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October 28, 2010

Twitching Witches

Did you watch Bewitched when it came on TV? Maybe you catch it late night on the repeats? I loved Bewitched! I loved that with a twitch of her nose that she could make things happen, usually for the better. What if it were that easy? Imagine how much we could accomplish in one day!!!

I made this Halloween-style layout to add to my All About Me book. This shows that I was watching TV as a child when times were much more simple then they are now. I don't want to lose sight of the small things like a woman who was unusually different having the ability to make her marriage work with her husband that she adored being unusual and different in his own ways too.

Now let's talk about Samantha's Momma! Endora, what a mother-in-law she was to "Durwood". I am not sure that there isn't a mother-on-law that at sometime would not mind turning her son-in-law into all the things she would do to him, lol!

Be sure to record something about the TV shows you liked as a child and like today :)


  1. Yes those were the days!! I loved this show. I loved Tabitha in it too! There were the days when hanging upside down on the couch to pretend you were walking on the ceiling was a pastime...not so much anymore...we had it good!

  2. Very cute, I always wanted to be like Sam when I was little! TFS

  3. I can twtitch my nose just like Samantha! Though it never did anything but get laughs! I loved shows like The Cosby Show and Family Ties. Those were the good shows to me that showed good family values!

  4. I love your witch collection!


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