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August 02, 2010

Sammies by Natalie

Very interesting take on this challenge coming from Natalie. Don't you just adore her use of her own handwriting? Her precious new baby will certainly appreciate reading this one day about how her mommy was taking care of her in utero :)

I did "Sammies" as my LO for the National Sandwich Month LO.
We forget that "mundane" things today will be the memories we cherish in 20 years. This LO idea really brought out some of my best raw scrapbooking abilites and it felt so good to do this page. I get emotional, almost, talking about it. It shows that "I" was part of this page, how can it not with my own handwriting and my own typos! It shows some of the things I do as a woman that I should be proud of, like putting love into a silly sandwich for my wonderful husband or how I am trying my heart out to eat healthy so my baby has a chance of starting life out healthy. You can tell I like coffee and fun textures as well as warm colors that feel comforting to anyone who would be in my kitchen. You can tell that I have some balance between structure and creativity, hence the patterned paper and cork board that contrasts with the not so neat handwriting and the coffee stains. What a blessing this assignment was for me.

1 comment:

  1. great lo nataLIE! I LOVE THE JOURNALING TOO!!


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