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March 08, 2010

Ladies in Green

This month our Dollbabies team has created layouts with the theme of green, be it recycled, green embellies/paper...their choice! Before I show you their layouts let me reintroduce you to the girls because we have had a few changes to our teams lately. Look for pictures on the right with links to their blogs.

Jen -lead



Now on to the projects :)




The Dollbabies have been joined by Repurposing Artist Kathy this month too so let me also share hers here:

I think many of you will enjoy learning how Darlene made those aweome flowers so here is some helpful info on that. Enjoy!

Here are the basics on how I made the flowers.

1. I cut a 6x6 sheet of plain cardstock (medium weight but you could certainly use any paper you have around (double sided might be really nice too!)), into 3 inch squares by cutting the 6x6 paper in half and cutting the now 3x6 halfs into 3x3 halfs.

2. Once I got my squares into the right sizes, I took a pencil and made a spiral shape, with just 3 or 4 "rings" (anymore "rings" weren't really working for me in this size), and cut out my spiral and rings with scissors (does not have to be perfect cutting!) Keep the negative spiral cuts (scraps) handy for step 6.

3. Once the spirals were cut out, I used my fingers to roll them into a "rose" shape from the outside of the spiral to the center.

4. I dabbed some adhesive or tacky glue on the end of the trail, and cut some of the bottom side of the flower off to make more flat (mine didn't seem flat enough to be about to stick on a project.)

5. When I got my flower rolled, glued shut, and cut the bottom to a flatter side, I decided it was too "rounded", so I went one extra step and smashed the flowers with the palm of my hand a few times until I was satisfied with the outcome. After doing a few flowers, the "smashing" was hurting my hand, so I got creative and used my bone file, or anything else heavy and straight to be able to press down on your flowers with minimum effort. That smashing created a bunch of interesting detail which I inked in a complimentary color to my layout for more texture and detail. You can certainly skip this step if you prefer the "rounder" petals.

6. My flowers were nearly complete. I used the negative cut of the spirals to make rough circles about an inch or so wide (or you can use a circle punch if you have one.) and tacky glued that to the bottom "flat" side of the flower. This way you can easily position and adhere your flower on your project, and also the flowers won't be "hallowed out" in the center". Now your'e done! Enjoy!

Optional: Make leaves for your flowers and cut out the image by either drawing your own leaves, using a stamp, or doodling them! Have fun!

NOTE: You can alter the papers original size based on how big or small you would like the final product of your flower to be (you could cut a 12x12 sheet length wise and by height and get 6x6 squares for larger flowers, 4x4 sqaures would give you a smaller flower then the 6x6, 2x2 might be too small to work with, but I don't see why you couldn't try if you wanted to make mini flowers.) You could skip cutting up any cardstock and use those "scrap packs" or "mat stacks" of paper we all have laying around. the flowers on my 3x3 squares came out about 2 inches width, so subtract an inch or so for the size square you plan, to use to determine how big of a flower you will need. Also, visit this website for a some pictures on the project:

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  1. How fun to be featured along side of these great LOs! :)


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