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May 16, 2010

Happy Belated International Nurses Day!

Ask most people who are being trained to be a nurse if they know the name Florence Nightingale and many would probably answer a yes right away. Apparently around the world on May 12 those in the medical field celebrate her birthday and I "happened upon" a celebration this past week in her honor. While taking my dad to a doctor visit we decided to check out if this particular hospital had a cafeteria. They did but it was closed. We were invited to participate in a celebration they were having in Florence Nightingale's honor, It was her birthday!

We were all invited to eat lunch on the house and all the food was catered in. Since I am a vegetarian it was a littl hard for me to eat much there, or my younger daughter since she too eats no meat. Just to be offered everything that was there was definately a huge random act of kindness! They served, mac and cheese, greens, watermelon slicks, NO watermelon HUNKS, BBQ, bread, and lots of chocolate goodies for after lunch. Quite a spread and FREE! My kind of talk...we were ven invited to come back and eat again later during early bird time. Nice is so, well NICE!

Thanks to all the nurses for what they do. My two girls are on the heels of my neice because they all 3 want to be nurses.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry I haven't visited you in a bit, I've had a darned infection!
    Where was Florence, when I needed her!
    I love FN. I loved learning about her and I have great respect for nurses.
    I am proud that I have an aunt that is an RN at Spokane's Sacred Heart and one of my SILs is training to be a nurse!


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