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January 07, 2010

Latest BINGO Word~Groovystyle!!!

Did you miss me yesterday to call out more words? Sorry, sometimes the regular things in life keep me from having all this fun. Eh whatcanyado?

Make up for it today and come back out to play!!!

Here are two more words for you and a way to get a freebie scratched off if you can handle this challenge...
If you email me anytime today/tonight in an email dated January 7 you can scratch off an extra word IF you send me a handmade birthday card made today with the word GROOVY written somewhere on it. You have until 11:59 EST time tonight!!! Go, chop, chop!!! groovy card in the subject!!!


  1. None again.... still just my 2 from the first post... :(

  2. None for me this time.

  3. I got none again. Pretty kitty!

  4. I had one from this set, one from the last set, and two from the first set. I e-mailed you a groovy card for a "freebie". Your cat is so cute; but what happened to your other adorable helper???

  5. bummer...I don't have either of those words on my Groovy Bingo sheet, but what a cute kitty you have! : ]

  6. Got none today.Have only 3 words marked of so far.that is a cute kitty.


  7. Deb- not sure anyone will have ALL their words at this rate. ;)

  8. Got one more! Listen, you're going to have to get that cat to do a little magic! Not doing so great here!!LOL


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