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June 30, 2010

A Dandy Doodling Kelly

This month Kelly is sharing a doodled layout. Doodling can be intimidating to so many just doing it on their scrapbook paper, but Kelly took it to another level by doodling ON her pictures. Read about the important cause and about her layouts below.

In the words of Kelly:

I dare you to doodle. I know that many of my photos are not works of art. In fact, many of them have been saved by a smidge from being deleted. But, being a scrapbooker, I think like a scrapbooker. Sometimes, there are events that I want to capture and remember and the photos are “OK”. This layout is one of those events.

There was an “Extreme Make-over Home Edition” type event in a nearby town. A house was renovated for a single mom with 3 children. Two of the children have cerebral palsy and use wheelchairs. The event became an episode of Dateline NBC that aired a couple of months ago. As part of the original event, there was a “thank-you” concert that my daughter was part of. These pictures fell into that “OK” category. I doodled the title of the page. I doodled around the page. I even doodled on the photo. Yes, ON the photo. That boring, beige wall isn’t so boring anymore. Go ahead…I dare you to doodle.

Be sure to give a visit to her blog if you have a chance to stop by . You can get there by a click of this link or look on the left margin of this blog for her picture on her purple layout where you can just click that to go see her site:)

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