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August 07, 2010

Killer Cookie

I have three words to introduce you to the project Darlene is sharing this month: LOL!!! Read on in her words...

My cat Cookie is super fierce with strangers!!! She has never been abused or neglected or anything like that, yet she shows aggression around anyone who doesn't live here! I had a lot of fun with the yellow LilyBee background paper (which I splattered MUCH paint all over) and then I splattered all over 3 sheets of scrap paper to make the rest of the layout. I just stitched right through most of the layers and hardly used any adhesive. It was very calming to do this layout although it shows the angry side of my sweet kitty. :)

Here is the journaling I included at the bottom of the layout:

Cookie is the sweetest and most gentle house cat around her own family (Chris, Alyy, and me) but she gets so protective and angry when we have company over, usually shes more aggressive around females, of any age. She will instantly assume her defensive stance, puff her tail up, perk her ears up, hiss, scratch, and attack people as soon as they enter the house. Cookie is fierce!! She is our guard cat! Watch out for this killer Cookie! You've been warned.



  1. i love it!! the papers and design is perfect with the pic!!

  2. Too funny! My cat would hiss and run away! He's a lover and not a fighter! Cute LO!


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