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August 20, 2010

Love Sandwiches???

Darlene is as creative as she can be. Sandwiches are not just for bread on! She has earned the eu de Groovy Award on this one!!!

When we were given the theme of sandwiches this month, I thought, "I don't even like sandwiches, how am I suppose to pull this off?" I was pretty stumped so I turned to Yahoo images to get some inspiration. What I found were two awesome pictures ( and (

They were so fun and perfect for a sandwich theme, and that really got me going creatively.

I picked out some fun pics of my daughter and I, then I sketched a rough draft of my intended finished sandwich, and finally I went to town on creating each sandwich layer in different patterned papers, textures, and layers. I made 2 of each sandwich layer topping (4 of the sandwich slices), and layered and layered away, until the finished sandwich was a whopping 12 inches tall... now that's a sandwich! I diamond stickled my "love sandwich" title and dotted on "oats" on the bread slices. I topped it off with a toothpick and paper pieced olive at the top and a handwritten "recipe" that reads:

"2 slices of patience
3 pinches of snuggles
1 teaspoon of gentleness
3 extra large hugs
2 scoops of joy
4 pounds of kisses
And this is how you create love."

I hope this inspires you to create your own awesome love sandwich of your own! :)


  1. Its been so long. ( too long ) I had an awesome time perusing your blog!

  2. Darlene, I am AMAZED!! The detail you put into this...You ROCKED this challenge!!

  3. What an AWESOME idea! LOVE this.

  4. THis is just adorable Darlene! Love your take on this!!!!!

  5. omg! darlene! this is so cute! i love the sandwich! thanks for sharing how you made it too!! jen t. :)

  6. The Best Sandwich I've seen in many moons. Keri

  7. this is my absolute favorite LO I've seen from you!


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