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April 08, 2010

Latest Repurposing Project-~Let's Go Shopping!

From Kathy:

Investigative Reporter Carr checking in! My assignment this month was to scope out an office supply store to determine what products could be used in our scrapbook layouts. This was a very dangerous mission as I was approached by the office supply store employees at least a dozen times during my mission - I think they thought I was casing the joint. So I can’t do this alone!!! Your mission, should you accept it, is to visit the nearest office supply store and stock up on some cool scrapbook layout embellishments! Here is a Top Secret Report FOR YOUR EYES ONLY to get you started on your mission!

As we all know our scrapbooking hobby can be a wonderful way to preserve memories and pass on a legacy to our children and families. But it can also be expensive and addicting. I love spending my leisure time scrapbooking and shopping for new supplies. Nevertheless, it's hard to keep up with the latest and greatest trends when new companies come out with cool new products so often. So our mission is to find some great alternatives at the local office supply store.

In the first aisle I found a roll of cork four feet long for $11.99. Granted, the cork needed to be unrolled, some heavy books laid on it for a few days to flatten it out, but it tore easily and made a very nice border on a school layout. I also used an ordinary stapler with blue staples (a variety of colored staples are found in office supply stores!) to create a pocket on the photo mat.

A 28 cent wooden ruler also makes a nice accent on a “back to school” layout. Don't forget to use a Dymo label maker to create word accents. I love my inexpensive Dymo Label Maker. It’s great for instant titles or journaling in a variety of colors. Plus it’s fun to use. It also works great with 3/8” strips of cardstock. After embossing, gently rub the letters with sandpaper to cause the letters to show up white on the colored background.

In the school supply section, our local office supply store had 8.5 x 11 pocket folders with my daughter’s high school logo. I grabbed a few of these to cut and use as photo mats or background embellishments.

They also had a wonderful selection of ...READ A LOT MORE HERE:

1 comment:

  1. Kathy--you are a super shopper! Thanks for all of the creative ideas...I'm going to go dig around my desk for some of these items--I know they are buried in there somewhere!


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