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August 29, 2010

Uh Oh Heather's Been Shoppin'!

We all think about shopping so much at the lss,but what about the poor left-out home centers? Check out Heather's project then head out the door and go shopping!

While at my cousin's house the other day, I saw a ceramic tile that someone had made her and her new hubby! It was super cute! I knew I had all the stuff to make it but have been very intimidated about using the vinyl on the cricut. I was just SURE that I was going to screw it up!!! LOL!
Well, this past weekend, while at Lowe's, I found a bunch of ceramic tiles on clearance. I bought some 12x12's for 28 cents, some 6x6's for 17 cents and some 3x3 (I think! They are coaster size!) for 7 cents each.

When I got home, I designed a few things on my Gypsy. After that, I loaded some vinyl onto my Cricut mat. Then I cut it!

I then took what I had cut and put it on the ceramic tile.

Love the results!
My stepmother is using the 12x12 tile as a wedding gift for a friend. Not sure what I am doing with the little one yet! Might give it as a gift or might keep for myself!!! LOL! After I had all the vinyl on, I had to bling them up a little bit! The large tile has glimmer misted flowers that were hot glued on and then some bling added. The 6x6 tile has some black rhinestones as the dot for the "i" and at the ends of the flourish!

Hope you enjoy these altered ceramic tiles. I enjoyed making them and trying out something new that I was scared to do!!! I can see making many more of these in my future!!!

God Bless, Heather


  1. I'll have to try this, too! I love finding new easy projects for my Cricut! I wonder if you could use some JB Weld and attach something to hang it on a wall?

  2. What a cool project Heather! I never would have thought you could alter ceramic tiles, lol!


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