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November 03, 2010

Let's Check in with Heather!

Our resident design team member Heather, mother of 4, including TRIPLETS, has her hands full taking care of the children and fitting scrap time in on top of her job so I asked her to help us understand how she does it all. Let's hear from this Mega Mom :)

Who Am I You Ask????

Welcome!!!! First let me begin my introducing myself . . . I am Heather! I am a wife to Shane, mother to Payton (12) and Carter, Jackson and Grant (4 year old triplets)! I am the owner of a very loving and patient black lab named Otis! I am an aunt, a friend, a co-worker, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter and SO much more then that! Above all else, I am a Christian!

Just a quick author’s note (hehe) . . . when I say, “The Guys”, just know that I AM talking about our whole family!!! Not because I am an outnumbered mom being the only female with 5 “Guys” and a male dog, but because our last name is, you guessed it, GUY! Love the way I can use it as a play on words!!!

So, back to where I was at before that little side note . . .

I often hear the words, "I don't know how you do it!" Well, truthfully, I don't either most days! All I do know is that God must have some great expectations of me because my life is in His hands! So, all I can do is trust that He will continue to not give me more than He and I can handle together!

Another one I hear quite often is “How do you have time to scrap?” Yes, I work fulltime as an HR Manager at a manufacturing facility. Yes, I am a mother of 4 boys. None of that means that I can’t have (or deserve) time to myself occasionally either! I MAKE time for the things that I enjoy doing! Scrapbooking for one!! I will admit that I don’t get much of this done during the work week so I definitely take advantage of the time on weekends while the kids are napping or after the kids go to bed!

There are many other hobbies that I enjoy besides my scrapbooking addiction! I love to read!!! Yes, I enjoy a good book of my own but I also love to cuddle with my boys and read them a good book! I love to go fishing with my hubby and kids! Anyone who thinks that is relaxing needs to try taking 4 kids fishing on one boat, and make sure 3 of the kids are 4 years old! But the joy in their faces when they catch a fish makes the entire stressful day worth it!!! I also love to bake!! My boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to help make cookies and bread! They are even wonderful about helping with laundry!!!

So, you see, that is what this is all about! Not just sharing my scrapbooking layouts & etc, with you but also sharing the special moments, the mayhem and mischief of multiples, some lessons learned (some the hard way) and overall finding the daily joy in the life that God has given me!

So, again, welcome to my little corner at If It’s Groovy!!! I hope you enjoy the adventures and scrappy goodness that I will get a chance to share with you!!!


  1. hi heather! thanks for sharin with us! great family pic! jen t.

  2. Okay, so now I officially have no reason whatsoever to complain, cry, get frustrated, or anything since I don't have anywhere near that responsibility! Okay, just admit it, under your clothes is a spandex super hero outfit!


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