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October 19, 2010

An Important Scrapbooking Lesson

Read on, I think Jen T has important information to share with us today! Read on and please take note of what she has to share.
(((((HUGS Jen T)))))

A lesson I learned while I was doing this scrapbook page that I’d like to share with you ---Since my mom died in 2008 of colon cancer, I have found scrapbooking to be EVEN MORE therapeutic then when I first started years ago. Also, scrapping pictures of my mom has helped me with making missing her just a little easier. Though as I scrap the FEW great pics of her like this one here of her in her graduation cap and gown. (I Wish I had More PICS Of Her/Her and me). I also realized and learned a lesson as the main photo-taking person, make sure YOU get in those PICS as much as you can with your family, kids and friends! ....even if you hold the camera and turn it toward yourself! ....cause someday, there will be a day..Hopefully a long time from now that your family will want to scrap PICS of you to remember you. So make sure you give them a whole lot of pictures to choose from.) Happy picture taking!!! TFL!


  1. My mom died in 2008 too! By the looks of your picture..I wonder if they were about the same looks like they might have been. Big hugs, I should scrap here pictures too!

  2. so sorry for your loss polkacabana! scrapping the pics of my mom i found to be very helped me to remember the good memories and all the things i loved about her. thanks for sharing your story! (((hugs)) --jen t.


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