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December 05, 2010


Check out the word Jeannie chose for the challenge this month: FLORIFEROUS! Now how often do you use that one??? I hope you will feel inspired to try something new this month and open your dictionary and scrap the first word you see!

After I read this challenge..I thought, I will just grab the dictionary and start with "A" and scrap the 1st word that inspires me. Then I thought..what if we all do that and we all have words that start with "A". So, I started with the F's instead. I came across the word FLORIFEROUS and BINGO!, I had my word. "Bearing flowers in abundance." If there is one thing I have a weakness for, it is flowers. Stamps, stickers, paper..I love the floral stuff! I had a die cut of a huge flower, that I cut in half to be my back ground. (HINT: Now I have the other half for another page.) I cut some wonderful layered flowers with the CRICUT and used some iridescent mylar flowers that I had. I attached everything with cute brads. I love the way this turned out. As usual, my last step was to add some extra fun with my I-ROCK tool. I just can't seem to get enough of that little gadget!


  1. I love this! Love it love it! You are so beautiful Jeannie! Your little one is a cutie! Great job my dear! I will have to teach this word to my girl and see how a three year old pronounces it! LOL!

  2. I did not even think to teach it to her! Ok, that is on my agenda next:) Thank you sooo much Natalie!!

  3. love that word! great job with the LO, its awesome

  4. That word is a real mouth-ful, wow!
    Beautiful layout!


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