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August 14, 2010

Paint Blob Aliens

Do you ever reach the bottom of an acrylic paint bottle and just cannot throw it away because you are a scrapper or painter and that is a no-no? Well invite a kid over and here is a fun project to help use up all the paint that sits in the bottom of those bottles!

Here are the very simple instructions on what to do:

1.Turn the paintlook.

2. Set another piece of paper on top that paper with the paint blobs and smooth it out. Practice touching it lightly or harder in some areas to give it a different look.

3. Gently peel the top piece off.

4. Set each paper aside to dry.

5. When dry, doodle around the outside with a darker color than you used and decorate as you wish.

The "Twins" in the pic with my daughter show how they are the top and bottom pieces of paper after peeling.
Te Liftateer is made by me and it is part of the BINGO game I am hostessing on Fiskateers :).


  1. i love this free form kind of crafting!!! great paint blob aliens!

  2. Very interesting! I have yet to turn the kiddo loose with acrylic paints as she tries to put it on herself and she'd be too lumpy to put in a scrapbook! I will have to remember this and you should make sure you write all these "kid" friendly activities down for a kid chapter!


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