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February 28, 2010

Ending the month with our Card Team

February was a beautful red, pink and white month wasn't it? Did you make the time to create a Valentine for someone? It's not too late. Make today Valentine's Day too :) Here is some inspiration from Jen and Niki_Ray. They decided to channel their inner child and make a heart card while adding groovy flare/ poetry and/or quotes. Let me show you then hoping you create like your inner child and spread the luv to someone today too!




  1. beautiful cards!!!! love them both :)

  2. lovin our cards! awesome job niki!! my dh was so happy i made this handmade card for him this year..he looks forward to the card i make for him everyyear cause he knows i make it from my heart. :)

  3. Super cute cards ladies! : ]


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