have an extra word but it has to be sent to me by tonight 10pm. Get choppin! Make it a double whammy and use the lo to enter one of the birthday challenges :)
Good luck and I will see you tonight!

1 comment:

    This is my response to the Bingo LO challenge for tonight. I am also emailing Amy as he has on a birthday hat ( I know it is a stretch...) but I need those words!


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