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September 02, 2010

Rebel Daughters

Here is a vivacious, colorful work of art showcasing one of Vanessa's Dollbabies and what she has to say about her rebel daughter ;) Love it!

Let's hear it for the "Wild Child" in your life. Do you have a child who just marches to their own drum? Is just a little bit different from the rest of your family. You know... the one what has to step just a little bit past "that line" you want them not to cross? Well... I do! And although we clash... she gives me hope for a better future! So, let's celebrate that Rebel, Wild Child, FedEx, whatever you call them... because they are awesome, and they have endless possibilities!

For this challenge, I used a older line of Fancy Pants from my stash. It is really for "boys".. but it fits her so much better! I used journaling strips to write my thoughts on and I used fun pictures that tells "about" her. She loves photography, but has a definite SASSY nature! Ahhhh even for all the gray hairs... I love her so! Come on and join me!


  1. Hmmm I posted a comment but it disappeared! Anyway I was saying that I think the LO is beautiful...all the way from it's beautiful subject to the beautiful colors!

  2. Beautiful LO, I have one of those challenging children as well...but I wouldn't trade her. Maybe one day, you'll look back at this years from now, and wonder, what was I scrapping about? (maybe?)

  3. I just saw your layout on Groovy Deb's blog and had to tell you it is so awesome. My Daughter is on of those rebels and she has a wonderful spirit we wouldn't change for the world!!

  4. I absolutely love how you did this lo out of her! So true! I had a sister that was the same way! I have a feeling I will have a son the same way! We just cherish their differences!


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