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September 29, 2010

Groovy Chicks and the Artists who Inspire Them

The Groovy Chicks have been working hard to bring some very special projects and this one we have been anxiously waiting to show you! We were inspired to take an artist well known, local, or otherwise and use his or her art work as inspiration. Read on to see the piece from our famous artist and how we created after looking at each artist...

I was searching the computer when I stumbled on this website: and was instantly drawn to the freeness of the watercolor work by this artist Elizabeth Moody Steele. Her work was called Womankind and so I decided to go with that as my inspiration and created a framed artwork that represents me and the women my girls are becoming and my love for them. Thanks for this artist and her work and to you for hearing my story. :)

My Artist: Elizabeth Moody Steele


Darlene Said:
When I first found Jackson Pollock's work recently I thought, how weird and interesting. I knew I needed to try this insane splatter technique on a scrapbook related project.

I gathered some acrylic paints, a paint palette, paintbrushes, and white cardstock for my supplies. I sat outside with my little girl on the grass throwing paint onto the cardstock. There was only one rule to my splatter- NO direct contact could be made onto the paper aside from the actual paint- the paintbrushes were merely a tool to distribute paint recklessly! It doesn't look like it really, but there are about 3 or 4 layers upon layers of paint in the final product. The background took me nearly an hour to paint completely to my liking, and I let it dry for 2-3 days on a flat surface. In real life you can see so much texture and detail in the dried background. :)

I printed out the Live, Laugh, Love title on a black and white family photo from my computer and matted the photo on a black sheet of cardstock. I then straight stitched through the outline of my matting to permanently adhere the mat to the bumpy texture behind the photo.

This was such a fun project and I am sure you can do a similar background effect to use in a card or other paper project that you dream up. Give this technique a try, I promise it's fun to fling paint carelessly! :)

Jeannie Said:
What an awesome challenge Deb! This was great fun. I chose to go a little un-traditional and chose an artist that might not fall under the same category as the MASTERS.

Ever since I was a child I have loved BABAR THE ELEPHANT. I can remember the stories even as I sit and write this. The paintings are always done in bright cheery colors. I think that must be why I like Laurent de Brunhoff, so much.

The BABAR paintings were originally done by Jean de Brunhoff. Laurent, his son, took over BABAR when his dad died of Tuberulosis at the age of 37.

This page is dedicated to my older son because 2 of his favorite things in the world are elephants and hot air balloons.

Kelly Said:

Starry, starry night...paint your palette blue and gray...look out on a summer's day. For this layout, I looked to the stars and got inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting and a song about the man (Vincent-my favorite version is Josh Groban's). All of the scraps of blue paper in my stash were used up as I cut wavy swirls. A little glitter glue for sparkly stars and some punched shapes... and I've "lifted" a masterpiece. My version may not get to hang in the Museum of Modern Art, but it's just as precious to me.

Natalie Said:
I have always wondered who was behind the unique artistic style, which used primary colors that I would see in various venues. The main colors were black, white, and primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. I finally found out they were created or inspired by a creative and innovative artist: Piet Mondrian. The style that I recreated of his is called "Neoplasticism". He and other artists have gone on to use other colors, mediums, and textures to create art that looks similar to or was inspired by his works using the primary colors. Here is my layout, inspired by Piet Mondrian and the star is my little girl!


  1. They all look so cool! Thanks for posting them!

  2. Congratulations everyone! You all did such a wonderful job! I love them all!

  3. this is awesome. my two fave subjects in one post.... fine art and scrapbooking

  4. These all turned out so fabulous...thanks for playing along everyone!


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