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October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat Jeannie!

Let's ring Jeannie's doorbell to learn more about what she made for us today!

If you have an occasion to give a Halloween card, I think my card with the PUMPKIN bag on the front would be so cute with a couple of goodies popping out the top.
This was one of the cards I received the supplies for after my mom passed away. Maybe I have mentioned, she was card maker EXTRAORDINAIRE. Funny thing about her, she thought she had no talents. This is just a duplicate of one of her EASY PEASY cards. To make this even more coincidental that I tell you of her...her nickname growing up was "PUNKIN." I kid you not.

The other card is a GROOVY and whimsical card. Oh, "PUNKIN" would have liked this one.
I just loved putting this one together with all the funky patterns an colors. Great card, don't think I be wearing these colors and patterns altogether anytime soon. Ha ha. There is your chuckle for the day!


  1. These are totally wonderful! I love the patterns and design on the second card and lighthearted cuteness of the first card. :) Thanks for sharing Punkins story with us. :)

  2. Those are both really cute!

  3. Thanks....they are simple and doable..but I do like that they are HAPPY cards!

  4. Very cute! It's always the people who think they have no talent that inspire us!


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